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Why Filing Your Tax Returns is Such a Pain in the Butt


Why Filing Your Tax Returns is Such a Pain in the Butt

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Why isn't it easier to prepare and file your tax returns?

Because, according to new report (pdf) from the office of Sen. Elizabeth Warrren (D-Mass.), the tax preparation industry has successfully lobbied the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to keep it that difficult, ensuring corporate profits and unfair expenses and hassle for taxpayers.


When I get done compiling my paperwork that I then send to my accountant, who then compiles and computes my returns, I get back from them a big assortment of forms that detail different areas where they have determined the information is pertinent requiring those forms to be included with areas filled in. I then sign off on it all where required to insure it is correct according to the tax code and send it in. I would have no idea that these forms or schedules would ever be necessary if I would be stupid enough to do my own filing of a return. I also have no idea whether my accountant has completed my tax return properly and completely.

When I'm done compiling my information that I send to my accountant, I'm always left wondering if I've included all of my allowable deductions. How many people have overpaid their taxes simply because they don't have a high priced tax lawyer available like the big corporations do to find and include these deductions they report? Is it better to include every conceivable item on your expense report, than not? How do I know I haven't cheated myself and overpaid because I didn't include an item on that expense report, simply because of the complexity and confusing detail of the tax code?


It's time for a mass rebellion, and it's easy as pie, no standing outside the IRS protesting with signs or anything like that. I began my protest three years ago by sending in my return blank except for name, SS#, and my signature with W-2 obediently attached.

The IRS then is forced to retrieve all the other info they already possess, as the article points out, and they complete my return, including calculating my refund and sending it to me. Tax time is no longer the stressful ordeal it once was, not to mention forking over $200 to H&R Block.

The law requires us to file a return. It doesn't say it has to be filled out! What if everyone were to mail in uncompleted returns? Yes, I do have more than a simple return and I attach a Schedule D form, but the IRS still manages to complete it.

Do it, people!