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Why Didn't Speaker Pelosi Want Witnesses?

Well said. Caitlin Johnstone said essentially the same:
“I criticize the Democrats more than the Republicans for the same reason you have higher expectations of an adult than a child. Obviously all my criticisms of Democrats also apply to Republicans; Republicans are just less polite and more honest about their awfulness.”


You are right of course. Instead of wasting so much time is a purposefully half-hearted attempt to impeach Trump so as to disallow him to run again (by the way, he is massively leading in a recent pole of republicans as a presidential candidate for 2024) the democrats could ensure their control of the government for decades by embracing the policies of Bernie Sanders, and other progressives, which are being promoted by others as a result of the pandemic and financial collapse. They could elevate to high regard with the American voters by pushing social programs the way FDR, who was elected to four terms, did by pushing environmental GND and renewable energy, UBI, M4A, forgiving student debt, reducing military spending, stopping foreign wars, repealing tax breaks for the rich and forcing them to pay their fair share, etc. But they will not do that which would ensure their political domination of the GOP because that is not allowed by their handlers. Instead they try to eliminate Trump as a candidate, even though to do so means we get a more competent Trumper in 2024 because the dems suck so bad. As someone said, the democrat party is where progressivism goes to die.


Ralph, you know darn good and well that if the Dems would have called witnesses, that the GOP was going to abuse the process and call all kinds of witnesses to go on the fishing expedition of a lifetime.

If there is any way in the world to abuse a process and turn it into a political circus, you know darn well the GOP will capitalize on it to the point of embarrassing everybody in the world except for them.


They wouldn’t. Just more wishful thinking, but if they ever joined together in a coalition of true interests, it would eliminate the political, power of the economic.elite. As long they stay divided, the 1% will always win.

In a nutshell.

There are good arguments for and against. While the nation’s attention was on, I would have preferred witnesses, for the record, though the outcome was obvious from the start. What a shame and a sham.

Mitch McConnell has held our country hostage for over thirty years with his obstruction. Trump was just a turd in the ointment.

I think you posed your position very well indeed. I do not agree with it but do commend you for not descending into the sophomoric as does one who negatively commented upon your post always seems to do.
Justice demands a thorough process, not one in which evidence is suppressed in any way. While the House managers did a superlative job in my opinion, they failed at the end, to call witnesses, instead allowing testimony to be buried in the record without the public hearing it, a large failing I believe.

I see our political; arena slowly, but seemingly, inevitably, sliding further and further towards fascism; socialism for the wealthy and capitalism for the rest of us in fact seems to rule the process. The way to stop this, in my own opinion, is to believe the public , at least a strong majority thereof, have the common sense and the intellect to be told the entire truth and allowed to make decisions based, not upon partial truths, but in possession fo all the facts.

I think I see, while not being a member of that party myself, some hope within the ranks thereof, Young and left leaning firebrands begin to make their appearance at long last, and the Pelosis’ , Schumers’ and Feinsteins slowly age out.

So Pilosi wants to look into the assault on the Capitol. One place she will not dare to look is into the mirror. Neoliberals like her created the conditions for the abortive coup. Clinton and Obama respectively gutted the FDR era financial regulations, and then put the worst offenders of the sub-prime great recession in charge of our economy. They tilted the economic playing field against the ordinary wage earner. The result is obscene wealth concentration which breeds resentment and anger. Trump capitalized (pardon the pun) on the frustration of those left behind, the despair of debt ridden young college grads, and the disgust with politicians taking money from Big Money while coddling them. Trump invites much-aggrieved Americans to vent their anger at the establishment. Pelosi should reflect upon the root causes, not just who did what.


I’ve been alive and had use of my legs (at LEAST) due to Ralph, Joan Claybrook and a VERY few others. Any moron, still pushing that bullshit agitprop trope, doubtless buys into David Brock’s “only Putin kept us from a Hillary reign, the rough equivalent of The Renaissance, Reformation and Enlightenment, simultaneous with the Second Coming?” If we’d simply IGNORE our imbecile trolls, we could get back to arguing consensus reality, with SANE, hip & astute folks?

These suck-ups were reactionary then, and never mention Lieberman now. Like Kerry in 2004, cynically MEANT to lose. Yeah, maybe Debbie Wasserman Schultz coulda won?