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Why Don’t We Riot Over Wealth Inequality?


Several reasons why we don’t riot, Gov. Goon’s wearing riot gear, Chemical irritants, such as pepper spray and tear gas, Rubber bullets; Baton rounds; Water cannon; Acoustic hailing devices, such as the Long-Range Acoustic Device (LRAD); Stun grenades. and their latest development from the minds of evil genius’s; https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Active_Denial_System.


Why don’t we riot over Intellectual Inequality…I think the top 1% holds most of the brain power in the US…and I want some of it.


Or some of them used someone else’s brain power.


We need to raise gas tax by 5¢, to fix ROADS and BRIDGES, period. Nobody is going to riot over that…lol, silly !


Fix all the attacks against our future for a few to practice their destructive greed. Return to the Eisenhower tax system, a 94% flat tax on Billionaires, no deductions. Poof, suddenly all these attacks against America disappear.
The world can move forward, and we will all have better cleaner, healthier lives.


We do nothing because we are a contemptible hoard of Big Mac eating “surrender monkeys”. When the forces of evil in this country succeeded in putting the 9/11lie over on us, they correctly concluded that 50 yrs of imbecilic TEE VEE had rendered the US public utterly unable to think for themselves…to discern fact from bullshit. It is springtime for US fascism. “A person who would trade a measure of liberty, for a measure of security deserves neither.”- Ben Franklin.


Horde, not hoard. See, that’s what TEE VEE does to you.


Derek, I see you are still on the fence with regard to the precisely documented and ever increasing human influence on the earth’s climate. You also cite India and China as the main contributors, and conveintly ignore the disproportionate contributions the US makes to the problem through the excess and irresponsibility of it’s citizens. Pick up a rake or broom, and put down the CO2 emitting leaf blower. There’s plenty of caloric energy in the food we consume to perform yard tasks manually. We might even become thinner, and healthier. We must all change our daily habits and make sacrifices if we are to leave a habitable planet for future generations. A gas tax encourages these actions. No doubt the planet’s 1% and their political lapdogs are irresponsible beyond words, and need to be held to account, but ultimately it is all our responsibility.


There are two honest questions: ¿Do the roads and bridges need fixing? and ¿Will the money from an increased gas tax go to fix them?

There is a state gas tax and a federal gas tax. The state gas tax is usually much better, because (supposedly) the state is closer to knowing what needs to be fixed and can “get more asphalt for the buck”. The federal gas tax too often is a carnival of corruption. It would be better for us if we got rid of it and shifted that tax to the states.
– Pause to note that California’s gas tax is also sunk in waste fraud abuse and corruption.

Such a system never existed. During the Truman/Eisenhower era the high tax rate was usually not paid, off-set by deductions. All the same, it did bite a few people, a very few people. There is a story that someone wanted to make a movie, and sign actor Ron Reagan for it. Reagan refused, because the additional taxes on the money he would earn from it weren’t worth it. (So an opportunity for some lesser actor to take the role. Except that subsequently the movie was never made.)

You all might wish to get familiar with Hauser’s Law. …


French like to riot , protest and strike in general , but it is just sad that tax on diesel pollution is received this way. Diesel is dirty in general haw can you burn cities over 3 euro cost increase per fill up? It is just unreasonable


It is 7c per liter , does not matter who you talk about it is not much, 40 euros on 150 gallon tank.


Hey Derek, the higher temperatures, longer and more frequent droughts, inundation of aerable land due to rising sea levels, lost of glacial fed streams and aquifers for irrigation, and a host of other catastrophic effects of climate change will make farming vastly less productive or impossible. There will be no crop for the farmers to harvest and the truckers to ship. Sacrifices now will insure that these vital disciplines, and everything else will have a future. By the way, I live in the city in a 1300 sq. ft. house built in 1927 on a 150x50 lot. I could have chosen to live in a brand new McMansion on an acre lot in ever expanding suburbia, but I chose to live in a way that uses LESS.


T^he “inequality discussion” in the US has been a fraud for years, limited to the gap between the currently employed, and the very rich.


Actually, a number of countries (including China) have been making progress in reducing their contribution to global warming. Either way, we’re more likely to go out by nuclear war in the foreseeable future.


Like Bill Munny says at the end of “Unforgiven”…
“Deserve ain’t got nuthin to do with it”.


None of you seem to mention the fact that your “democracy” has been completely hijacked by the kleptocracy. To me, this means that most of you probably still believe in the fantasy that somehow, this can be fixed in the voting booth.


Alvaro Sanchez: Please replace the word “riot”, with “protest”. Thank you