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Why Every Democrat In Congress Should Support Bernie Sanders’ $15 Minimum Wage Bill

Why Every Democrat In Congress Should Support Bernie Sanders’ $15 Minimum Wage Bill

Marc Daalder

Brittany Williamson is 24 and lives in Detroit, the poorest big city in the United States. Over the past three years, she has worked two—and sometimes three—jobs just to make ends meet, shuffling between Detroit-area McDonald’s franchises.


If some businesses cannot survive this $15 per hour Minimum Wage Bill, so be it.

Others, will step in and take up the void.

yup, nature abhors a vacuum

unlike the implicit direction of a ‘windfall’ its more like wage-nado sucking upward when the REAL VALUE of labor is not recognized. One need only look askance at bozo bezos…


If businesses do not care about their workers then they should not be in business to begin with- if they whine about it like WalMart did- and their CEOs make hundred of times what the workers make- then they have failed.

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The elites do not value workers at all which is why they favor automation.

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Another of Mr. Saunders’ ideas that needs consideration is the idea that corporations have to pay the full cost of any government benefits that its employees receive that are based on substandard income. That would include low rent housing, Medicaid, food stamps, WIC, free school lunches and all the rest. It would be cheaper in many cases for the corporations to raise wages and it would take the burden off other taxpayers and put it on those responsible for the problem.

Increasing the pittance that the average person gets only insures that the leeches, the rentier class gets to succeed in syphoning off more and more of the real economy’s money.

$15 an hour would be great as long as we also have universal healthcare, free education for everyone who asks, no real estate speculation/affordable housing, etc.

Walmart and places like them know that there is little if any infrastructure to provide your under skilled meat sack with transportation. We provide vehicle, insurance, suitable clothing, childcare, and everything else that any CEO knows full well about yet sleeps well with a full belly at night. I don’t think the Trump’s of the world have a second thought about any of the faces that work for them while they are out on their sunny golf outings having their $15.00 beers.