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Why Has Israel Banned Jewish Leftists But Not Members Of Nazi-linked Groups?


Here’s one, from a pro-Israel source, starting as you do in 1860, and counting only “war” casualties other than a final attempt to even the numbers with 9,927 Israelis killed by “Terrorism/Other”:

Even with that, the overall totals are
Jews/Israelis killed 24,969, wounded 36,260
Arabs/Palestinians killed 91,105, wounded 78,038

That’s really just in case someone else is reading along and thinks you have any idea what you’re talking about.


Palestinians murdered Jews in 1919.
Evidence that even one square inch of land had been stolen by 1919?


I ask you the same question I asked Averroes:

About 111,000 Americans were killed fighting Japan.
Over 2 million Japanese were killed.
About 18-1 ratio.
Does that mean that the Americans were the aggressors?


Off topic. Irrelevant.


Yes everyone murders. The british were in control of palestine at that time and both the arabs and jews were revolting against british rule. Both groups used terrorism to strike at the british. And innocent people died.

But it was in 1947 that the UN forced by the US, britain, and other western countries that stole the land for the jews. When the arabs who owned the land objected, violence erupted. You say 5 jews were killed, that’s correct, but the retaliation was much harsher with the arabs being driven away. No attempt to go after just the terrorists, they went after all the arabs, took their land, drove them all out. That was the theft by the jews. The violence by the jews was against all arabs, not just the guilty ones.


The day after the UN Partition Resolution in November 1947, some racist, xenophobic Palestinians started a genocidal war to exterminate the Jews. Haj Amin el-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem – “I declare a holy war, my Muslim brothers! Murder the Jews! Murder them all!”

The war started with Palestinians attacking a Jewish bus driving on the Coastal Plain near Kfar Sirkin killing five and wounding others. Half an hour later they ambushed a second bus from Hadera, killing two more. Arab snipers attacked Jewish buses in Jerusalem and Haifa.


Yes, to facists killing five people is motive for war. The US used it as excuses for genocide to the native americans and the israelis use it for their stealing the land. Killing five people in a terrorist attack is no reason to start a war and take away the land form 400-600 villages and drive hundreds of thousands of people out of their homes and land.
This tactic is straight out of authoritarian playbook. It was the US did, Hitler, the jews and many others. Harm one of us and we will harm a hundred. Reasonable people don’t attack a whole group of people based on the actions of a few.
Obviously to you if someone comes and steals your home and land, they are suppose to just say please, take all you want. Obviously you wouldn’t fight back.


It’s the Palestinian who declared a war of extermination.
6,000 Jews were killed.
70,000 Jews were ethnically cleansed from the West Bank & East Jerusalem.
850,000 Jews fled Arab countries.
Evidence that even one square inch of land had been stolen before Palestinians declared a genocidal war against the Jews?


I will repeat from above, since 1860, as calculated by

Jews/Israelis killed 24,969, wounded 36,260
Arabs/Palestinians killed 91,105, wounded 78,038

Can we get back to what the banned groups are advocating today and why (aka the topic)?