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Why 'Fact-Checking' Gives Liars a Free Pass


HI Monckton: Yes, thank you for answering me, but the last time America came this close to imploding itself was during the Gilded Age-----although. by your explanation, there are trashy people in many levels of society----but usually they seem to be exempted from this definition.
I see the Clintons as being trashy under your more explained definition. : ) But still so many people are valued by their social station, or bank account in America. Even before it was America, Tom Paine ended up being treated poorly by many, even after all the wonderful work he did, because without his writing maybe we would all be speaking with English accents. : ) ----But then, as I read, of his life he started out by being a tax collector in Lewes in England-------so I think that job totally opened his eyes to what humanity needed. : )


I don’t like to demonize or generalize either, but there is a kernel of truth there.
There have been studies about liberals and conservatives. Conservatives like to be led and they are far more easily scared than liberals. And the red states are the worst in every standard of quality of life. They have this bad tendency to vote based on fear of others than on their own economic well being.
Tell them that gays, liberals, illegal immigrants are coming after them and they will vote against anything that helps them. It’s why trump won, he demonized the others and scared those people into voting for a con man.
And his policies are hurting them. But the fear of all those others trying to hurt them blinds them.
It isn’t stupidity, but it certainly is a blindness to reality. One capitalized by the right since I was young and that is a long time. I remember McCarthy and his fear mongering. I remember the hate and fear of gays back in the 50s’. Oh how one was supposed to hate the blacks and hispanics. And on the right none of that has changed at all.
Have they been used? Of course. But they have been willingly to be used. They allowed their hate of others to be used against them.
I was taught to hate by the government, by the church, by my family. And when I realized what had happened to me, I changed. And when I confronted my parents, they refused. They were not going to give up their hate. They knew it was wrong, but those people had to be hated, the truth did not set them free.
And they are just a sample how how people hate and try to pass it down and refuse to ever think about changing.
So yes the policy has been to keep people down. But there are too many people willing to be kept down because of the fear and hate of others. And I have a lot of trouble feeling sympathy for them. At some point in life hating becomes a choice.
At some point you have to think for yourself and not believe the lies you have been told. I made that decision when I was 19. I know people who are as old as I am not that don’t think for themselves. If you haven’t learn by then, you never will. And if you haven’t learn by then, just how smart are you? Unless you let fear rule your life. And then you are making the choice not to learn.


Hm…It’s not that Atcheson is wrong about the press; but, imo, his analysis leaves out ways the press - like politicians - are passive and reflective. A strong progressive social movement would shape policy and media discourse - what Atcheson describes is what U.S. news looks like in the absence of such a movement.