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Why Do You Lie So Much?—and Eight Other Questions NBC's Chuck Todd Should Have Asked Trump

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/27/why-do-you-lie-so-much-and-eight-other-questions-nbcs-chuck-todd-should-have-asked

Stopped reading after the Russia stupidity. Keep on with this Russiagate nonsense, when there are a hundred other real issues in front of your face, and guaranteed 4 more years of Trump.

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Russiagate IS a real issue. Perhaps not as big a deal as reported by cable news, but real hacking and trump people involvements.
I don’t think trump would sit down with Todd unless the questions were vetted.
Like I’ve proffered before, it seems nobody can spar with an indignant liar like trump. The only effective recourse toward trump is judgemental laughing at him. Perhaps a snicker here and there.
People have to quit denying Russian interference and trump campaign involvement. It’s in black and white. Denial here I would guess is contrived, not just believed. Can you say “sanctions?”

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“I don’t think trump would sit down with Todd unless the questions were vetted.”

Then people should not be interviewing him. As it is between the media sucking up and Nancy Pelosi refusing to impeach, Trump is practically guaranteed a second term and very likely he will become President for Life. That is, after all, what he wants and none of the people in positions to deny his wish appear to be exercising their power to do so.

Chuck Todd did the best that he could! Why expect much from him?!

Why bother then. It is likened to serving up mudpies for lunch. Or smearing shit on a window to block the heat of the sun.

Just curious, where is it in black and white exactly?