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Why Hate Speech by Presidential Candidates is Despicable


Why Hate Speech by Presidential Candidates is Despicable

Robert Reich

On Friday, a gunman killed three at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado. Later, in explaining his motive to the police, he said “no more baby parts.”

Last Monday, gunmen opened fire on Black Lives Matter protesters in Minneapolis who were demanding action against two white Minneapolis police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Jamar Clark, 24, an unarmed black man, on Nov. 15.


Perhaps because America became a nation-entity on July 4, its Cancer designation destines it to profound shifts of character. Cancer, for the uninitiated, is ruled by the moon which as Shakespeare related (in "Romeo and Juliet") is an inconstant luminary.

This nation goes through very dramatic phases, and present times carry many correspondences with earlier periods of lock-down. From the Red Scare, to the Japanese Internment Camps, to Joseph McCarthy's witch hunts which came out of J. Edgar Hoover's "keep watch/Big Brother" emphasis...

All of them are scars upon the nation.

There will always be bigots. And it's predictable that when hard-working lower income persons find it harder to meet expenses and see "illegal aliens" obtain basic services, or see Black families getting Food Stamps their resentment grows. That's when right wing shock jocks enter to pump up all that resentment so that it can be aimed not at those setting policies of misery, but rather at the groups that lack power.

Normally, rule of law will hold the bigots in check.

A film like "Mississippi Burning" shows how deeply entrenched racism was, and how it took the Federal Govt. and its troops to begin to enforce Civil Rights and Black voting rights in states within the Deep South.

There will always be societal sectors that cling to their own rights and liberties while denying these to others.

Michael Parenti points out that real progress occurred between 1946 (after W.W. II and the Marshall Plan's rebuilding of Europe allowing funds to build a significant Middle Class inside the U.S.) and l980 when Reagan & Thatcher and the old anti-New Deal gang began to dismantle ALL social programs and anything that would better the nation, as a whole.

In that same period, at least since the revolutionary (to mass consciousness) l960s, academe supported all of the progressive changes taking place from Environmental activism to women's rights to gay rights to Civil Rights, and so forth.

Currently, with every organ of culture under the thumb of Big Capital, academics have been silenced either by Big Money interests or the fear-factor induced by the false-flag generated War on Terror. Media is muzzled by its owners added to their complicity with the Military-Industrial complex.

The result is very little tolerance of "other." Citizens are expected to bow down to an authoritarian paternalistic state that demands that they not ask questions, allow business leaders to define policy (up to and including decisions that will mean very real dangers to food safety, water quality, wages, and the citizen's very right to address his govt. and seek redress where justified, through a functioning judicial system), and demonstrate muscular machismo in expressing hatred of real and imagined enemies.

It is THAT mentality that invites disgusting right wing mouthpieces to champion a climate of intolerance that looks the other way when violent outbreaks occur.

I am disgusted with what's being done to this nation (with similar protocols being installed wherever a "terrorist" act takes place); but I also know that it's a phase, and that "this, too, shall pass."

How ugly will it get?

Many are waking up and many have awakened... Bernie Sanders may not expose all aspects of The Beast, but he has begun to speak openly about many elements that are part of its diabolical composition. The Darkness cannot abide the Light: exposure is almost always therapeutic or part of the recipe for healing.


One might seemingly ask who is the demagogue of the day but its our media and the online microphone available to all of us that is the demagogue.

That isn't to excuse the idiots who pander to the worst common denominator of hate by resorting to the least common denominator of fear. If leaders use hate speech to trigger a media response it is the fault of our dumbed down culture that undermines us.

It is reciprocal - someone asked a hate speech trigger type question of a politician and got back the hate speech they had been hoping to hear.

We become our own demagogues because of our selective online choices and the venality of the mainstream media.


Another crock of shit that asserts that WE are all Donald Trump or Carly Fiorina.

There are natural authoritarian brown shirt and there are also humanists.

Humanists don't pick up guns. They don't identify with a top-down, father knows best order. They don't think every individual is meant to think, act, and look alike. They don't fear other. They don't see freedom as the bully's right to tell others how they must live, learn, and love.

I am TIRED of fools like you always insinuating that what the dominant baboons do speaks for all.

It is THAT narrative that has twisted humanity into the martial pretzel it must now get itself out of... in a manner that could be likened symbolically to Houdini liberating himself from chains while caught in a box underwater.

This insistence on ONE belief and UNIFORMITY is the very signature of that same military-oriented order that is anathema to Democracy, the diversity built into this marvelous world, and any possibility of progress or emerging from the box that the warrior-dominators built.

Are YOU capable of seeing beyond that box, and/or NOT following orders, soldier boy?


Are you insane? The rhetorical we is NOT the literal we. You may feel that no one in the universe should be allowed to use the rhetorical we but it is becoming bizarre that you are unable to realize that other people understand that the word we is not literally meaning them.

Look up the meaning of the word rhetorical and spare me this inane repetition about this silliness.


True. And just like so many other fascists like Hitler and Mussolini the Repugs like Trump and the rest are nothing but fascists that could care less about their rhetoric being despicable. They are true demagogues that only care about pandering to their base of the most ignorant political, Republicans.

But what should scare the hell out of progressives, is that they have so many brainwashed and sophomoric acolytes! I wonder if this is what it felt like in Nazi Germany in the 1930's?


Words matter. It is hardly insane to point out how propaganda works, or the memes its tools deploy.


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Thanks for your reply. I use to know personally, a German lady that grew up in Nazi Germany and before she passed away I asked her one day if she had any memories even though she was a very young girl at that time and she said yes." One day I was riding my bike and one of the German soldiers gave me the Nazi salute which I did not return and they contacted my parents and did I ever get in trouble"!


Of course words matter but one expects that words will be read with respect to the meaning intended by the writer. You have a habit of intentionally misreading other peoples words in order to make one of your ad nauseam points.


While Reagan's election was horrific, fascism here in the United States always did have a foot in the door. With the election of Ronald Reagan, an already-bad situation (which had actually started under President Nixon.) began to get even worse.


More like deconstructing propaganda and/or Talking Points. Of course, if you are a conformist who prefers the herd mind to independent thought, or happen to be a card carrying member of the tag team (that occupies these threads), then you would certainly wish to discredit me. In that instance, the tasks of those tasked with controlling the conversation and/or manufacturing consent are made all the easier.


Who hurt you?


If everyone on this site, in the military, the government, corporations etc. were to suddenly agree with you, would you then become part of the WE or would you still distance yourself from the herd.
I believe that if there were peace and harmony on this planet, that you claim you want, that you would still behave like a spoiled little girl Leo, looking for a fight. You can't create peace, while spewing verbal venom.


Yes, shanti, it is what happened in Europe. I was going to comment to Robert that I was disappointed that he didn't expand on his points to tell the specific parallels between the rise of European fascism then nazism and the rise of fascism in Amerika. People need to be spoon fed such information because after our public [mis]education system's history classes, they'll still never be able to connect the dots.


Absolutely agree!


Vladimir Putin must sit at his desk at the end of the day with his head buried in his hands and he thinks to himself, things were a whole lot easier when it was the Russians with the drinking problems!
See what happens when you throw your mentally ill out into the streets. They procreate and become amerikan politicians and business people!