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'Why Elect Progressives? THIS': Shredding of Social Safety Net Blamed as Bankruptcies Soar for Older Americans


'Why Elect Progressives? THIS': Shredding of Social Safety Net Blamed as Bankruptcies Soar for Older Americans

Julia Conley, staff writer

A study of rising bankruptcy rates among older Americans places blame squarely at the feet of a hollowed-out safety net and policy changes that have left people without adequate retirement savings, paying huge out-of-pocket medical expenses, and seeing their funds dwindle due to the student loan crisis that many people mistakenly believe affects only younger generations.


Only in America where they come in the night to repo your dentures.


And when did the corporate raiders start going after retirement funds and 401 & 501K accounts for “speculative”(sic) purposes? Anyone connected with the travesties of the past 50 years should be required to serve time.

That retirement fund investment firms were allowed to invest in anything other than bonds to strengthen infrastructure absolutely blows my mind. But then again, the greed machine was pumping like mad.

This is social demographic that might very well be decently served by a highly specified block chain structure.


This is the reality in the dog eat dog world of Capitalism.

No matter the age of the Citizen , or that persons health or Social standing , as long as that person has a source of income “Entrepenuers” will develop lines of business to make sure that income is funneled into their own pockets. When that income goes to a different entity and out of the pockets of persons who can not replace that income in some other manner , then these Bankruptcies are inevitable.

This one reason a proposed Guaranteed Income needs to be considered carefully. If this system implemented all manner of businesses existing and new , will be set up so as to ensure that money ends up in their pockets.

The Profit motive is not compatible with a population that is vulnerable due to ill health or finite income because the profit motive will always put Profits above that persons well being.


Lots of elderly will still vote against their best interests for the most jingoist, religionist, racist corporate party. They would rather starve wrapped in the flag than live as a “liberal”.


I’m 67 and have to beg for a medicare assignment cost only or a hardship case break when I see the doc. There are those that understand how demeaning this can be. What is amazing is the shock on a doc’s face, it is an insult to their greed. What a shit-hole country. Vote progressive or die!


The government has become a conduit that siphon’s tax money into the pockets of a small cabal who can position themselves as providers.

They provide crumbs, they simply take entire truckloads.
Both parties love this gravy train.
The war machine is just one track .


The Trump voters in my family and the Trump voters in my wife’s family have all declared bankruptcy at least once prior to age 60. Now that they are over 60 they will likely do it again because it has been a successful financial strategy for them. Their bankruptcies were not driven by any crisis or medical emergency…just a lot of poor choices and there is no evidence that they learned anything from those poor choices…they just keep on making them.

Conversely, none of the family members who vote for Democrats or third party candidates have ever declared bankruptcy.


The article is clear and concise. Even so, progressive has become a devalued word word similar to natural.

Democratic socialist sounds interesting yet that organization is like Bernie Sanders’ electoral revolution; committed to reforming the democratic party by electing progressives.

Reality is Nature growing sick and unable to supply capitalists with a free lunch. There is need for a big step away from doom now. Sure, vote for a progressive if you can.

Otherwise, twist the arms of your nonvoting friends, escort them to register as un enrolled non partisan. Ask them to write in None of the Above if they don’t have a no corporate cash progressive or an independent green socialist on their ballot.


Yep, just as we have witnessed green washing, we are witnessing p… washing.


I’m an old fart and it is crazy how many affected old farts, as detailed in this story, are super Trump supporters. Repubs (but also corporate Dems) have done us no favors ever since Reagan was elected, but Trump has accelerated this process that has absolutely hurt older Americans. It is well past time that seniors who continue to support him and his do some soul searching, get real, and seriously dump them.

Trump, McConnell, Ryan and the others (including corporate Dems) are literally killing us early.


“Killing us early” indeed !

The average age at which Murkins retire reached its low point in 1993 and has been increasing ever since.
Murkin life expectancy started declining in 2008 and continues to decline.


I’ll defend my dentures tooth and nail…


Keeping a denture eye out?


I thought that the law changed and one cannot do that any longer.


The “Game Afoot” has been the distracting of the US public with “bread and circuses”.
“Necessary Illusions”
Both corporate political parties are to blame…but they wouldn’t have gotten away with all that they have without the “…consent of the governed”. The illusion that government is always the enemy; the illusion that the “American Way of Life” is the only way to go; The idea of “American Exceptionalism”; A system of governing legislators that must follow a particular “pecking” order in order to remain within the consent of the seniority; the lack of historical memory of how the “middle class” was built through bloody struggle along with all the other civil rights we attempt to enjoy.
We are a quasi-fascist oligarchy. Period.
There will be no great change until there is a revolt by the enlightened minds in the US against that quasi-fascist oligarchy and the outright racism we practice almost like in the days of South Africa.
We need a, “Truth Commission”.
Nothing else will work.
But, then we will no longer be “King of the Hill” money wise, or will we “enjoy” the continued attempt at “Full Spectrum Dominance” of the world.
We are screwed by our own selves.
We have forgotten how to fight.
We are political wimps.
We are social cowards.


What happens when one party plays hardball

And the other serves up hanging sliders


Under capitalism a person has worth only when he has some assets that can be taken away. As soon as he has no possessions, he has no value. If we are to survive, capitalism must die.


The issue isn’t why to vote for progressives but where to find progressives. The Democratic leadership actively works against progressives in that party, and the Republicans have none.

The answer can only be a third party.


The system keeps getting more rigged against third party candidates.

CA, WA, and a few other allegedly progressive states now have “top two primaries” that prevent third parties from running in general elections, except for the POTUS ticket. I am surprised that the DC politicians have not yet turned the POTUS primary into a “top two” format.