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Why Environmental Justice Needs to Be on the Docket in the Presidential Debates

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/26/why-environmental-justice-needs-be-docket-presidential-debates


From the day the EPA was established a half century ago billions of dollars have poured into propaganda and legislation to fight stewardship of the environment.

Being in college during that era, there were classes and clubs that addressed issues like zero population growth (ZPG), appropriate technology and other environmental stewardship issues. By the time Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 you were considered a heretic if you brought up subjects like ZPG, appropriate technology and the like.


Relieved to see the Pebble Mine making MSM headlines----in a GOOD way!


Executives caught bragging of cozy government relationships as they sought approvals for controversial Alaskan gold mine

BRAVO a million times to the EIA investigators!!!

The Pebble Tapes are a series of recorded conversations between EIA investigators and the Chief Executive Officers of Pebble Limited Partnership and Northern Dynasty Minerals, the companies behind the contested Pebble Mine project in Alaska.

The the tapes are organized by topic and edited for brevity within each topic. Where the investigators’ voices can be heard, they have been re-recorded verbatim by an actor.

Topics discussed between EIA investigators and Pebble on a number of other topics including: the Alaska Governor, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Northern Corridor, Alaska senators, Alaska politics, corporate structure, water treatment, Trump Administration and EPA veto.



Thanks for the link - every documentation counts!
Incredible example of the methods of sociopaths - the system’s “well worn path”.

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You are very welcome and I agree that every documentation helps.

I’ve been following the threat to Bristol Bay from the proposed Pebble Mine for years ( around 2013) after finding the album Bristol Bay by Si Kahn and Jens Kruger (I host a community radio music program).

The threat took a very bizarre turn recently when DJ trump Jr. voiced his opposition to the mine (for purely selfish reasons of course).
And —of all people----Tucker Carlson opposes it too (supposedly). He said:

“Suddenly,” Carlson said, “you are seeing a number of Republicans, including some prominent ones, including some very conservative Republicans, saying, ‘Hold on a moment — maybe Pebble mine is not a good idea. Maybe you should do whatever you can not to despoil nature. Maybe not all environmentalism is about climate.’”

Tucker Carlson cares about not “despoiling nature”??? That statement is crazy making beyond belief.

Ok . . . full stop . . . . I better not ruin whatever lingering positive feelings I have about EIA’s work by allowing thoughts of Tucker Carlson to enter my mind today!

The piece of news re the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA)’s work to protect Bristol Bay was an uplifting read in these very dark times. Glad you found it helpful too!


I wonder if you’ve ever heard of my favorite astrologer (some are astonished Aleph even has a “favorite astrologer,” but I mean it sincerely): KPFA’s incomparable Caroline Casey, who hosts our local Visionary Activist show? The other Caroline’s website claims, quite truthfully:

Each week in innumerable venues, Caroline animates the astro/mytho/politico guiding meta-narrative. How we can perceive the mythic themes at work in what passes for “news,” that we may be ever more effective players on the Team of Creation, and skookum for the Wild Ride of now.


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The EPA has been basically emasculated and cast aside. Most of the clean air and water laws have been vacated or ignored by Trump’s flunkies. Its now OK to spew Mercury into our air. Fluorocarbons, another carcinogen, is now OK in our drinking water. The list goes on. 50 plus years of progress in improving the environment of the US and planet Earth are gone. Going back to the good ole days of Acid Rain, Super Fund Sites, burning rivers, erosion acceleration, and all so very, very rich people can get even richer, while the rest of us face the consequences. Many rich people are a pathogen on the Earth it seems. We have no other planet to run to, so eventually even the rich will feel the pain. Hopefully very, very soon.


Yes indeed. The energy companies ruled and changed the education curricula to where ZPG, global warming, toxic pollution. CO2 from burning gas were eschewed. Coal, and oil were considered essential. They quit teaching–as far as I can tell, grad 1972–the essentials to curb our use on fuels. When Reagan tore down the solar panels from Carter’s White House the slaughter we see today was set in stone. Conservation went out the window and hippies joined the establishment for their bourgeois niceties. And here we are on the brink of extinction. Most folks don’t have a clue of what’s coming. The Road Warrior type of landscape will be a good outcome at best. Or extinction. I doubt if any action today can do anything but lessen our overall impact. Shutting down the 450+ nuclear reactors and stop having children would actually help the future of Earth.


It’s true enough that it should be a topic, I suppose, though no one actually allowed in the debate can have anything to say about it beyond pure invention.