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'Why Educate the Public When You Can Give Billionaires Tax Cuts': Trump Budget Would Cut All Federal Funding for Media, Arts, Libraries, Museums

'Why Educate the Public When You Can Give Billionaires Tax Cuts': Trump Budget Would Cut All Federal Funding for Media, Arts, Libraries, Museums

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Despite new research showing that the arts contribute over $760 billion to the American economy each year—in addition to their many non-economic societal benefits—President Donald Trump's budget proposal calls for eliminating all federal funding for the arts, museums, humanities, public television and radios, and libraries.

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“President Donald Trump’s budget proposal calls for eliminating all federal funding for the arts, museums, humanities, public television and radios, and libraries.”

His base, being very base, has no need of culture. In fact, it abhors anything positing (OK, they’ll need another word) as being useful to culture, which the members believe to be anathema (damn, they’ll have to look that up, too) to their most excellent way of life: ignorance über alles. By vanquishing (did it again) all things that could be tied to the Left, he is simply feeding some red meat to his base through such vindictive cuts.


Yes. Knowledge is power.


You forgot “ignorance uber alles”. That will really confound them.


What is that line? A great nation deserves great art? Is that correct? Well, look around you, do you detect any?

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The shock and awe continuing ceaselessly irrespective of who occupies the WH. The monster that is the Department of Offense must be fed, our national export is arms and wars of aggression.

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They might just surprise us and channel Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove.

Typical response from a vulgar repulsive heartless leader and his cronies.

That said by a retired teacher, librarian and lifelong artist. I have personally experienced how much real culture matters especially but not only to children. It is the only tide holding back the bleak picture that the small minded and heartless love to create and maintain.


The White House can propose a budget. So can i. The Constitution gives the budget power to Congress, which can and should look at any White House proposal as interesting input.

The Congress has long since failed to assert its Constitutional prerogative, on so many fronts ceding the stage to the Executive. A White House budget proposal should not be huge news.

Congress will of course still have to draft and pass its own legal budget proposal, for the President’s approval or veto. The Constitutional process still obtains. But public awareness of this process, and Congressional assertion of its primacy, have dwindled. Media are part of the problem, as headlines mislead and reporters typically do not bother to explain the Constitutional processes, or what stage we are at in these processes, with any legislation.

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There are those walls of vacant buildings and boxcars. pop art.

When the rich were given a 1-2 trillion dollar gift of our tax money when THE PEOPLE and THE COUNTRY needed sooo much, I figured that was another bridge too far, and again exposes the disease that lives in this country.

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Norway pays for many of its programs via Royalties they collect on Natural resources . In places like Canada and the USA those sam Royalties are very much lower so as to ensure more flows into the pockets of the one percent.

Alberta historically has pumped out far more Oil than has Norway and has about the same population. Both jurisdictions created a “Sovereign wealth fund” with Albertas predating that in Norway by about 15 years.

After all of those years Norway has well over a trillion dollars in their fund.
Alberta has about 25 billion.

Norway uses its fund to diversify the economy and encourage other sectors to thrive including Green technologies,

Alberta uses its fund to make up shortfalls in the Budget after it introduces another “tax break” for the Oil industry to “encourage job creation”.


like ronny raygun on steroids … and we have the corporate democrats to blame
first they cheat sanders out of the nomination
second their nominee is so disliked that they lose to the worst and weakest gop candidate ever
Thanks DNC!


Every American must know this action being taken to shut down investigation into our Military’s war crimes. Just released. Please watch.

We are no longer a nation of laws.

We are a nation run by animals.


Heck, lousy so-called businessman, s-hole president and now he can’t even make it as a dictator. In times past “the arts” were government funded and supported propaganda. Look at the ancient arts showing the “great” emperors and kings and pharaohs and great victories slaughtering other lands and taking slaves. Look at the “tractor ballets” of Stalin. Again and again the “arts” have thrived as an arm of the state.
Well, just like his many bankruptcies, he will now cut off one of his could-a-been-TheDonald arms.
He can’t even come up with that much crooked, corrupt, twisted imagination.

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It is a disease, a cancer. A few months ago I watched a show about the art on commuter trains, real true art with a message, a story. Sadly it was being removed just as fast as it could be painted :-((((((

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You would be better off as a nation were it run by the animals. It in fact the people that have made a mess of it.


“Clifford the Big Red Dog” is a socialist tract. That’s why he’s red! Burn those books! Burn the whole library!

Anything so utterly stupid as cutting off funding for libraries brings out the sarcasm.

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It’s a disease:


I could only watch the first 2 minutes. It made me so sick.

Why should the public be allowed to educate itself?

That is a more enlightened question that leads somewhere.