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Why Fixing Climate Change is Women’s Work


Why Fixing Climate Change is Women’s Work

Kate Stringer

Marla Smith-Nilson has completed more than 1,500 water sanitation projects as founder and executive director of Water1st International, but there’s a moment she still anticipates at the completion of each one.


I'm still going to do my share and hopefully then some as a man, though.


Behind these women in south america are indigenous coalitions also fighting the oil industry and environmental destruction. For anyone who wants to participate in letter and petition efforts to support their work valued in the perspective that whenever any of us are subjected to to these horrific abuses - all of us are


To those INTENT upon making Gender invisible, I will repeat this:

"A 2015 Pew research study found that while the concern over climate change is equal between genders in so-called developing countries, women in wealthier nations are more likely than their male counterparts to see climate change as a real and pressing personal threat. Correspondingly, European women use 22 percent less energy than men and are more likely to change their behavior to conserve energy."

Yesterday I was listening to NPR and there was an impressive story about women in India working to obtain protections for forest lands. The report made it clear that when men were in charge of the forests, they were axed down and depleted. But when women began to get involved, they managed to institute new protocols that gave the forests a chance to be replenished.

Women often DO think about long-term paths to nourishment, nurturance, and the survival of the group.

Too many men think short term about immediate gain, immediate advantages, and that all important item of sheer dominance.


Although you give lip service to "doing your share as a man," by DELIBERATELY posting a graphic depicting the energy usage patterns of nations, you obscure the article's focus on GENDER and turn the matter back to GENERIC AVERAGES. And these, in turn, make women's distinct sensibilities, underpaid labors, and very real challenges invisible... and as usual, voiceless.

Too often C.D. posters endeavor to do the same: make the experience and matter of Gender irrelevant, invisible, and voiceless.

THAT is a form of sexism, if not misogyny.


WiseOwl posted the data he has. No one is stopping you from posting gender-stratified energy consumption data.



Acknowledging my commitment help remedy (and moreover my contribution to) carbon releases as a male in the most significant carbon-per-capita country is in no way misogyny. There is no doubt that women suffer more from environmental issues on this planet. That in no way means that men shouldn't care or do less to ameliorate climate change effects.


The article is about the disproportionate impacts climate change has upon women. You deliberately posted--up first (as often is the case) with GENERIC material aimed at generic demographic usage/consumption patterns.

That means you immediately shifted the narrative away from the topic.

What you said is not necessarily inaccurate. It's really the equivalent of farting at a dinner party.

However, since this type of diversionary tactic happens EVERY TIME the subject relates to women, in particular, I have no patience for it. It's a tactic that seeks to accomplish exactly what I stated.

Your reference to wanting to do something AS a man is like a racist saying he has a few Black buddies.


For many males the prejudice of male superiority is so deeply lodged and never examined that JUST to mention this "other" (and as I have laid out with detail and sometimes eloquence on COUNTLESS prior occasions... to explain the built-in complementary role of this OTHER HALF of Creation & sentience) is in their minds the equivalent OF male-bashing and supposed hatred of men.

That's the Rush Limbaugh/Trump/Right Wing way of looking at ANYTHING that dares to challenge the assumptions so long held in place by dominant white males... as if the ONLY voice that counts or matters is their own.

Call it gender (mixed with race) narcissism.


My original post, and many are, was aimed at the abysmal headline, which did not do justice to the written article.