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Why Far-Right Paramilitaries Are Not Just 'Vigilantes'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/10/04/why-far-right-paramilitaries-are-not-just-vigilantes


Far right “paramilitaries” are TERRORIST groups, no different from ISIS and Al Qaeda and should be treated as such.


ISIS and Al Qaeda are only tacitly sanctioned by the GOP, primarily to keep the GOP boogeyman list topped off. Far-right paramilitaries are endorsed, enabled and directly supported by the GOP.


If you want to see how all of this works, read studies about Germany in the 1930’s and '40’s. For comparison, look out the window. For a cure, read the Declaration of Independence, and act on it.


I agree that “paramilitaries” is a good description for these thugs. The word definitely sends a shiver down my spine. But I wonder how many Americans would see the parallel with the paramilitaries in Columbia, or the Nazi brownshirts?

How about calling them “gangs”? With this moniker it might be hard for police – who seem reluctant to get tough with them as they get tough with peaceful BLM protesters – not to crack down. Do they want a headline like “Police stand aside while right-wing gangs run amok”?


From article:
"In the upcoming election, we need to be “vigilant” not so much against unorganized “vigilantes,” but against organized domestic terrorists who could intimidate voters before, on, or after Election Day."

I and others I know around trump land where I live are already intimidated by these full throttle, turbo charged terrorists. This is the first year in my life that I have not put up political signs. My reasons are valid and based on facts.

“Voting by mail is not only good protection against the virus of COVID-19, but against the virus of fascist violence.”

There has been back and forth about this over the past few weeks. One CD’s piece recently urged people to vote early in person and I was leaning in that direction.

But now, covid has reached a crisis level where I live and I have voted by mail.

Think about how fast this has happened. Yes, we have discussed authoritarianism arising as an inevitability based on the sick u.s. oligarchic system----- but 4 years ago I put up signs and felt safe doing so.

4 years ago trump intimidation caravans (boats, trucks, ATV’s) were not a thing around my neighborhood and in nearby cities-----this has reached a whole new level.
We must do whatever we can to stop it from expanding.


So where is Rittenhouse now? In jail? on counts of murder?

The Feds executed the lefty to murder a Portland Proud Boy or some right wing guy. He was not brought in for trial. He was murdered by Feds???

What is wrong with this picture? Yeap the republicons are for white national white supremacists, proud boys, patriot prayer people all on the terrorists watch.


I feel for you, we here in Oregon have voting drop boxes around the state or at least in Portland. I would never consider mailing as I am lucky to have drop boxes but mail early, check often (check my vote at least in this state) we can track.

We do need a national voting procedures for all states and counties to follow as mentioned in another article… much of the world is so divided but I believe US of A is the most divided. Of course we don’t get a lot of world new real news.


Police basically ARE far right wing gangs with badges. The anti-fascists(antifas) are singled out as the agitators whereas they mostly are there to keep the peaceful anti-whatever-the-cause from being stomped by the fascist groups which include cops in many cases. The FASCISTS are the real enemy.


I warned about this coming a long time ago, though it now seems to have been deleted by CD.
Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Brownshirts Dressed in Blue?
I wrote the article below on 2 September 2004 after the police corralled hundreds of people and held them on a rat infested pier until the RNC was over. We have continued to deteriorate to the point that we now have candidate’s thugs beating up any opposition. And the right is praising them! I see little difference between being Bushwhacked in 2004 and living in the Obamanation today, except that the wars and torture and giveaways to the rich are even wider, more brutal, and more blatant.

Brownshirts Dressed in Blue?
Steve Osborn

I have observed the Republican fascist takeover of our government with great trepidation, as I am a student of history. The parallels with the Germany of the 30’s are frightening. The Weimar Republic was under attack and the economy was failing. They could have balanced the budget, but chose not (or were not allowed) to tax the wealthy Junkers, the owners of most of the agriculture and heavy industry of Germany. Instead, the burden fell on the middle classes.

