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Why Donald Trump Could Be the Next President of the United States


Why Donald Trump Could Be the Next President of the United States

Alan Minsky

This is madness. Fully predictable madness. One archetype of the American experience is now realized. We’ve always had our carnival hucksters and itinerant preachers and snake oil thieves. P.T. Barnum put on a good show. All sought wealth and power.

But never before has one risen so high as Donald J. Trump, with so vast an audience of willing dupes and sleepwalking accomplices—the balance of the liberal establishment included.


Excellent commentary from Alan Minsky.

"On the one hand, the mass media representation of Trump supporters as overwhelmingly semiliterate, white poor and working-class lynch-mob racists (by and large members of Trumps rally's) - one can never overstate the mindlessness of this well-bathed, suburban caste (that occupied the Convention), it is striking to see them endorse a candidate who so frequently expresses contempt for an establishment they so clearly have been born into."

As far as Bernie Sanders present and future, the author is largely silent and evades the corrupt manipulation of Clinton & Co to derail sanders wide appeal and support.

"Bernie Sanders, in contrast, not only exposed America’s class imbalances, he also presented policy proposals to rectify them. Unfortunately but predictably (as it’s too early in this era of newly engaged class struggle for the economic powers-that-be to sign onto Sanders’ radical reforms), it was only the nonsense-spewing narcissist tycoon who was able to eviscerate his party’s establishment"


Not familiar with Alan Minsky, but anyone who cites Michael Steele as a credible source of anything really needs an attitude adjustment. Michael Steele is a fucking moron of the first order.

The awful denouement this country is headed for cannot be talked about without considering both of the despicable candidates. Trump could be president because the Democratic establishment has chosen to shove the god-awful Hillary Clinton down everyone's throat.


Kudos to Minsky for including the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party, as he analyses just how the stage for this fiasco was set up. Trump would be fading to nothing without the venality, stupidity and corruption of the DNC.


Absolutely. My leftist goal for the rest of the cycle is to make sure Hillary LOSES this election. We don't like Trump, but we absolutely HATE her and everything she and Bill and their 1% owners have done for over 20 years to average working people. I regret having voted for Bill twice, and as the song goes "Won't get fooled again!". We can survive four years of a bumbling and ineffective Trump as a holding action. This so the left can finish off the Clinton/DLC faction of the Democratic Party and finally take it over to run a true progressive in 2020. Meantime, show your disgust by coming over to the Greens this year and make Hillary lose by the margin Jill Stein gets! #NeverHillary. Jill Stein 2016!


Minsky quoting Michael Steel doesn't mean he respects his opinion, or "needs an attitude adjustment", he uses Steele's opinion as representative of R'Con mindset and thinking - he was after all at the R'Con convention........


"So as we move on to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, let’s be clear: The great tragedy of the moment is not rooted in the Republican Party’s self-cannibalization. It’s with a Democratic Party that “successfully” suffocated responsible answers to the crises consuming our world. Indeed, as Hillary Clinton’s selection of the milquetoast Tim Kaine as her vice president shows, the Dems have put forward a candidate who embodies an establishment widely recognized as having betrayed the majority of the American public."

This is, indeed, truth and a "great tragedy" as far as the American public is concerned; however, it is exactly what the 1% who embody the Democratic-Republican-Corporate-Media-Military-Establishment wants and, in fact, designed, since their interests will be served with either Clinton or Trump.


It was a stupid comment, born of frustration. Will blame it on the heat and the demoralizing week we've just been through. Been keeping my fingers off the keyboard because I'm in a dark place right now. Peace.


That's an awful lot of extra writing to simply say because the Democrats are handing it to him with their insane nomination of Clinton and their insane right wing stances,


I don't want to see Don as president, any more than he actually wants the job.
But if it happens, this will be the (too late) wake-up call for the millions not paying one iota of attention.


Not to worry - and right back atcha brother! My head is ready to explode at the enormity of it all on an hourly basis.....peace


gd: Wish I could agree with you, but the left in the U.S. is practically non-existent, then and now. The average American (to the extent he/she is paying attention) is not at all inclined left. Sanders is the closest we've come in my lifetime, and we blew it.


Ralph Nader wrote that "Only the Super-rich Can Save Us". Knowing that money is the root of all evil, was he being sarcastic, pragmatic, what?


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Living in Key West for nearly a decade and still feeling Tennessee Williams' (he was a resident there) spirit in the air, I must say, I love the phrasing here:

"Not only does Trump parade his well-rehearsed and terrifyingly attractive family at every opportunity, we cannot forget that Trump’s business empire is not publicly traded. It’s a top-down, family-owned fiefdom with The Donald as king. And like any pre-fallen Macbeth or Tennessee Williams’ patriarchal phantasm, the lord of these garish manors is erratic, contradictory and teetering toward a destructive madness—even as the ghosts of his earlier exploits remain well hidden ..."


