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Why Do We Have School Lunch Debt at All?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/01/15/why-do-we-have-school-lunch-debt-all

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Our country allocates trillions for war without the blink of an eye, and then nickels and dimes poor kids who just need some basic nutrition.


It is just shameful, and a form of discrimination. Billion here and billion there to Ukraine and this and that country and wars, while neglect of children. In my community, a highly educated university town, 50% of school children qualify for the subsidized school programs.

Having subsidized food for every child, is not just about relieving debt, among many other things, it also makes the subsidy less stigmatized for that section of children that rely on it, and it can also broaden the political support for healthy food, as when it is only for the poor, everything goes…and of course it eliminates the humiliating process of filling forms…and…cuts the admin overhead…etc…etc… Many developed countries have this. Healthy food, for all children, no discrimination.


Same reason why we let 650 children die every hour due to starvation and lack of access to basic healthcare.
You want answers…!
Separation pathology.



An absurd situation, as well as being cruel. America’s priorities are upside down, inside out, inhumane, and wasteful to an astonishing degree.


“Why do we have school lunch debt at all?”

Capitalism requires it, after all “there’s no free lunch”. /s


Lack of will , that’s not an economic problem but a spiritual crises.
Politics is our spirituality demonstrated.
That’s where the real work begins .
Who are we anyway ?
Why would you want anyone to go hungry, not have access to health care or proper equal education,decent homes and human rights .

Are we not all human on this planet of abundance and enough, are we not enough just being alive to have a basic right of survival.

America and our world is facing a Spiritual crises. Marriane Williamson is talking about this, is anyone listening.

All of our problems are ultimately spiritual in nature.
Who are we ?
What are we doing here?
Where are we going ?
The human race is not on purpose, literally it has no idea where it’s going.


STOP calling the USA “The richest country on earth”!!!

Americans need to realize: we are not the richest country on earth. “We are the richest country on earth” instantly brings with it the impression that things are good, great even, and that things like poverty and hunger just couldn’t exist. We all know that’s dead wrong. America is NOT the richest country on earth, but it may well be home to the richest of the rich individuals on earth. And that’s entirely different. A more accurate description of America today is “A large country where a tiny percentage of the citizens are fabulously wealthy, but where the average person struggles, and where poverty and hunger - or the THREAT of poverty and hunger - are a reality for a large percentage of the population.”

There are many other countries, large and small, where the average citizen is better off than in the USA, if you measure their proximity or likelihood of going broke, going into debt they cannot pay, losing their housing, going hungry and being unable to pay for a health problem - in other words, THE BASICS. In many other countries, citizens do not walk a tightrope above destitution like so many Americans do. The sooner we face how bad things really are in America, the sooner we just might hustle up enough gumption to be able to do something about it.


The purpose of food is to give the body nourishment.
Every child deserves the highest quality food we can produce .
This is because we all matter ,every one of us.

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What am I missing? Don’t we have a program to give free lunches to children whose families earn below a certain income level. I not trying to be argumentative but why is filling out paperwork a denial of service?