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Why Does the American Medical Association Have Such a Feeble Response to Our Health Care Crisis?


Why Does the American Medical Association Have Such a Feeble Response to Our Health Care Crisis?

Dr. Sanjeev K. Sriram

In 1945, President Harry Truman campaigned for a national health insurance plan that was attacked as “socialized medicine” by the American Medical Association (AMA). Truman’s response was true then and resonates now:



Sorry, we don’t have “personalized healthcare” right now.
I couldn’t even get a blood test from Medicare to diagnose if I have a nutritional deficiency from my year+ of living on liquids because my teeth were pulled.
Now, I have to wait and see if it will allow another pre-auth for my bottom dentures after the last on lapsed due to unforeseen circumstances.
It’s been downhill in health care ever since Medicaid was privatized; all the money goes to the HMOs and hospitals.
Healthcare in this country has become a racket. And now, they even deny pain relief from the only stuff that works in their new drug war on opiates. The test case in Oregon on forced tapering of disabled on Medicaid ought to prove they are serious about killing off the sick in this new fascist experiment in the USA



It(AMA) should be called the American Doctor’s Association. There should be an American Patient’s Association. Would that lead to communism?



Having lived in the US near the Canadian Border for three decades I have observed exponential expansion of border patrol infrastructure and agents all along the northern border.

Seeing how Canadians are not dying to immigrate here, perhaps the growing border patrol presence on the northern border will prevent single payer medical insurance (that has been very successful in Canada for more than a half century) from invading and making the US go commie ?



They are just like the people they serve. As long as they have what they want they won’t upset the apple cart.



Follow The Money, and you’ll see why I predict 2020 will be our most expensive election ever, by far.

Google “ 2020 could be first trillion-dollar election”.



We allow the press, the politicians, and the mass community to call are our news, proposals, ideas a debate on “health care”. It is not, and rarely has ever been a debate on health care. It is a conversation about protecting industry - insurance/pharma/for profit medicine. It is most basically driven by a desire for huge profit and the campaign benefits reaped by our elected officials, with a history of racism and desire to keep a poor underclass (all race and ethnic groups invited), forced to work jobs which do not pay a living wage, all fueled by the desperate need of providing health care for their families. It is not an accident that our health care outcomes lag behind many in our modern world - all while costing much more. ,



Whoever wins, they win; whoever loses, they win.