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Why Does Amazon Get Corporate Welfare?


Why Does Amazon Get Corporate Welfare?

Jim Hightower

Not satisfied with just taking your money, Bezos is coming after your tax dollars as well.

"Uber-rich Amazon doesn't need and certainly doesn't deserve this giveaway, but officials in 238 cities have prostrated themselves in front of the welfare queen in an embarrassing bid to win her nod."


The demise of giant retailers like Sears can be attributed in part to the competition of internet shopping - Amazon, Ebay, etc. Another form of giant retail store that mirrors internet shopping is that of Costco and Walmart supercenters which likewise undermine local retail stores. The main distinction I make is how much fuel is spent transporting purchased commodities, (producer to consumer). Costco and Walmart customers drive 5x to 10x as far from home and neighborhood retail for the discount. Delivery of internet retail goods via FedEx or UPS likewise increase the amount of fuel spent for delivery. When a product delivered via UPS is unacceptable, the return increases fuel spent.

Costco and Amazon could act as (non-retail) distribution centers delivering the same goods to local retailers and reduce fuel spent by 5x to 10x less. Were the price of fuel to reflect its true cost and impact, Sears could not only compete, but could offer customers the advantage of seeing and judging products before purchasing. Sears as anchor stores of indoor shopping malls ‘support’ the other smaller stores within.

Amazon is making a huge mistake relying on the spurious technology of self-driving cars and trucks to reduce fuel cost and truck driver wages: self-driving cars and truck transport is a ruse, an “impossible” technology (therefore fraud). It’s a distraction from actual solutions to societal ills related to fuel/energy consumption and waste, pollution, traffic, oil wars, race baiting to incite wars, plutocracy and class warfare.


Q.: “Why Does Amazon Get Corporate Welfare?”

A.: Because “incentives” for the rich and corporations means “getting lots of free stuff,” but for the poor, it means “taking stuff away.”


Why does Amazon get corporate welfare? Because politicians are willing to throw OPM (other people’s money) at these con artists in the failed hope than on net they get more. (Or, in the more unfortunate cases, that they personally benefit from screwing the taxpayers)

It doesn’t work with stadiums, it doesn’t work with businesses.


Answer: Because the political-economy of the United States is designed by the oligarchs and plutocrats who own and control it to work that way. Such a political-economy is called capitalism.


We, apparently, need things.
We, it may also seems, need to be approved of needing things.

When we gauge the spectrum of products available to us for a need, we go to a vendor that provides the entire spectrum to make the choice.

Amazon uses suppliers and other middlemen to ensure EVERYTHING is available in their online storefront.
That is because the current technology makes it necessary to do a search and go to “.com” site for all of the above mentioned purposes.

That is about to change. Block chain security is about to present web 2.0
Until then, please just stop fucking buying shit other than food.

The phony money that we accumulate and shell out in the exchange of limitless products is also about to disappear.

Super Rich Bezos will just be down super Bitch then.



I go to many a rally and march not to protest injustice and what we shouldn’t do, but to propose what we should do instead and try to make those who are most responsible for what we shouldn’t do, do what we should do instead. Dtrump and his multi-millionaire cohorts are leading us to WWIII, environmental degradation and complete fossil fuel dependency because they all lead to suffering and death of billions of people, their final solution to overpopulation. Yes, I really believe Dtrump is an Aryan supremist mass murderer.


As the Corporation is now, I see a lot of brilliant planning, but being dumb as a rock, I find no illegal or even immoral practices.
As a cultual influence I see where the firms actions are headed for and as this new but growing segment of US society are not worried over who supplies what or the personage as in CEO that will profit.
As long as they can find ease of ability to find and have means to pay they have no need to stray from what this group is becoming insular.
Not that they will not have different occupational status from each other, just that, already in today’s world, they feel no need to interact with humanity outside of their “like”.
In the past we found those employed in corporate and mom and pop institutions used work to earn money but the occupation was not their lifestyle.
To start ones own business was relatively easy to do , and while today we look at recent past to find but very few individuals that start new business outside of their training as corporate drones.
As today’s millenials are finding out that their education does not fit outside corporate America’s needs they mind not as it is income that alone drives them.
That this new segment of society takes the place of all levels of middle class earnings and condences them down into far fewer hands both their income levels while lower than upper middle today their levels will be far greater between the 60 masses with less ability of those masses entry into their
strata,; a true edge with no blurred lines as in yesterday’s societies.
It is a given fact that the top 750 corporations of the world can pay for and deliver any and all needs of worlds governments and their leaders.
Everything,; and they would need need less than 30% of worlds population to maintain their systems.
Their peeps will be so far tecnologicly attuned. And their needs so easy to produce that they will have no needs of Democratic votes of popularity contest. Or worry about the fyi g swarms of unusable humanity.
After all is not ones educational drive stemming fro. Need to rise ano e commoners both in economiCs and approval of social status peers.


