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Why Do Police Unions Talk and Act Like the Mafia? How Can We Stop Them?

Dictator Trump just said -there will be no de-funding of police depts—REALLY???


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Fern: I suggest you re-read the article. For one thing, you seem unaware of how negotiated CONTRACTS actually work. As for “training protocols”–LOL. For awhile now, there’s been additional training for cops: “implicit bias” training; “de-escalation” training (as alternative to brutality or shooting people); “mental health crisis” training 9which has NOT changed that HALF of UN-armed people killed by cops are DISABLED people–a majority of them in mental health crisis. As for your final sentenxe “stop reinforcing it”–not sure what you’re trying to say–but, it sounds like VICTIM BLAMING. And the funny thing is you do NOT mention a single word of ACCOUNTABILITY for police who ASSAULT, MAIM OR MURDER.

I live in Minneapolis & the City Council is BACKPEDALING furiously: June 7th they voted 9 to 3 to “dismantle the police”; then a couple of days later, they said they would “de-fund the police”(which I think meant LESS funding for police & instead, funding ALTERNATIVES like mental health workers being called when someone was in mental helath crisis or addressing homelessness as a HOUSING issue NOT a crime; as of June 11th, the Minneapol;is City Council president Lisa bender is saying “we;re gong to be having an important community conversation about police reform for the next year.” Much of the commercial parts of my south Minneapolis neighborhood were burned down (creating another FOOD DESERT) and the POLICE ATTACKED PEACEFUL PROTESTERS & THE PRESS…and elected officials want to have CONVERSATIONS. For ACTUAL SOLUTIONS, check out COMMUNITIES AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY “How To End Police Violence” at cuapb (dot) org

Lydia - I re-read the article.

I’m am miffed at how a negotiated contract has a direct relationship to this incident. I am aware there is remediation training in law enforcement however any evidence that it prevents abuse was not obvious in this setting and at various levels. When I worked with level 4 disabled folks that might be in a situation involving the police. Knowing that police are not trained in specialized care for people with disabilities, we met with local police and discussed these issues. We did the same thing across settings as people were not familiar with out population.

I’m not victim blaming, if you re-read the article it mentions reinforcement as part of the problem. Having community trust to do the right thing is a form of reinforcement. Obviously, not for everyone.
The issue of pay functions as a response cost for improved interactions. Prevention in my opinion, has far greater impact than invoking the criminal justice system to charge and convict its self. But yes, that too.