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Why Did the Government Search an Artist’s iPhone at the Border?


Why Did the Government Search an Artist’s iPhone at the Border?

Matt Cagle, Chris Conley

In late February, Aaron Gach was returning to the United States from Brussels. An artist and activist, he had been abroad exhibiting works about mass incarceration, government control, and political dissent. In his pocket was a smartphone.


To instill fear, to show that the state is all powerful and We the People are but servants and serfs of the Powers That Be with few if any rights and very punitive treatment if one rebels or refuses to obey. If you don't kowtow you will have a very unpleasant and probably costly time. "JUST DO WHAT YOU ARE TOLD, WITHOUT QUESTION, AND ALL WILL BE WELL!"
* I remember a cop's defense a couple of years ago. He had shot a man on the sidewalk. When questioned, he answered, "I told him to stop three times and he kept walking away from me. He didn't do what I told him, so I shot him." The man was a visitor from, I think, India and spoke no English. He was visiting relatives and went for a walk. (A dangerous thing to do in the "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave")
* And it just keeps getting worse and worse.


The reality is that the government of the United States is and has been for way too long, waging war against the citizens of the U. S.. It confounds me that any citizen would willingly answer personal or private questions posed by a stranger. A badge is not permit to violate the Constitutional right to be left alone by police or any other pseudo-policeman. Americans have been stripped of their education to understand their rights as citizens. If there has ever been a period in the life of the American citizen to question authority it is now.


They do not take the phone to scan it, they take it away to add software, a permanent backdoor they can always access. That is the only reason they remove it from where you can see what they are doing.