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Why Does Trump Hate COVID Testing But Love Standardized Testing?

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/08/why-does-trump-hate-covid-testing-love-standardized-testing

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Let’s look at the actual bottom line here. When I worked in schools as a social worker with kids, I typically worked in small groups with kids referred to me for a variety of reasons-behavioral, academic, social. One year, a teacher asked me to review a practice language arts test with a group of kids in the fifth grade. We read a passage and had to answer questions referring back to the passage. It was very straight forward: except it wasn’t. Besides obtuse questions, there was one question that simply had no answer. We searched and searched and none of the selections fit the question as it related to the passage. It was insane. I took it back to the teacher and shared my frustration and disbelief at the set up to fail kids and she shrugged her shoulders helplessly and said, “I know.” Standardized tests for creative and analytical thinkers like me are hard enough but creating stupid tests where there are no right answers is perverse. As to trump—he’s a drug addict. He cannot read well. Instead of a drug test before the debates, it has been suggested that he and Biden take a tenth grade civics test and whoever passes should win the election. We know it would not be trump.


Didn’t he benefit from paying someone else to take his standardized test related to college admission?

He could pay someone else to take his COVID-19 tests, but I don’t see how he would get any benefit from doing so.

Ticki, I think that your post is a perfect disclosure of the fake education that is metered out to our youth. I do hope that you and the teacher who asked for your help broadcast this to parents and educational board members.