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Why Don’t Entitlement ‘Reformers’ Ever Talk About Military Spending and Tax Shelters?


Why Don’t Entitlement ‘Reformers’ Ever Talk About Military Spending and Tax Shelters?

Adam Johnson

Now that Donald Trump seems to be a sure thing for the Republican nomination, a GOP-led “entitlement reform” movement is all but done—for now. The Republicans put “entitlement reform” front and center as a major issue in 2012, but given Clinton’s ostensible opposition and the meteoric rise of Trump, who says he opposes Social Security cuts, the legendary “Grand Bargain” is now on the political back burner. This, predictably, has left some of the “entitlement reform” holdouts very upset.


The Reformers are in the positions they're in today because they were bankrolled by the entities they protect.


Attention: Mr. Johnson....

You raise fine points (which I have also raised, as have Paul Buchheit and Ralph Nader, among others) but is it possible that you missed the findings of The Page and Gilens Study? These findings show that U.S. citizens have ZERO impact upon or influence over policy decisions.

Thus, a statement like the following does Truth a disservice by utilizing the WE meme. These are not priority decisions made by WE, which is to say, that huge demographic that polls Progressive, would like to see the military budget cut, tax loopholes closed, and Social Security annual living cost increases.

Here is your statement:

"No mention of the over $4 trillion we set aside for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. To “entitlement” reformers, only that which is guaranteed to the most vulnerable — the elderly, the sick, veterans — is in urgent need of cost-cutting. Everything else is an existential necessity, the wisdom of which is simply taken for granted."

Here is a quote taken from Chomsky's profound piece today that drives the point home:

"The executive director of the Paris-based research group EuropaNova attributes the general disenchantment to “a mood of angry impotence as the real power to shape events largely shifted from national political leaders [who, in principle at least, are subject to democratic politics] to the market, the institutions of the European Union and corporations,” quite in accord with neoliberal doctrine. Very similar processes are under way in the United States, for somewhat similar reasons, a matter of significance and concern not just for the country but, because of U.S. power, for the world."

In short, if WE--humane citizens--had the power to determine the nation's financial commitments and priorities, the military budget would be cut, nuclear weapons would not be upgraded/redesigned, wars would not be maintained into perpetuity, and tax havens for the rich (along with a Wall Street Transactions tax added) would be closed tout suite.

But WE are not the ones making these sickening decisions!


We need a "Defense Department" that defends the health, financial and educational wellbeing of Americans, instead of the Defense Department we have, the one that destroys what they're supposed to be protecting, while enriching themselves & their buds at the MIC.

What is it exactly (besides themselves) that they're "protecting", anyway? Sure as hell can't be us as everything in sight is damn near in shambles.

Where was our marvelous "defense apparatus" on 9-11 anyway?


You are so hilariously full of yourself.

Of course, no one else has ever connected out-of-control militarism with abandonment of of human needs...

And without you, no one ever would have thought of it.

Can you actually be this delusional?


Actually, they do talk about tax shelters. Quite a lot. Unfortunately, they only talk about tax shelters in other countries and leave out the part that the US is the best tax avoidance country in the world.


In view of the current momentum of Joe Lieberman and Jon Huntsman spearheading the "bipartisan" No Labels movement that picks up where Obama's Simpson Bowles "entitlement reform" commission left off, I would be surprised if Trump doesn't latch on to it (Huntsman is a big Trump fan) and I would be even more surprised if Clinton doesn't latch on to "entitlement reform".

With the her campaign postured for a billion dollars in corporate contributions this year, Clinton will need $20 to $40 trillion to bail out her too-big-to-fail bankster, insurance and drug company donors when the next crash hits. Social Security and Medicare are the only pots of money (bureaucracyspeak) large enough to fund the bailouts.


Suzy, you honestly take the cake. What would this place be without you. That you, SR, cared enough to pick on ME today has made what started out as a very mediocre day, a very special one. Keep shuffling those tarot cards, polishing that crystal ball and reading the moon & stars. You're the bestest!

Luv ya, baby!

–M :heart:


They should talk about military spending & tax shelters. Nothing should be off limits. The DOD should change its name to the DOO (Department of Offense).


This happens OFTEN. So you can mock it since you've capitalized on past opportunities to try to bring me down a notch (which is odd, since you hold many views that run analogous to my own).

The fact is, I often originate a concept or premise... and I am keen on this thing AS A WRITER... only to see others "borrow" it and run with it without the slightest attribution.

They change a word here or there, but it's the premise--which they never independently came up with, that they suddenly commandeer as their own.

It's offensive.

Perhaps, since so many men are used to taking credit for what women do (and conceive of), this is immaterial to you.

This forum is FULL of adult male baboons who'd rather argue FOR a sexist status quo than actually consider their own actions, prejudices, and unexamined assumptions.

Perhaps I will start DATING some of my original concepts (as offered here freely)... so that when someone decides to LIFT one, I can show the date of prior publication.

Calling my LIVED EXPERIENCE "delusional" is disgusting. But then, I've always wondered about your loyalties. The best of informants, after all, have to blend in.


Wow! Just wow! You are "special."


The shape our country is in..is not due to ssn entitlements(I hate that term)and the poors are not sucking the government treasury dry. Our demise is due to not having campaign finance laws that stop this legal bribery......Corporations pulling the stings of capitalism thru bought off politicians has turned our country into this mess...All these factions in each party...worshiping the party rhetoric designed to hide their(Democrat and Republican) real evil...Laws enacted to enhance profits over the welfare of working Americans is UN patriotic and treason..Capitalism by itself is not democracy it is both of them together working to further American workers and their well being plus Free Market capitalism regulated for health and safety of the citizens who work for them not the benefit of entrenched rich elitist entitled assholes....The reason our economy only caters to the rich is because the rich own everything and they own politicians.....Citizens United must be broken up....Both sides need to work for us and not the rich only.....They are even trying to pass laws now that will make it hard or impossible to convict these corporate scoundrels from any prosecution of white collar crimes.....Now who do you think pushes for those laws....Not us....They powers that be give us citizens the full extent of the law (means they dont hesitate to lock us up)and we cant pass it off as ignorance of the law only the educated rich bosses can do that...The judge does not give us citizens 30 days to get our affairs in order....If we are found guilty poof its off to the big house.....The state of our country is because of these rich bosses...Time to reign in their tyranny...Their profits mean nothing to those who work two jobs to pay bills...We dont care about them because they obviously dont care about us...If someone has to suffer we prefer it be them..


On a lighter note, Donald Trump met today with James Baker in his law office in Washington, D.C. Trump was " debriefed " about the current financial and military strategies which will be on the table, this fall in the election. ( Hillary had her last " debriefing " about 14 years ago, apparently. ) Anyway, Trump left a little shaken but with his huevos still attached to his person. But, Baker did give Mr. Trump some really good tips on tax shelters, places not to go, etc. So, there was that, too. BTW- Has anyone found that $2 Trillion dollars that the DoD ( MIC ) can't account for since 1992. And, when did Bill Clinton become POTUS, again? Just wonderin'. :smirk:


Don't elect Sanders-social security and entitlements will be on the table after the election. I am sure this is the real conflict with Trump and Ryan(nothing to do with Muslims-even Nancy Pelosi commented on this) and TPP is the other real issue not discussed-that has republicans worried about Trump.--First time I heard of this meeting with Baker------I think its a good bet Trump just like Obama will become a tool for the elite.

I was reading "War is a Racket" by Butler-what a great history of the US military and corporations-and an attempted coup of the US gov.---never got this stuff in history class????