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Why Didn't Speaker Pelosi Want Witnesses?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2021/02/20/why-didnt-speaker-pelosi-want-witnesses


Because she didn’t want to be one herself.


Why Didn’t Speaker Pelosi Want Witnesses?

Primarily because Biden, Pelosi, tRump and a host of others all work for the same people and follow their orders to the letter. The uber-wealthy of the Oligarchy, which owns and controls our government and our nation for its own power and profit.

Until We the People clip their wings, we will see little improvement, except for the power and wealth of the Oligarchy.


While Pelosi and the Democrats typically reflect short-sighted, cautious, corporate oriented objectives, in this case, I think their decision was eminently defensible. The only credible theory for expanding the proceedings would be that in so doing, they would move more of the public to reject Trump’s criminality than the majority which already has done so. That presupposes the remainder of the public would accord sufficient attention to the proceedings to make this move. I am aware of no evidence that this likely was the case. Furthermore, calling witnesses allows cross-examination. Cross-examination allows the changing of the subject away from Trump’s malfeasance. It’s hard to imagine that advantaging anyone but Trump and the insurrectionists.


Respectfully, bakerlaw, isn’t your logic here the same as all their short-sighted decisions?


This is not the Senate that forced Agnew and Nixon out nearly a half century ago, not to mention the
US Senate was a rigged “governing body” from the time the US Constitution was ratified in 1787. The outcome of Trump’s second impeachment would have been no different irrespective of how many witnesses were called or what they witnessed. The fix was in on this long ago despite the GOP playing Brer Rabbit pretending that they don’t like Trump while secretly acknowledging that he is the best thing that ever happened to the GOP and that he has advanced US fascism more than any other POTUS.

We are one month into Biden’s first term and no AG is in place. It is urgent that the AG be confirmed so he can launch the Nuremberg scale investigations and indictments needed to bring Trump, his appointees, and other enablers to justice ASAP or watch the GOP become more powerful than ever, consigning the Democratic Party and US democracy itself to the dust bin of history.


Because, it was all just more silly theatrics; where we could see ridiculously outnumbered cops lead, guide & smugly collude with fellow nazi OathKeeper & III%, since all sides seemed just fine with streaming, uploading and blatantly posting incriminating video to social media? Since DNC’s Lincoln Project neocon spooks simply cant be bothered with subtrafuge, having couped other countries without repurcussions? I’m guessing, their contract only covered diverting us from any general strike, as impoverished essentials are sent back to get re-infected with the mutant strains and Biden’s promises are ALL exposed to be utter bullshit?


she didn’t simply due to habit–the Democrats have a very, very long history of caving to Republicans–pandering to the right , and compromising their so called “principles” for a seat at the table(money from the corporations who own them)-in this case --as in cases I have witnessed over the last 50 years–the Democrats when facing even a small amount of pushback, whining, or barrage of lies from the Republicans they fold like a cheap house in a hurricane–I have seen this betrayal of trust from the Democrats so many times over the years that I have come to believe that the Democrats are acting with purpose–that they are in fact- nothing more than Republican light— in the pockets of their donors and no more interested in helping the American people than the Republicans–if they were in fact interested in helping we would already have student debt relief(can be done with a stroke of a pen–right now) a robust pandemic relief package (like the promised $2000 that became $1400 after they so blatantly lied to the get the voters to vote for them–or better still-- would have pushed the whole package through and bring relief to the people who have waited so long for help–instead of making sure that NOTHING will be done by keeping the filibuster intact — the suffering continues unabated under the Democrats)–DeJoy would no longer be postmaster-and the criminals who ransacked the Capital (especially the legislators and their funders who actively supported the insurrection) attempting to overthrow the government would be facing REAL consequences for their sedition and on and on(think wars -environment-police injustices-supplying weapons to fascists and religious fanatical governments-a living wage-Medicare for All etc) -but as usual they failed -folded - enabled and pandered to the Republican criminals–just as they have done for decades–this is NOT an aberration --this is the real Democrats being Democrats–and a lesson in real politic–that being --if you vote for the lesser of two evils --you are guaranteed to be governed by evil


. . . and here´s a turn on the sense of the Kevin Phillips quote reportedly spoken by one who should know as well as anyone. I heard Michael Moore, while being interviewed on Democracy Now, relate a moment from an interview he conducted with Steve Bannon. Moore said that after asking Bannon something like, “Okay, Steve, how do you [right-wing Republicans] do it?” Moore said that Bannon said words to the effect that it was easy: “We go for the head shot; liberals like a nice pillow fight.”


