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Why Don’t Americans Want to ‘Soak the Rich’? It’s a Trick Question


Why Don’t Americans Want to ‘Soak the Rich’? It’s a Trick Question

Jim Naureckas

The New York Times (4/17/15) has a post by Neil Irwin headlined “Why Americans Don’t Want to Soak the Rich.” Irwin suggests a couple of different answers to this question, depending on your ideological point of view:


Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax the rich and set us free.


The ruling class understands that culture shapes thought. Much money goes in to corrupting our culture from music to movies to literature with ruling class perspectives causing many to identify with the 1%. Being a poet and writer I publish progressive working class literature via Partisan Press & the Blue Collar Review. We all have to do our part to reclaim our more authentic culture of community and solidarity whether through music, literature, cinema and by building real community around us. We cannot move beyond this nightmare empire with our minds poisoned by corporate worship of money, violence and anti-social hyper-individualism


With only 2% of Americans who voted in 2012 casting their votes for six highly qualified third party candidates, none of whom are owned by the wealthy, it is apparent that few Americans really want progressive reform needed to make the wealthy pay their share.

It doesn’t matter how Americans respond to polls when 98% of those who actually vote cast their vote for candidates owned by the wealthy.


Can we fairly say that they don’t want it or that they don’t understand what they must do to achieve it?



Would it be more effective to tax the rich or to start lynching them?

There was no change in late 18th-century France until the people resorted to the Guillotine.

Just sayin’.


'Towards the Common Good': Mr. Sanders Goes to the Vatican

Thank you, Mr. Naureckas for pointing out this fallacy. While you’ve connected it with a particular issue, I see this covert form of Manufacturing Consent CONSTANTLY used. In fact, it’s fed routinely into open opinion forums such as this one on Common Dreams.

Here are other frames used often that tell people what “they” believe, or otherwise use the lie told often–in the form of insisting on majority consensuses OR otherwise falling back on the passive uniform frame that allegedly speaks for ALL Americans, that great homogenous WE:

  1. The Middle Class hates the poor–instead of ALEC and its friends actively funding campaigns aimed at further robbing low-income workers
  2. Acorn and unqualified home owners caused the recent Great Depression–instead of exposing the inevitable blowback that resulted from elites working their insider power by knocking down the wall that Glass-Steagall formerly put into place (to prevent this very thing)
  3. That citizens are not ready for a single payer health care system–instead of explaining the power of the Insurance lobby and how it salivated over the Obama “health” care plan
  4. That citizens wanted war against Iraq/Afghanistan–instead of (1) critically examining the False Flag Trigger (2), granting air time to anti-war voices in lieu of a parade of generals, right wing hawks, and other sociopaths BENT on a Middle East Armageddon
  5. That citizens don’t want to cut back on their consumerism–instead of explaining that no leadership is in place to motivate conservation; and that Big Energy has for 3 decades muddied the waters on a full recognition for global warming’s causes
  6. That citizens don’t care about genetically “modified” foods–instead of relating how much $ goes into disinformation campaigns that lie about the safety of these products and about costs of labeling
  7. That voters get what they deserve–instead of honest exposes on how controlled the voting system is from the costs candidates must cover to the count of actual votes

There are many more examples.

The point is that so-called consensus opinions are a HUGE fabrication. What is a more reliable form of mind control or propaganda than viewers & listeners being told that everyone agrees? Fake conformity is used to bypass Truth and incisive FAIR analyses.

A local man I’ve dated jokes about his own domineering personality and he is the very portrait of the right wing type of American male: “If I wanted your opinion, I’d give it to you.” It is that patriarchal father-knows-best authoritarian mindset that rules this nation with LOTS of help from its muscular ideological twin, Mars, god of war, armaments, armies, and guns, in general: the American male’s most revered tool.

In the Conservative household, ONLY the father’s opinion counts. THAT is the ideology driving this nation’s agenda and its advocates OWN and thus control media; nor have they shied away from utilizing insights derived from Nazi mind control scientists, Edward Bernays, and others.

The consent of the governed is ornamental, at best. Citizens United FIXED our elections, Wars made on the basis of FIXED evidence rob our treasury and deprive communities of rehabilitative funds, millions ingest anti-depressants because the ACTUAL logistics of life deaden their souls, and now the TPP and TIPP allow the corporate FIX to offset every established law.

Since TRUTH is the enemy to all of these inversions, it must be zealously guarded with its most courageous mouth-pieces punished, put into prison, or forced to hole up in overseas hideouts.


I see you modified the earlier “98%” statistic that I called you to the mat on. Too bad you’re still mouthing off this chorus line; but everyone needs a paycheck to cover their bills, right?


It’s interesting that Tom Carberry is gone and that you repeat most of his positions. He also advocated for taking violent aim at the rich. That is, after all, what you are suggesting since how would it be logistically possible to make use of a public guillotine spectacle in a land as heavily armed and militarized as our own.