It seems I clicked the wrong “reply” button. My comment was aimed at the article’s headline, not at your post. Sorry for any confusion.

And yes, I’m sure President Twitler and his class would be only too happy to see 90% of us purged by any means necessary.


Too many Americans love to buy SH&* they will never use. It’s the “American Way”. Amazon is making it easier to do. Have you ever driven thru some (any) suburban neighborhood on a weekend when lots of garage doors are open? Garages so stuffed with “SH&*” they can’t even put their indebted cars in for shelter. Somewhere along the time line all this is going to come down on all “capitalists’” heads, including the dumb “consumer”. Someone above mentioned not buying anything except food. Another mentioned all the delivery fuels that are needed for all this “convenience”. Good point. A modified “return to the commons” would be a giant step forward. Too much greed, avarice, coveting in this putrid system.


Yes. The proliferation of storage facilities—and of legal notices for auctions when the rent is in arrears—is further proof, if any were needed. I once heard someone say “We’re owned by our possessions,” and it’s still true.


Call it a conspiracy theory or connecting the dots, but the viciously authoritarian ruling elite worldwide view the prediction of a population of 10 billion by 2100 as an impossibility to be prevented by any means, including ‘extermination’ by warfare, by environmental degradation and catastrophic climate change, by further globalization which can be undermined instantly by curtailing petroleum supply. Dtrump’s wall on the southern border may have a military purpose more than to supposedly stop immigrant crossing.


Please explain what the hell you are talking about, starting with what is block chain? And what is web 2.0 and why is this a good thing?


Blockchain technology?
Please google those items.
Every exchange on the web may soon be a contract.


Yes, I have heard a ‘bit’ about bitcoin and blockchain. I even looked it up on Wikipedia and spent a half-hour learning about Merkle trees, sigh, so that I may more fully comprehend this new IT buzzword. But really, I think this is some new idea from the Libertarian IT types. Libertarians can have ideas that seem compelling, until you realize that they are always quite economically well off. Back about 10 years ago or so I started hearing people fearing that we were going to go to a cashless society (true, these were probably people of the right-wing persuasion who might well have voted for Trump). If this happened they reasoned, then if you did something the PTB didn’t like, they could easily just turn off your digitally stored money. Is this an unreasonable fear? {Remember, the Internet was originally called ARPANET, DARPA standing for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. Everything done on the Internet is ultimately under the control of big corporations and probably big government.) Oh, but you say, this is a non-centralized money system, p2p, and not based on one main central authority, like we have today with the Federal Reserve. Well yea that seems good, but it still is being advocated by people who have grown up using Internet, and iPhones and social media, so that they have taken all those for granted just like I take indoor running water for granted. In a video some other CD commenter linked to, I heard this guy at a “blockchain” symposium say how “the government is evil”. Well, yea, if you are a libertarian Ayn Rand type, I guess that is what you are gonna think. But is this really something we progressives want to get behind? But anyway, go ahead, I’m sure you have a deeper understanding about this than I do. Please make your case, to me and others on CD who might end up reading this (and who know even less about it than I do), that blockchain is going to save the world and how that is going to happen and what it is going to be like. A new utopia created by libertarians, wow, I can’t wait!


No one is saying it is going to happen overnight.
We are in the seeding phase of this working methodology.
Not everyone is going to adapt it at the start.
It is also going to be coopted by people along the way.

But it is significantly better than what we have now.
Libertarians can’t go extinct fast enough for me.