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Why Do Conservatives Get to Question Candidates–but Not Progressives?


Why Do Conservatives Get to Question Candidates–but Not Progressives?

Jeff Cohen

At the CNN-sponsored Republican Party debate last month at the Reagan Library, one of the three panelists CNN selected to question the candidates was conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, affiliated with the proudly right-wing Salem Radio Network.

But at Tuesday’s upcoming Democratic Party debate, CNN is not planning to include a single progressive advocate among its panel of four questioners.


O'Malley is right in saying that the Democratic Debates are rigged for Hillary.

Fire Wasserman Schultz!


"The only true aging is the erosion of one's ideals." - Ralph Nader.

In 2000, Cohen rightly advocated that Green Party candidate Nader be included in televised debates. But in 2004, Cohen threw his support to the two-corporate party machine, arguing against Nader's independent presidential campaign.


I would be alright with either Noam Chomsky, Keith Olbermann or Cenk Uygur!


Media consolidation in action. Oligarchy owns the media and the result is a slanted perspective. They didn't buy the media to provide a public service but to provide themselves with a publicity service.


What is so surprising to me is the fact that Cohen thinks that the MSM will actually place a Progressive on their debate questioners just to appease the 99%.


The opposition will be given six chances to speak prior to the coronation - unless we rabble are sufficiently roused.

Let's make some trouble.

Bernie 2016!


Wasserman has repeatedly compromised her office and betrayed the 99% to benefit her own career. What nameless authority anointed her as spokesperson for this bloodless coup and surrender of our (former) democracy to the MIC?

She publicly revealed herself and the Third Way Think Tank mentality she represents as the rampant cancer in the Democratic Party. Demand her removal and reschedule all Democratic debates now or admit that the time for revolution has come.

Bernie 3016


Actually, ALL elections are rigged in one way or another!!!


i dont think Bernie will be around in 3016


To Space Cadet: When you consider the "success" of those who voted Tea Party the last several outings, you may begin to re-think what a mass movement can do. Currently, and right now, your cynicism is justified. But give it a shot; if the Tea Party can bring down the House and the nation, Progressives can do equally powerful, but certainly more constructive things. But we have to get past the cynicism to do it.