Pillow fight, capillaries–this is not a matter of cultural preference or something. It’s a deliberate strategy, and here’s why: while the Republicrats and Demublicans have essentially the same goals, they have different constituencies and therefor different strategies. For both the goal is to win enough elections to remain viable as a party, and to keep hauling in truckloads of wealth from special interests. For the Republicans, being more openly the party of the 1%, getting enough votes to win elections requires more now than all those ways of cheating that allow them to win with 35% or so of voter support. They need to hornswoggle a wide swath of the public into somehow identifying with them, so sorry if I offend but they went for the white “Christian” conservative gang because they’re generally poorly educated and/or stupid. They have many expert psychologists working to find ways to get even some smarter people to identify with them, and today’s splintered media world makes it easier. But the Democrats, with a much wider base–unions, working people, environmentalists, women, people of color, the young–their challenge is to get enough of these people to vote for them while still betraying their interests in order to deliver to the monied interests. Consequently, the Rs defer to and placate their base, which gets farther and farther to the Right, well into crazy territory now. But the Dems treat THEIR base with contempt, usually open contempt. Thus Trump was a godsend to them, since he was such a frightening figure to wave around to get some Dems out to vote, and to persuade them that a thoroughly inadequate, center-right figure like Hillary Clinton or Joe Biden was the best they could get and much better than Trump. Trump in particular, being a narcissist and idiot, didn’t need instruction to keep the spotlight constantly on himself so the bipartisan heist could quietly go on in the shadows. Thus, the outcome of the last election, where the Dems took all three Houses, is worst case scenario for BOTH parties. Now the Dems have to explain to their base why they do nothing for them. But they only have to get through two years. They will easily fix this in 2022, just as they did in 2010–doing nothing will disgust Dems enough many won’t vote while the Rs will turn out to stop abortion and keep the niggers down and bring back their Lord and Savior, Donald Trump.


Here’s another apologist for the DP telling us how their strategy was prudent, while once again leading to no conviction. Yes folks, the DP has twice brought Trump to impeachment and he has suffered zero repercussions because the dems use “eminently defensible” strategies. This is all theater, nothing more.


It’s a little late for that. If I were a red-blooded American, I would never vote for a Democrat ever again after the BS they pulled. They continually show they are a mere faux opposition party there to ensure the wealthy maintain their status quo. It should be a no-brainer to pass $15 minimum wage and COVID relief. These two items should have passed weeks ago, instead we have Democrats of all people holding it up acting like they are better then we all are, again. Oh the reckoning is coming. People are pissed and many will not vote Democrat ever again. People are finally realizing they system itself is beyond repair and I would not at all be surprised to see Trump or a worse version of him run in 2024 and win.


“Why Didn’t Speaker Pelosi, etc…” Once witnesses are introduced, who knows what may come up. The defense might have some ideas of their own. Nader’s repeated incredulousness in the face of decades of high-level malfeasance from both parties is starting to seem like a pose. It would be interesting to hear him honestly answer his own question.


Thoughtful analysis wildfire. It explains why Bernie Sanders was never going to be the nominee for President when he was clearly the popular choice with the people. Same thing happened with Dennis Kucinich. I was suspicious when Obama started to rise out of the ashes and was endorsed by his party. At first I thought, finally the Dems are going to be smart–then when Obama started putting corporate CEO’s in positions of power, I knew I was duped once again.

I always feel like being in between a rock and a hard place during election season. Someone really progressive rises, I become hopeful, and then the good guy/gal is shot down by the Dems every time. Ha! This time though, I guessed it was going to be Biden who was endorsed in the primaries. He was the most likely lukewarm but corporate friendly nominee. This time, I figured out the game. I’m hoping that Biden gives just enough to the people to alleviate some suffering though.


Ralph Nader …the forever gadfly. No respect. He changed the world…for the worse. I know, I was one of those who worked to draft Gore to run again. He didn’t. Thanks Ralph.

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Oh man, never underestimate the American ability to miss the point.

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Maybe next time we will think twice about subjugating women for hundreds of years, women were not even allowed to vote until 1920. Then we can work on a few other things we have perfected at ignoring.

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Yes Mr Nader should answer his own question; it he can get beyond his denial.

Duh! It wouldn’t make any difference; everyone in the room was a witness and a victim. Extremely doubtful any more Repugs. would have voted to convict. The case presented by the House managers was superb. Who needs witnesses when there is extensive video. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say; therefor a movie is worth even more.

The Senate has more important things to do besides spend weeks on a lost cause. We need an AG for one thing, he hasn’t been confirmed. That’s the same guy McConnell cheated out of a Supreme Court appointment. An AG can bring charges himself.

If they had charged him with the full laundry list of his evil doings, the trial would have taken months; and gotten no where. Congress with its extreme partisanship is incapable of dealing with criminal behavior.

Trump’s demise will come in courts of law, not a partisan polluted legislative body. We have strong possibility of indictments in DC and Georgia. New York is amassing evidence for tax evasion, bank and insurance fraud. There are a few sexual assault suits here and there. Then there are all those personal loans coming due on his not so successful businesses. If Trump were wise-ha!-he would be shopping for a country with no extradition.

Somehow I get the impression Nader hates the Democrats worse than the Repugs.; as he keeps harping on the same theme over and over. Mr Nader should ask himself why Republicans supported him financially in the Bush/Gore and Bush/Kerry election. But that is a long sad story. See “Ralph Nader was Indispensable to the Republican Party,” Huffington Post, 11/11/2013, 1/23/2014


“A trial without key witnesses possessed of crucial incriminating testimony diminishes the seriousness of the proceedings and the huge stakes for the future of the American republic.”

True Ralph, too bad Pelosi doesn’t agree with you. Pelosi has been a sell out ever since I use to live at Olema Beach, near S.F.


I agree - Still wonder though why take a week off then? And lower $2000 checks which should have gone out immediatly (after Georgia runoffs, according to Biden’s promise) to $1400 delayed to - at least - March while still debating with themselves and their corporate overlords how to means test, restrict and lower the provisions of the relief package as much as possible?

Yes, the Senate has other (and arguably more) important things to do. But as the senators have chosen to do nothing at all instead for yet another week the argument still runs a little hollow.