Hitler had written his plan for Germany and the World in Mein Kampf and there was little of freedom in it. The Nazis had a small minority in the Reichstag, but there was a large organization of thugs known as the SA, or Brownshirts. These stormtroopers protected Hitler’s rallies by driving off or beating up on the opposition. They destroyed polling booths and drove off opposition party voters at the polls, stole ballot boxes, and generally brutalized any opposition. Hitler made a pact with the army Officer Corps and the Junkers, that the army would be rebuilt and supplied. They would be given free rein. The Junkers would not be taxed or their profits reduced by the Nazi government. They poured huge amounts into the Nazi coffers, which was used to fuel a propaganda machine unmatched until today.

The Nazis finally won and took power. Hitler quickly suborned the Reichstag into a rubber stamp congress for his programs. He used a phony terrorist act (The SS set fire to the Riechstag Building and blamed it on the communists) to clamp down on the people, for their own security of course.

“Restrictions on personal liberty, on the right of freedom of expression of opinion, including freedom of the press; on the rights of assembly and association; and violations of the privacy of postal, telegraphic and telephonic communications; and warrants for house searches, orders for confiscations as well as restrictions on property, are also permitted beyond the legal limit otherwise prescribed.”

No, that is not a quote from the PATRIOT ACT, it is taken from a decree “for the Protection of the People and the State” (AKA the Enabling Acts) issued on 28 February 1933, the day after the Reichstag fire, suspending the seven sections of the Weimar constitution which guaranteed individual and civil liberties. It was described as a “defensive measure against Communist acts of violence endangering the state.”

Once the Nazis had consolidated their power, newspapers or radio stations expressing opposition were either shut down, or the Brownshirts destroyed their presses and offices. As the newspapers were suppressed, they were “bought” by Nazi propagandists. Soon, all that one heard or read in Germany was the Nazi’s “fair and balanced” viewpoint. Soon, it was death or a concentration camp for those who disagreed or even listened to another viewpoint. Labor unions quickly came under fire and were abolished. The various churches who tried to protest were silenced or outlawed. Pensions were erased and labor laws were abolished. New ones were substituted which left the workers with no right but to do what they were told. Then came the book burnings and an attempt to erase anything that did not agree with the Nazi view of the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I do not equate Bush with Hitler. Bush doesn’t have Hitler’s charisma, nor is he anywhere close to as intelligent. I am just trying to point out that the United States is poised on a slippery slope and the lesson is there to be read in fairly recent history.

In both Italy and Germany, the government and big business were closely tied and business had the right to unlimited profit. The government passed laws against organized labor and repealed any laws that guaranteed worker’s rights. Pensions were repealed and the funds returned to business and government to use as they wished. Both governments invented foreign enemies that “threatened their existence.” The people were expected to approve any measure that protected them from those enemies. People who protested these policies were automatically classified as traitors or enemy agents. They were tried, often in secret tribunals, and executed, or just disappeared, often to a concentration camp. Ethnic groups were singled out as scapegoats and persecuted, often winding up in concentration camps. The above description is only a thumbnail sketch of what happened, but one can get the idea.

The result in each case was a nation whose citizens were bombarded with only one point of view until they came to believe it, who marched lock step with their leader right into the abyss, dragging millions of innocents along with them. In four years, we have gone from a respected nation that worked with the world to try to make it a better place, to a nation hated and despised for being a bully, a liar, a killer, a torturer and a gross polluter, raping the environment for private profit and greed.

I would like the United States to be remembered as something better; as a nation of law and empathy and respect; as a nation with a marvelous Constitution and Bill of Rights that is a model for any emerging nation. Watching the actions of the NYPD suppressing the people exercising their First Amendment rights, while the major “fair and balanced” media ignored it, made me realize how fragile these freedoms and that Constitution have become under the Cheney/Bush regime. These latter day Brownshirts are rapidly gaining power. We the People are rapidly running out of options and we had better exercise them at the polls before it’s too late.
930 words
2 Sept. 2004
Posted by Steve Osborn at 2:11 PM (That was re-posted in 2010 as a warning) and again in 2020. For some reason, we do not seem to learn, or act.