Kill the rich is your strategy to Ray Del Camino’s best impersonations of Rosemarie Jackowski’s DAILY “blame voters” chorus line?

When you’re not pushing these “strategies,” your tag team takes aim primarily at Obama, democrats, Progressives, Amy Goodman, Kumi Naidoo, Green Peace, 350.org., Naomi Klein, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and so many others.

But you ALL give the Koch Brothers, Fox News, The right wing Christians, Scott Walker, the Bush Junta, ALEC, and the MIC a pass… or certainly FAR LESS condemnation.

Like sports’ fans, you prefer binary contests between team A and team B and it’s precisely this level of polarity that ensures that the problem will never be solved. You do your part to keep the GAME at play.

(Oh, and BTW: The word is there, not their in the context you misused it.)


Maybe they don’t see anyone worth voting for or are so alienated cynical (than you corporate culture) they don’t feel it makes a difference.


Thanks for proofreading my post. I made the correction.

By the way, it’s “Guillotine” and not “guillotine.” The device was named after the inventor who developed it.

The rest of your response is the same frothing at the keyboard that you usually post, making wild-ass accusations that you cannot possibly substantiate.



Taxing them would be a good idea. seizing their assets to be used for the common good would be a better idea. Rather than wasting them, the formerly rich could be put to work cleaning up the toxic sites they created.

'Towards the Common Good': Mr. Sanders Goes to the Vatican

Interesting conflation of arguments in order to disparage opposing positions. In fact, the perspective that a large percentage of Americans are ignorant,racist, and social Darwinists doesn’t seem to escape social scientists, and the conclusion that they need to start taking some level of accountability in order to effect change is not exactly an outlier position.

I especially enjoyed the" Mars, god of war, armaments, armies, and guns, in general: the American male’s most revered tool" phrase that followed the pedantic rant about generalizations. lol.


Frothing, eh? But you manage to “borrow” plenty of my insights to pass off as your own. As a matter of fact, I have a computer file based on this material.

“wild ass accusations.” You military boys are clowns in macho drag.


Not a conflation of arguments… a well-crafted set of criteria from which to discredit simplistic “with us, or against us” style arguments and other pedantic pabulum.

If you “enjoyed” the Mars metaphor, it’s a virtual guarantee that you and your pals will use it with only slight cosmetic alteration to pass off as your own. That is quite common here… among “friends.”


The corporate media is programed by their rich masters to spout the lies of magical wealth creation for all by allowing the !% to get a free-ride, so the rest of us get tinkled on. Even the so-called liberal MSNBC is continually giving a virtual “reach around” to Hillary every chance they get. They’ll talk about Bernie Sanders, some will have him on - he always comes across as sane, rational and consistent in his proposals and issues. While they don’t call him crazy, they just talk in the analysis part of the program in a knowing way that “of course he doesn’t have a chance of winning”. Well, yeah, if you’re going to do nothing but be a platform for Hillary and her minions (now including the disgraced, but rehabbed, Congressman “Dick Pic”, Anthony Weiner!).

There is plenty of money out there to do what is needed to salvage life in these United States for the rest of us, but we need to take it out of the hides of the rich. The income tax rates need to go back to being many and steeply graded up to 90% on incomes of $1 Billion or more, as well as estates of $1 Billion or more. In other words, tax the billionaires out of existence. If that requires a leftist insurrection to accomplish, so be it. Sadly, people like the Koch Bros. have so gamed the system I doubt that the needed changes to the political process can any longer be accomplished by the democratic process. How do we begin to get the legislative changes necessary when the vast majority of legislators at just about every level are on the secret dole of one super-rich person or another?


The public wants a soak

The corpress prefers a whitewash


Americans do want to soak the rich, preferably in acid. Its long past time for a new national holiday. Bastille Day.

When the rich psychopathic parasites lose their head, all go to bed warm and well fed.


Loopholes exist to the point of enabling the rich parasites to pay effectively zero taxes.
Top bracket for over 10 million income should be 80%.
All stock trades, bonds, futures etc should all be taxed at the current average home loan interest rate on every transaction.
Estate tax for over 10 million should 99%.
Corporations should be taxed at 90% for anything over 30% of their stock value. Unless they want to invest in R&D in the USA then they get a credit.

Only the deluded think someone legitimately “Earned” 100 million.


People in Congress aren’t owned by the wealthy; they are the wealthy. As Warren Buffett famously said: “It’s class warfare and my class is winning.”

You really must think critically about your conspiracy theory that the rich control the government. The rich are the government because we the people elect them to office.

Third party candidates have never done well in the US. The problem is not that people don’t vote for third party candidates; the problem is that there are political parties. Washington and Madison warned the country about political parties. They lead to partisanship and the gridlock that exists in Washington today.