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Why Do Billionaires Keep Presenting Themselves as America's Great New Hope?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/15/why-do-billionaires-keep-presenting-themselves-americas-great-new-hope

You too, can be rich like me. BELIEVE ME. Vote for me. Everything will be better. Magic is reality. Really.

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Stockholm Syndrome Nation - the new SS imprisoning for profit - first they come for your mind. Why in heavens name do people think that the industry started by Edward Bernays is a multi billion id not trillion dollar operation world wide??

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"Huge Egos."

And, most likely tiny weenies. Unless they have had them surgically enhanced.

I’m going with narcissism, and desperately trying to hang on to capitalism, their gravy train, with out it, they’re just average.

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The MSM certainly does it’s part: “Warren Buffett is a hero because he said billionaires should be taxed more,” “Bill and Melinda Gates are awesome because they have a charity that cares about kids or something.” There’ve been a couple of billionaires on this site who’ve been described as heroes because they have some kind of opinion that favors not-so-wealthy people, or they’ve expressed a negative opinion of Trump.

Of course we have all those tech-company billionaires, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, (and yeah, even Bozos) who get credit for being good guys because the stuff they peddle is “in” with college kids.

But the media hype is all it takes. Remember all those “retired generals” who became heroes because they somehow criticized the Iraq and/or Afghan wars? Even Wesley Clark. They were so hyped in the news that all you had to be was a retired general and suddenly you were made of gold and everything you said was taken automatically as truth.

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Sam Seder is right about Steyer. Billionaires are extremely greedy. That’s a sign of defective character, not good. But in today’s era, the ruling elite and the celebrity culture is defiantly shameless, from Bill Maher to Beyonce to Mike Trout to Thom Steyer. They are all gods who earned and deserve their fortunes, not fundamentally different in perspective or claim than Trump. Sadly, this generation seems to accept that greed is good and that no amount of wealth inequality is too great.

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Actually we don’t need billionaires telling us what to do. We need a marginal tax rate from 70% to 90% and a reparations bill that will distribute a large amount of excess wealth from billionaires to those who have never been able to accumulate anything in this country. We don’t need no billionaires. In fact, having billionaires is a sign of an undemocratic nation with poor distribution of wealth and income. As Tina Turner sang : “We don’t need another hero.” We just need some fair and common sense rules that make it better for everyone.


We don’t need their generosity and we don’t need anymore heroes. We just need a really fair tax system and fair distribution of wealth. The starting point is the elimination of lobbying as we now know it.

We had this crap in Illinois last time around. Dueling Billionaires for Governor - Rauner vs Pritzker
The “Democrat” billionaire won this time. But he isn’t clean by any stretch. I guess we’ll see.

We really must get the money out of politics


Illinois is really a mess and a good example of the failure of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party in Illinois has virtually conceded everything outside of Cook County and there appears to be almost no co-operation or dialogue between rural Illinois and the Cities. It is not a united state but one divided. As in much of the country, the non urban areas have really suffered and that has pushed many towards radical views including Trump. We need some great leaders who work for the whole not the parts. Unfortunately if you live in Southern Illinois you will not be provided with much information outside of mainstream right wing rhetoric.

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There doesn’t seem to be anyway around that conclusion. Any person who created or guided a business towards making enough money to get a billion dollars for one person could have guided the same company to pay its workers more or drop the priceof the good or service. Bill Gates is a terrible person in my opinion and is greatly responsible for what I consider to be a very suboptimal state of the business and science of computing. Jobs was a jerk too. Too bad someone like Wozniak wasn’t making all the decisions.

If I were making the rules I might allow the concept of individuals controlling large amounts of capital for business expenses only - they can’t pull so much into a private decadent lifestyle. I’d want a healthy competition with alternative structures like worker owned coops. Then we can see which structure results in better innovation. But screw the lifestyles of the rich and famous. We can’t tolerate that crap anymore.

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They probably do it because, as Trump proves, Americans are more than dumb enough to fall for it.

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