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Why Do Police Officers Get Away With Murder Again and Again?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/19/why-do-police-officers-get-away-murder-again-and-again


What other “profession” has qualified immunity?

In French, it’s pronounced carte blanche.


Police get away with murder again and again because that is what they are paid to do–not to murder per se, usually, but to exercise coercive force. In a different context, this gets called terrorism. But generally, people regard this terrorism as legitimate and authorized because it is authorized against the dispossessed by the possessed (and have your own fun with the puns in that).

It might be possible to have an enlightened business community that might decide that its riches were not worth human lives or that certain abuses of a population might become detrimental to the process of extracting profit from that population, but generally, the process works exactly in the reverse. Insofar as the society and its system of wealth and distribution and of respect and class assignment are anti-cooperative and exclusionary, violence will be involved in what will be called “order,” and terror will be authorized.

It’s the whole system of iniquity and possession that needs to be addressed.


Disarm police officers. Eliminate open carry laws.


prosecutors and judges have immunity too. they can and have purposefully framed innocents and had them sent to death row. if that isn’t attempted murder, i don’t know what is. the whole damned criminal injustice system is set up to facilitate injustice. google ‘prosecutorial immunity’ and check out the marshall project’s article on it.