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Why Germany Can and Should Open an Investigation into US Torture


Why Germany Can and Should Open an Investigation into US Torture

Géraldine Mattioli-Zeltner

In 2004, four Iraqis filed a criminal complaint with the German federal prosecutor against senior United States officials alleging torture by US armed forces in Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The US government strongly protested and warned that the complaint could affect US-German relationships.


This is a true historical rendition of things coming FULL CIRCLE:

"International law rules and political resolve to eliminate impunity for unspeakable atrocities originated with the rejection of Nazi crimes after World War II and the ensuing Nuremberg trials. Building on its history, Germany is one of the countries that have taken a leading role today in ensuring that such serious crimes do not go unpunished.

"In December 2014, following the release of the US Senate report summary, a new criminal complaint against US officials in relation to US torture was filed in Germany."

While each U.S. president grants impunity to the former one's sins like some kind of Papal political dance, the world looks on.

Amazing then, if Germany proves the legal strong-arm that forces U.S. post-law, extra-judicial figures of power to account... as opposed to Obama's Hallmark card version of justice: a call to look ahead, not back... at the chambers of still echoing horrors.


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For an up-to-date account of recent American war crimes (in Afghanistan this time) , read "Navy SEALs , A Beating Death and Claims of a Cover-up" by Nicholas Kulish , Christopher Drew and Matthew Rosenberg in the New York Times 17 December 2015 edition . The tortures described by survivors rival the Gestapo . The survivors crippled by the torture get neither medical care nor any sort of compensation . The officer in charge has been promoted . No charges have been pressed against the torturers . True to form, the NCIS has split hairs down to the micron in their putative investigation, impugning the four soldiers who had the courage to report the abuses because they could not remember the exact number of stones dropped on the Afghan suspects' [rounded up at random from the streets because of their proximity to the base] chests from the SEALs standing on their shoulders as they lay on the ground or the exact number of shots fired next to a suspects head , rather than questioning why stones were dropped on them or shots fired right next to them in the first place . The catalogue of the SEALs abuses of the civilian population in general will make your blood boil . May karma bite back at them soon !


SR1, Your last two paragraphs are spot on. For far too long, the US justice system has been allowing such horrendous acts by US officials to go unchallenged that they are becoming accepted in both law and culture. For far too long people, especially in the West, have been burying their heads in some fashion or another in the sand and pretending such inhumane acts either don't exist or are tolerable. It is far past time for those of us who find these acts intolerable to stand up against this cruelty and demand justice. I believe our voices are getting louder but they must grow ever louder if justice is to be served and if our Constitution is to be more "than just a piece of paper"! We have the power, we must use it or certainly we will lose it.


This must be about more than individual acts of extreme cruelty and karma. The examples of these acts stem directly from the illegal policies directed from the very top levels of our gov't on down. Trickle down cruelty at its worst! We do not have a government of kings, we just have a government of people who think they are kings. It is time to "reign" these people in.