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Why Do We Revere Malala But Not Ahed Tamimi?


Why Do We Revere Malala But Not Ahed Tamimi?

Sarah Kastner

After Israeli forces shot her 15-year-old cousin in the head with a rubber bullet last December, Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian girl from Nabi Saleh in the West Bank, stood up to the o


Because we are not allowed to?



But many of us do support Ahed. Sadly the free press isn’t really free, and so it’s was difficult for many news readers to read about her as major media tends to erase her presence. Sadly too, many of the politicians make money by not caring abut Palestine. Then of course, Mr. Trump must have his wall and he wants Mexico to pay for it----but then was it American taxpayer money that built Israel’s wall?
It would be amusing if Mexico did decide to build Trump’s wall, but they could copy the Israeli wall and it would be meandering all over the place with Israeli -like gerrymandering wall as they were stealing Palestinian land ----and quicker than you can say ," Turn about is Fair Play," Mexico will have gerrymandered Texas, New Mexico , Arizona and California back into Mexican territory again, and wouldn’t that be a conundrum. : )


MSM the major news outlets are in fact owned, managed and edited by Zionists.


Malala’s humanitarianism supports US foreign policy objectives, while Ahed’s humanitarianism opposes US foreign policy objectives which through their uncritical support of the State of Israel requires that the Palestinian people simply go away and disappear. And when they resist their violent forcible disappearance (better known as ethnic cleansing) they become objects of Official Hate.


What a great piece of investigative journalism!
An enlightening reading experience even when the
facts are known; but the corporate state media’s
job is to make "faceless images of ‘life unworthy of
life’ " (WikiLeaks: The Global Fourth Estate,
Nozomi Hayase), and such is Ahed Tamimi-- Now if
Malala would refuse her honors until Ahed is
equally honored; why, then we’re seeing women giving
birth to revolution.


There is something missing in the narrative. Whether is a confined Palestinian or any citizen in an underclass policed by outsiders, they cannot go up and slap police or soldiers. I have never seen mention of what it was that provoked her. Something is missing.
The Guardian gives the details. She had scuffled before. She pushed, kicked and slapped a soldier. She was sixteen.
This may be the level of resistance that the Palestinians will need to stop occupation. But it is not non- violent protest. That is why she will not get a peace prize.


I have seen it mentioned several times in articles–Ahed slapped the IDF sh*t after they shot her brother in the head–with a rubber bullet, or some ‘non lethal’ thing. I’ve seen photos of her brother, he survived, but now has a part of his head missing. If the Guardian doesn’t mention that, it’s not telling the whole story either.


I just happened to see a video from JVP, which mentions that she slapped the soldier in front of her home, as they were trying to enter. This took place after they had shot her brother in the head, on a different occasion. She’s a fearless one, to be sure.

BTW, agreed that she’ll never get a peace prize.


As senators, Murray, Cantwell and Warren told be when I wrote them protesting the killing of over 2,000 Palestinians 3 years ago, “Because Israel is our friends.” So much for the betterment of women from the sisters in the Ivory towers.


I would love to see that!


And yet you continuously advocate for the overthrow of Assad in Syria, one of the few leaders in the MidEast willing to stand up to Israel. That you can’t see the connection between Assad’s ouster at the behest of Israel and the KSA and further suppression of Palestinians is beyond me.

Yes, Assad is an unsavory dictator.
So are the royal family in Saudi Arabia.
Israel’s confinement of Palestinians in an open air prison is unsavory.

In a region that doesn’t offer great choices, I’ll pick the poison of Assad over the brutality of our ‘allies.’


Excellent point that I have not heard put forth to date. If it’s kosher for Israel to build settlements it should be for our native American tribes as I’ve posted before. But the point that all being fair play, Mexico should be building settlements in the states you mention that once belonged to Mexico. Swing away Mel.


But anyway, the peace prize crowd is tainted. There are better circles to run around in.


Pretty much this. It has little with being too white or too blonde as is suggested in the article. It about WHO the identity of the group that has wronged these girls.

The war machine wants to maintain its war on terror and against groups like the Taliban. Israel is seen as an ally.

Rachel Corrie is another example of this. There was more outrage in the press about a Blonde Girl (natalee holloway)who was murdered vacation in the Carribbean then there was over the death of Rachel Corrie both happening around the same time.



No… just no. Assad is not “standing up to Israel!” He is not even lifting a finger to get his own occupied Golan Heights back for fucking crying out loud! Good fucking grief!

And no. Even if he were “standing up to Israel”, the utter brutality that he inflicts against his own people - ESPECIALLY OUR OWN COMRADES on Marxist-socialist Syrian left - he should not be supported by the left.

I know some Syrian leftists living in exile from Assad. How many do you know?


Yunz, you need to get on the bandwagon. We do rah-rah here while pretending to be independent thinkers who know real truths. Any deviation from community thought—whatever in-the-moment meme is deemed “most” progressive—even with facts, historical antecedents, or know-how based on experience, is just neoliberal incrementalist trash.


Here’s a good one from that great Yankee Imperialist for Al Jazeera and the Intercept, Mehdi Hassan…


Yes, but the way my former comrades on the US and UK “anti war” and even “pacifist” left (and not just here on the Common Dreams comment section) have joined the neo-fascist right in embracing the fascist monster Assad - who has specifically tortured and executed our own socialist comrades on the Syrian left is one of the great catastrophes which has left me utterly disillusioned with the left. The US anti-war left absolutely cannot be taken seriously anymore - they are as loony as anything on the alt-right. And by the time the left regains their sanity in another 3 or 4 decades, I will be long dead.

I will monitor the number of commenters here open the linked article above. There will be none. Go forbid they might read something that might make then reconsider their beliefs…


I am always wary of “my enemies enemy must be my friend” type of arguments. Can’t I object to the atrocities in Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and anywhere else where human rights are ignored regardless of their relationship to each other?