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Why Don't People Call You a Genius? You Don't Have a Billion Dollars

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/13/why-dont-people-call-you-genius-you-dont-have-billion-dollars

Wealth accumulation is a reflection of greed and ego-centrism and unearned privilege, not intelligence.


Out of the seven organizations I have been in, I have been called a genius in four.
I have been let go within six months after being given that name from three, and I left the fourth on my own accord within weeks.

Once lay off happened during the 2008 crash.
The other two, the reasons given were the contrary to what the company was doing performance wise.

My I.Q. was once described as “the first rung of the genius ladder.” Yet I vowed decades ago to die poor. I just wanted enough money to pay bills and live the way I prefer, so I give my extra money to animal rescue organizations and other types of groups I support. Billionaires are ruthless opportunists who will step on anyone or anything to get what they want, which is just more money and power. I can’t wait to hear what ridiculous excuses they’ll be telling God when they are finally judged.