Wow, Mr. Minsky... your allusions are masterfully constructed and pack quite a cognitive punch:

"While it’s true that the mainstream media burps up undigested objections to the Trump phenomenon, their utter lack of depth provides The Donald sanctuary in their preferred infotainment narrative: Trump as The Star on another reality show. And herein may lie one source of Trump’s success. On balance, reality shows reveal a tawdry world of desperate Americans willing always to walk over each other, stabbing any semblance of solidarity in the back."

George Lakoff should read YOU. What a depth of nuance! The deep sea diver's realm applied to words... snorkeling past the exotic surreal images.

Would it surprise you to know (should you, as some other writers tend to do) stop into these threads, that this IS the end of the Age of the Two Fish... destined to swim in opposing directions.

Soaking up the daily analysis of the craziness called news in our world, I've come to the conclusion that either those two opposed fish--which can work as natural complements and counterbalances--come into a new Divine Phase of reconciliation, or the whole Biological Show splits apart... lethal black-hole style. And that's too many years of biological research--in the form of APPLIED trial and error--for any supposedly sentient species to cast off, nonchalantly.

The real archetype of the "American Experience," is Mars, my friend. And remember that as the consummate warrior that he is (with centuries of practice "in the field" of war), he knows how to pretend to be crazy as a fox. M.A.D. has many levels of application (including tactical ones). The madness that defines all aspects of this election might well serve as ONE of them.

This one... you hit OUT of the ballpark! So incisive!

"So as we move on to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, let’s be clear: The great tragedy of the moment is not rooted in the Republican Party’s self-cannibalization. It’s with a Democratic Party that “successfully” suffocated responsible answers to the crises consuming our world."


I think you're trying too hard to discredit this guy. That's a daily SPORT here... by those who evidently are not employed, themselves.

In any case, Mr. Minsky has leveraged such an indictment of the election charade as to deserve a trophy or applause. I think his critique is so sophisticated that your ear wasn't tuned to hearing it. You dismissed him on very shaky grounds.

He's not silent on Sanders. He's exposing the mechanics that made Sanders virtually invisible.


Poor Trump seems to have been trying as hard as he could to throw the election to Clinton. But as much as people may dislike Trump, they hate and fear Clinton more.


What makes Trump possible certainly INCLUDES the wholesale betrayal of today's DLC sponsored Dems to their constituents needs, values, and interests.

However, ALL of the following are also part of the calculus:

  1. Those churches that push a very muscular form of "Christianity," one that is at the forefront in cheers FOR war. And apparently, they've turned the war on nature (which is what so much of today's business is all about) into, get this, Biblical Capitalism. So there's a HUGE Christian "culture" that's been taught to see the Strong Man as the Godly Man. And serious political analysts need to take the power of this mythology into their analyses.

  2. Economics: There are inescapable historical precedents that make obvious the relationship between financial DOWN times (for laborers and much of the working class) and the seductive allure of a readily identifiable scapegoat. Heck, the M.O worked for Hitler. Why not recycle it? In other words, the financial strait jacket worn by many is not the result of the DLC alone. No one should forget to mention just how strategically rooted are the pro-business think tanks, lobbying firms, and other Influencers and that it's Right Wing Republicans like the Koch Brothers, Pete Peterson, ALEC, etc. that played significant roles in engineering the Inverted Economy that, against gravity, sends ALL profit to the top of the pyramid.

Or, in layman's terms: The proof was published in Piketty's Pudding: that 98% of all wealth "created" in the past decade went to those at the extreme top of the Shock Doctrine pyramid, and that currently, less than 200 modern "royal" families own more than do half of the world's population.

So there's the religious beat, the financial/economic beat, and don't forget the cultural beat... or what people take to be true, because TRENDS confirm it.

That's media. And with owners like Rupert Murdoch, a Conservative, bending the minds of upwards of 40 million viewers (that same White Christian demographic feeling reinforced by the "truthiness" of Fox news) who has done MUCH to chum the waters (collective unconscious) for a man who's half clown and half machismo.

No. This is not just about the Dems or the DLC.

I just read your comment again... if you're talking about the way the DLC kept Sanders--the People's Candidate--out of the ring to in his place institute Ms. Establishment (War/Banks/Monsanto/Wal-mart/Big Pharma), and THAT led to Trump.... I'd offer a resounding YES.

(I interpreted your comment from the more rhetorical level of the question.)


It's funny....

When someone looks in a mirror they may see what others do not see.

I think Mr. Minsky's depictions are smack/bang-on. And in case you missed it, he's suggesting that instead of figures straight out of Deliverance (the film) showing up, lots of clean cut families were applauding Trump at the Repub. convention. In other words, the audience didn't fit the stereotype.