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Why Germany Should Pay Reparations to Greece


Why Germany Should Pay Reparations to Greece

César Chelala

In 1960, the then Federal Republic of Germany paid Greece 115 million Deutschmarks on account of compensation for Nazi crimes. Greek governments stated that this was only a fraction of what is due on account of loss of life, damaged infrastructure, and the repayment of a forced loan the Nazis extracted on Greece in 1942. Recent statements by leading German politicians seem to indicate that reparations are now a possibility. Both the law and fairness suggest payment is the right thing to do.


I'm rooting for Greece. But oh dear oh deary me...what would we do if other nations started asking for reparations from us?


Absolutely, there needs to be a comprehensive global accounting for the legacies of plunder, slavery, genocide and colonialism. This should be a foundational demand of a new global economy based in principles of justice and ecology. Not that there can be "restitution" for such vast historical (and ongoing) looting and mass murder, or even "compensation," but to start with honest accounting, and move toward systemic justice as best we can.


That's the first thought that comes to my mind. Shoot that compensation idea or at least, as Fagin (of the movie "Oliver!"'s fame) sang, better "Review the Situation." No one can say "I didn't bring the slaves over" or "I didn't exterminate and took over the lands of the Native Americans" and claim "I'm not responsible for what happened in the past", etc, etc.


While recollecting the TOTAL travesty against the Greek "Freedom Fighters' who were betrayed by the allied forces fighting the Nazis- I would also include the Catholic Church along with the allied forces as owing reparations- Italy has A very STRONG case here- But so do the Greek Patriots, as the Catholic church aided and abetted the Nazis-
The Vatican has PLENTY of $$$GOLD ( Plenty enough to wipe out poverty, 10 times over, for the victims of it's Religious dogma) and other treasure to pay for their guilt of the 2nd world war- Operation "Paper Clip" would not have been possible without that cult's collaboration and I would like to take this opportunity to recognize the reality that the Catholic Church was far, far more an enemy to the Jewish population than any Palestinian ever imagined- The existing Palestinians have much more of an ethnic, genetic, family, and Historical brotherly tie to the original, aboriginal Jewish population of Palestine than those imposter Zionist "Ashkenazi" wannabe Jews of today- Remember, all that would have saved the Jews of that Italian Ghetto was for the POPE to hold up his hand in protest- And don't forget that the first signed significant European agreement with Hitler, involving the Jews of Europe was that the Catholic Church would not, did not give A rats ass about the treatment of any and all Jews that had not accepted Christ as their "Savior"- What A sham against Christ by this money grabbing, opportunistic Pagan/Cult!
My main point here is that the oldest Democracy in the World, so ripe with the intellectual mind, so historically rich has been totally marginalized since the 2nd World War, who's "Freedom Fighters" that so successfully purged the Nazis, were labeled Communist because of the fact that they would actually confront Capitalism by allowing common workers to run their factories and means of production-
How FKing despicable that the Power Elite of the time would dishonor these brave saviors of Greece, who sacrificed their lives to obtain FREEDOM against the NAZIS to be labeled Commies, and subjugated to Capitalism's idea of just what was appropriate for those times- GRATITUDE and SELF DETERMINATION at it's lowest point in human history-
YES, Reparations are due not only form the allied forces but also from the corrupted Catholic Church and GERMANY!!!! All of the money is in the BIS settlement Bank in Basil Switzerland- The NAZI GOLD is there as in the Vatican holdings in that Bank-Greece, Italy, France, etc.-GO AND GET IT, Greece, Italy ETC., it is YOURS, and fuck the German dominated European Union, after all, that is where it all started!!!!!!


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No worries, we would just print more fiat money to pay our reparations.