Guns should not be allowed in public------when anyone carries a gun in public they are setting themselves above others in leathal power. This should not be allowed. This is a well regulated militia.



beg to differ-these are NOT vigilantes-as they care nothing about the law (a convenient excuse for their criminal behavior) they are only criminal gangs intent on exerting their will on others through the force of arms–

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Zoltan, I remember him, part of the gang that hatched the ideological nightmare that destroyed Evergreen State College. See Benjamin Boyce on youtube for the painful details. Here in Portland, the only gang that people have to fear is Antifa, who routinely beat up, harass and dox, all they despise, which is most of Portland. Portland is literally being destroyed much like Aleppo in Syria was destroyed by Isis/antifa/israel. They are crushing small businesses, smashing the one they want gone right away. They are trying to set fire to the town on a nightly bases, and our deep state politicians and especially our “new” antifa DA Mike Schmidt releases all of the antifa militia same night, no charges. While at the same time throwing the book at the “right wing” who typically are independent journalists or locals fed up with the antifa takeover. Find Mr. Andy Ngo on twitter for the now routine blow by blow take down of Portland.

Yeah, they are DOMESTIC, AMERIKAN, TERRORISTS, hiding behind the flag, false patriotism and condoned by Trump and the Amerikan, Fascist Party, formaly called the Republican Party. .


The author of this article has directly echoed another article that makes the same point in a more clinical way. I’ve long said that the Confederate loyalist Trump cult gun nuts must be purged. Here’s why…

It’s always puzzling to see the fictional alternate realities people like you live in.
I know Portland very well.
Your description of it isn’t an accurate description, it’s verbatim cut and paste from right-wing vigilante memes.
We’ve all seen the armed, loud, crazed, bearded, camo-wearing gun nut Trump cultists descend on Portland in their pollution machines.
We’ve see them take over our public lands in an armed rebellion and get away with it.
We know that going to eastern Oregon and other rural redneck strongholds is dangerous, especially for people of color or anyone who doesn’t look like they’ve been lobotomized.
Andy Ngo is a liar and charlatan who has been fired from “journalism” jobs because of it. He has been involved in planning violence, in doxxing, and other nefarious acts.
Stop lying on behalf of fascists.

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nothing to do with vigilantes vs militias–it is just that the LBGTQ communities just showed the original Proud Boys, trolling the racist clowns with pictures–my favorite is the one with the caption showing the boys with the meme -paraphrasing–who walk miles , half naked , wearing 6 inch heels, in any kind of weather as opposed to the other “not so proud boys” who are so full of fear they have to take their guns when they go shopping–this is how to put it in the face of those fascist creeps

way to do it, three cheers, absolutely the best tolling of those cowards I have seen yet

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Fictional realities worth talking about.

I would say a lot of Portlanders “descend” on Portland in their “pollution machines” every day, many fervent liberals who for some reason still like to drive their “pollution machines” I for one bike, which is why I am aware of the antifa destruction raining down on our once fair city.

I followed the “Malheur bird refuge take over” quite closely, including the trial. Not to go into too many details, but supposedly Robert Lavoy Finicum, one of the “leaders” of the take over, was gunned down by police as he traveled away from the refuge, and died. I guess he didn’t “get away with it” At the trial, which I followed and even attended a few days of, there was a dramatic finish when the defense attorney forced the prosecution to admit that there were as many as 15 government “operatives, agents, police” in with the occupation. Because the prosecution would not name all of the undercover agents involved the jury in the trial dismissed the charges against the Bundys and co-defendants still on trial.

Seems like that is a pretty heavy charge with no evidence, I have been following and aware of Andy since his days at the Portland State Vanguard. He has in fact emerged as the last standing true journalist in Portland, all others being intimidated by antifa, including the staff at the Vanguard. Find him on twitter Mr. Andy Ngo.

One major problem is getting such a headline to show up in our Oligarchy owned “free” press.

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Thanks again for sharing your writing.

America’s addiction to the corruption waged 24/7 day after day is all about self-identification as either a Democrat or Republican.

These two organizations are responsible for where we are today.

Mindless loyalty to either has the majority of us part of the problem.

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