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Why Do We Wage Decades-Long Futile Wars in the Middle East but Wont Go to War on the Looming Climate Crisis?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/12/02/why-do-we-wage-decades-long-futile-wars-middle-east-wont-go-war-looming-climate

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Because that’s the way the corporations that own the politicians want it. Direct and simple enough an explanation? And that will not change under Biden, or any other administration until there is fundamental change in our politics.


Duh… so that FUNDEMENTALLY, nothing will change? Why would the wholly-owned entertainment subsidiary of scared extractive multinationals wish to line the pockets of any- some-body not legislating enforcement of their status quo?


…cuz greed…?


Because the “war(s) on terror” are by definition endless, and thus endlessly profitable (and no military draft in place, so the likely protest over that is non-existent).

Fighting climate change - not profitable, at least not enough for the Masters of War.


Money. The Middle East wars make big money for the defense contractor oligarchs, and the climate crisis makes big money for the fossil fuel oligarchs. If the US were not a de facto oligarchy, but instead a democracy, or a republic, we would not be at war in the Middle East and we would be engaged in fighting the climate crisis. If the oligarchs’ money didn’t control the politics, policy would be very different. In a way, the problem is more economic than political, more about income inequality, and the ideology of extreme capitalism.

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Yes, just imagine if somehow the war on climate change was profitable, $ 740,000.000,000.00 a year devoted to addressing the coming climate apocalypse! Of course wishful thinking…but still a nice pipe dream.