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Why Does the United States of America Want to Overthrow the Government of Venezuela?


The horror, evil and gross hypocrisy of American foreign policy will come back to haunt Americans, big time. Now is the time for truly worthy, humanitarian and democratic Americans to step forward and stop this US travesty against another nation. If not, you will all bear the horrific consequences!


The reality of the actor IS that it the United States of America that seeks to topple the Government in Venezuela.

Another example would be “Japan declared war on the United States of America in 1941” One would not counter by saying “well not all the people in Japan supported that war”

You would have a point if the headline read “The people of the United States of America” want to topple the Government of Venezuela.


The example is not relevant. …And the reality is the United States of America you mention in your first sentence states much and means little. Many Americans including myself do not seek to topple the Venezuelan government. The example you refer to is a formal act of government instead of addressing my point that American foreign policy follow the interests of Corporate America and most American are not aware of this …so the language i propose is to help to stimulate more awareness and questioning by the American people. In the end your reply did not address my point.


We will agree to disagree. The headline is as accurate as staing “Israel Attacks the Gaza strip” or “Israel supports regime change in Iran.” Your Governmnet is officially acting to topple the Government of Venezuela and that is FACT.


The real reasons are many and varied, top of the list would be to return the country to the state before Chavez, with us controlling the oil and oil money. None of that worth discussing now, because people are suffering. Left right or center, we can all agree that Maduro has nothing to commend him to us.

The truth is, overthrowing Maduro can be summarized In one word : humanitarian. If you can image the utter despair about the lack of food, medicine, hope and voice. Outside the country, mainly in the U.S., the old failed socialists of the 50s talk about democracy and non-interference. Dmocracy has not existed in Venezuela for a long time now. Today, inside the country where I am, everyone is hoping and waiting for Maduro to leave.What is worth talking about is how to rein in the Trump people, and keep them from robbing Venezuela. These people are in the U.S., subject to our laws and political power, and it is our duty, if not self interest, to stop them. As Bernie said, if we fail to stop the billionaires anywhere in the world, we will be sorry here at home.


Like Saddam Hussein, Maduro’s plan to trade oil without using American currency is his death sentence. No one in the ‘free’ world is allowed to challenge American autocratic domination.
American politicians call this democracy in action. In speeches, they frequently refer to wholesome American values, the rule of law, and the great vision America has for the world.


yes! that’s the term we should use… climate change sounds too orderly for what’s coming down the pike!


Thanks. I had to go back to film class for that one. Maybe Cagney standing on top of the storage tanks and the " top of the world " ending scene, with the massive incendiary, kaboom. So American, could Trumpster Dumpster Jr., possibly play Cagney in the documentary version?


Thanks for this…i shared it…


Thank you for the links! Imagine criticizing a government for not providing food and medicine whilst at the same time retaining the funds to pay for such. Words fail.

The wickedness of these western powers knows no bounds.


It is not about agree to disagree …One can focus on a fact and ignore other realities… My point is important to bring awareness by being exact about terminology on how foreign policy works and why.


Your post is utter uninformed nonsense. You are a victim of propaganda.



Oil prices dropped precipitously in 2014, when the Obama regime persuaded the Saudi family to defy other OPEC members and pump more oil as world demand slumped. In short order, the economies of Russia, Iran and Venezuela were devastated. Quite a coincidence, don’t you think?


True enough, Edmundo, but the day of reckoning for the U.S. is coming. Even Europe is setting up a mechanism to trade with Iran in Euros, and China-Russia trade is avoiding the greenback. That’s just the start.