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Why Everyone in the U.S. Who Counts Wants Julian Assange Dead


Why Everyone in the U.S. Who Counts Wants Julian Assange Dead

Thomas Neuburger

Below is a full video version of Collateral Murder, the 2007 war footage that was leaked in 2010 to Wikileaks by Chelsea (then Bradley) Manning. This version was posted to the Wikileaks YouTube channel with subtitles. It will only take about 15 minutes of your life to view it.


Too true, and it’s right out of Orwell. The brave individuals, the moral individuals, Assange and Manning, are in prison and enemies of the state.

The US government is a terrorist government, plain and simple, as it harasses and threatens Venezuela and Iran.


The establishment Democrat Party also wants him dead for the showing the DNC collusion to coronation of Hillary Clinton :

The establishment Democrats were also not pleased by WikiLeaks showing Obama/Clinton’s support for the military overthrow of the democratically elected government in Honduras:



As bombardiers from WWII explained, the detachment of the cause from the effect afforded by technology was a dreadful development in the prosecution of war. Of course the real existential threat to war is the (extremely remote) possibility of the populace to awaken and realize that fiat war imposed by chickenhawks–elected and otherwise–is the ultimate plague on humanity and has been with it since time immemorial.


I know a lot of people rly on Wikipedia for information. If you look at the entry for the Honduran Coup it would have you believe that the US Government was opposed to the Coup in the Honduras.

Wikileaks on the other hand gives evidence this not the case.

Search engines will direct people to Wikipedia for information on this.

There are a whole lot of groups trying to ensure that what the Public accepts as fact is the version that the State wants them to accept as fact. Any that work to counter this becomes the enemy of the State. It about as Fascist as one can get.


He tried to tear the mask of the system, experimenting with his life. The openly criminal ways in which he has been treated by many governments of the world, and the deaf silence with which he has been treated by most civil society, including media and academia, reinforce our understanding of what’s behind the mask. His, is one of the most important cases of this century in my 5c.


Not quite everyone:

Gabbard Says She’d Drop All Charges Against Assange And Snowden – May 14, 2019 - Caitlin Johnstone - Medium (via ZeroHedge)

In the above article, the link to the May 13, 2019, 2 hour, 35 minute, Joe Rogan interview of Tulsi Gabbard is broken; so, here’s the link to that interview:

Joe Rogan Experience #1295 - Tulsi Gabbard – May 13, 2019 - Joe Rogan - YouTube

This interview has almost hit a million hits, in just two days!


Why I am impressed with this Woman is that she is taking principled stances on very difficult issues and ones the other Candidates will not go near or will waffle on and she is sticking to her guns no matter how much the media savages her as someones puppet.


Did you note that the Joe Rogan interview has almost 1 million hits in the past two days? It’ll hit the 1 million mark within the next hour or so; and, the comments are practically all positive. (-:

ooops! Already noted the hits above, didn’t I…oh, well. Guess this must have really raised my spirits today. (-:


To post a rumor about what Hillary Clinton said regarding targeting Assange, with no verification, is the height of journalistic irresponsibility! Shame on you. There is nt need for such divisiveness. It makes me question every thing you put forward as “fact.”


I suspect most of those commenting on the interview as Americans. 1 million views in only a few hours means this really has traction across a significant section of the US population. That virtually everyone supports MS Gabbard shows there a significant awakening to the issue.


America has killed millions of innocents since WW2. Overthrown numerous democracies, exported trillions in killing equipment, locked up millions of their own people and supported billionaires while 30,000 kids die from preventable causes, every DAY.
What a fucked up country!!


I’ve often wondered why the supposed 'decent" population of America supports the troops. The troops are the worst murdering bastards in the World and this video is only one tiny exposure of what happens day after day, year after year! America is headed for Hell and its downward spiral is gathering speed!


“Irresponsible”? Maybe. Based on what we already know of Ms. Clinton’s character, maybe not!


Court jesters often got away with pointing out the obvious to kings, when no else in the realm could say anything. The various media are complicit in what Assange exposed, as is the military and the ostensibly civilian Government.


I saw “American Sniper” with some friends; they were largely unaware of the nature of what Chris Kyle had gone through, and what he was accused of doing.(War crimes). Bradley Cooper could pull off the movie role, but people really didn’t have the whole picture of Chris Kyle. No one wants to consider what those “brave warriors” are actually being sent to do.


Hi Callmeskeptical: I saw that interview and it was wonderful. It’s so refreshing to see Tulsi and a few others speak about the reality that we live in. Frequently, per the major news media, they tell such sad lies. There are actually more “shit hole” governments in the world than , “shit hole” countries , I think.
Since the Donald has fulfilled nothing, except made the People and the World worse off, I am hopeful that Tulsi, Bernie and Elizabeth will focus the people back as to what is important for the FUTURE for all of us. Sadly, it seems that much of government is filled by posturing people —so that they can list all the places they’ve been, like a Dr. Suess story instead of discussing what actual plans they have to improve things.

Julian Assange, YOU are what the world needs—it seems like after nations have been around for a while, they turn into thieves instead of leaders. When America is shown to have lied and covered up so many things-----other nations won’t trust us, and neither do many of the People of America . Julian Assange is America’s last chance to be an honest broker of ideas and treaties—remember America, Ozymandias stands in the desert sands from long ago and nobody remembers who or what he was----I live here in America now , and its hard for me to know what America stands for either. : (

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Hi gryp : I know how you feel , that’s the way I feel about the Hillary. However, it’s hard for major big media to verify much.—when OMtG hey fell for the WMD thing. Boy that sure wasn’t the NY Times of Watergate was it.
Of course, sometimes a person’s history really tells it all. We can see that Trump is a thief, and so was his father, and apparently so are his kids. But you know, when the Hillary said, " we came , we saw, he died." I think that she wrote her own future obit… because what we learned was that the Hillary came and saw but SHE LIED." The deplorables have a hard time with her… I guess I must be a deplorable , but a happy one: )


It appears to me that Wikipedia has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Global Megacorp. Before I retired three years ago, most articles in my discipline–the pseudo-science of economics–seemed to have been written and defended by purveyors of the worst aspects of the conventional wisdom. I haven’t viewed them much in the past three years, but I doubt that it is much different today.

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Interesting–didn’t know that.