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Why Does Donald Trump Insist on More Military Spending?


Why Does Donald Trump Insist on More Military Spending?

Medea Benjamin, Kate Harveston

If you think we spend too much on our military as it is (more that the next eight countries combined), you might be shocked to hear President Trump has asked for an increase in military spending by 10%, or $54 billion. Where is all this money going to come from? What will it be used for?


An additional reason for Trump expanding military is to make up for declining domestic gun sales. During Obama’s eight years all the NRA had to do to bolster gun and ammo sales was to email their members and tell them Obama was going to take their guns away or restrict purchases and there would be a huge spike in gun and ammo sales. Needless to say that Obama actually expanded gun rights, so NRA members now have more guns and ammo in their arsenals than they need.

One of our local gun dealers recently told me “Obama in the White House was the best thing this store ever had”.

Had Clinton won in November the NRA could have kept their fake news campaign going to bolster sales. With Trump the NRA can’t keep that goose laying golden eggs, so miltary gun sales need to be expanded.


Better proofreading needed here.


All about making money. Always has been, always will be.


Medea –

The rise of the right wing always brings destruction and this time is no different.
They are the destroyers.

As I recall it, Iraq’s forces were described as equal to the LAPD, but at any rate
the invasion was an illegal act of aggression and, in all, the campaign to control the
Middle East has so far brought death to at least 1 million Muslims in what “W” once
described as a “Crusade.”

Under Saddam Hussein’s brutal regime, sectarian violence was minimized.
When we removed him it exploded, and the unintended consequence is that
we unleashed sectarian violence.

Another unanticipated result of our invasion of Iraq was the creation of ISIS.
It was at the US prison in Iraq called Camp Bucca where embittered Sunni prisoners,
including Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, created ISIS.
Now we are spending billions trying to defeat the very force we helped to create.

These certainly aren’t “unanticipated” and/or “unintended” consequences of these
illegal wars.

We have insane people running our government and MIC – sociopaths/psychopaths –
it’s “Dr. Strangelove” time in the US and yet there are still suggestions that it is
somehow all by mistake.

Mystifies me!


War spending keeps our economy afloat.


Our economic growth is limited domestically by our decrepit infrastructure. We make our money by killing people abroad. Killing people is very expensive and drives our economic engine.


To answer the title question: Because that’s what U.S. presidents do, in fealty to their oligarchal masters. And then the Duopoly congresses up the ante to get campaign money, pork for their districts and from fear of looking “weak” (not wanting to slaughter the rest of the world.) Just ask Bernie Sanders about the F-35 and the “war on terror,” which he vocally supports.


Thank you to Medea Benjamin for talking about this.

A budget is a moral document and we don’t seem to have any (morality).

And yet that terrible health care bill right now is sucking all of the air out of the room and we aren’t even discussing this.

And terrifyingly Trump has decided to let Mattis do military decision making. Which is approximately like letting your teenager decide how much they need to drive your car.

We are giving up so much in the name of empty wars and supporting freelance soldiers. Horrible, horrible, horrible.


Conservatives complain about political correctness, but there are reactionary, fascist pc ideas, too. The biggest is being proud of a belligerent, bloated war machine. I’d bet the quickest way to lose an election is to say during a debate that you don’t support increased military spending.


Lemme take a wild guess why. Because he’s a fuckin’ moron?


“Why Does Donald Trump Insist on More Military Spending?”

Because he knows that when the people revolt against the oligarchy, all the guns are on his side.

Direct Democracy


Actually the ACA has created thousands of jobs in areas that have been hurting economically.


Maybe, hopefully, the brainwashed masses will wake up; as the imperialist amerikan empire slides into the abyss of failed empires! The sooner the better; the World cries out for Peace!


I don’t hear the democrats fighting these increases. I don’t see healthcare listed as a place where this money could go?How about community health centers. We live in the dark ages–people and our culture are insane.
We have a congress and president supporting the taking away of funding for half the births in this country to give people at the top a giant tax cut.
The US is going to sell over 300 billion in arms to a country whose people played a vital role in attacking the US—and they will use these weapons to pummel one of the poorest countries in the world.
And we need more money for the military???


Tom, if you weren’t such a progressive, one could think that you are one of those propagandists trying to knock number one out of the running.


Why? He is trying to appease the military deep state


Donald Trump held, and may still hold, stock in Raytheon, maker of Tomahawk cruise missiles. In April of 2017, he ordered a strike on a Syrian airfield. 57 Tomahawks were used, at a cost of almost $100 million dollars. Because Mr. Trump has refused to disclose any records of his complex corporate holdings. we do not know how much of a stake he may have in any other arms manufacturers. If he does, it would certainly enhance his bottom line if we increase defense spending and escalate American military action in any theater of operations. This would be, not only a conflict of interest, since he refuses separate himself from his vast commercial empire, but a violation of morals on the highest level. War for personal profit is deplorable by anyone. But by a sitting President, it is more than grounds for impeachment. War profiteering is a crime committed by the lowest kind of human being. and we cannot fail to prosecute any perpetrator.


For now. Our military adventurism will, however, eventually, inevitably, bring us crashing down.
There will be “hell to pay”. The failure to invest these resources in basic needs, human resources,
and public infrastructure will make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park!

Indeed, the greedy sociopaths who make and execute our policies are condemning us, and succeeding generations to come, to a miserable dystopia…a “new Dark Age”. Damn them!


The “War on Terror” is the biggest con ever pulled!