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Why Hillary Clinton Really Lost


Thank you.

Your declaration to leave is the most rational thing you've said here.

Let's all hope you're more honest about leaving than you are in your arguments.

Best of Luck!


If only.

She's already back, ground-flooring the Process to shove Corporate Cuomo down our throats.


Yes to what you have posted.
Another little detail is the fact that the press did not report on Bernie's campaign. Practically at all.
As far as I can tell the russia russia russia yelps should be directed to Twitler's corrupt money-real- estate ties to russian mafia/oily-garchs.


Comey went on & on because he was desperately trying to find some way to get Hillary's handlers back in place. And HE was the main handler. I think the level of CIA/FBI panic has not been talked about yet. They scrambled in 2006 to find a new control lever and decided they had to take over the Democrats since no Republican could win after Bush.

Two appealing "minority" candidates came forth, Bill's wife & Obama. The deal was that the loser of the primary would get a run at the retiring of the winner, therefore it was Hillary for 2016. But no one foresaw the disaster she represented. Once it became clear chaos and panic ruled even in the pretty syable mind of Comey. But nothing was to be done.

Now they are trying to get control over the renegade Trump. It may work.


Why? : Bernie supporters left in droves when Dem. operatives quite literally stole many of the primaries. Also an IMPORTANT REASON that no one is reporting on. Republican 'CROSS CHECK" scheme across many of the swing states which purged huge numbers of Latino & Black people from the Voting rolls across many states. Post election analysis showed many states where Trump won (for instance) by say 50,000 votes. The number of illegally disenfranchised voters was say 150,000 voters. AND NO ONE IS REPORTING THIS & DEMS DON'T EVEN MENTION IT. WHY?


Ahhhhh, a sigh of relief for your dispelling the BS put out yet again by Parry, a raging Putin apologist. I would add that T-dump's base was also enraged by Marriage Equality being embraced by all states and SCOTUS. That coupled with them having to see a black man's face as the President for eight years who did all he could (and failed due to the NRA & Congress) to ban the sale of assault weapons as well as pushing for background checks for all gun owners (current and prospective) after enduring bloody massacres (Newton, CT with 26 dead, e.g.) way too often; brought their blood to a boiling point. Along comes a master manipulator and circus barker who taps into their furor while telling what they want to hear, albeit total lies. But they would have a white man in the WH, their jobs back, and their guns loaded. To them a woman in the WH would be their clarion call to storm the barricades.


I agree with everything you said EXCEPT I'm not sure Trump supporters will ever realize they have been played.


Hillary lost because we are not willing to vote "the lesser of two evils" anymore.


Reality will be a stone cold slap in their faces/pockets when their SS or Medicare or "dreaded/reviled" Obamacare benefits, rent subsidies, workmen's compensation or WIC or foodstamps or retirement stop flowing or are cut to a trickle. They may have to resort to selling their guns to buy their meds or groceries. Payback is a be-aw-ch. Harsh and generalizing but not too far from the reality of his base.


Excellent reasoning. I would add that the arrogance of the flawed super delegate scheme and forgetting that: I know how to get things done" wasn't terribly bright. As articulate as Obama was she wasn't and she didn't see the national rage against globalism. Even Baba wasn't able to save the train wreck.


I'll miss you.

In epitomizing the D half of the duopoly, you stand as a perfect representation of entitlement.

Here's a parting gift: The D-Party isn't entitled to allegiance, they have to earn it. Hilary didn't go out and earn it, your party doesn't go out and earn it, and their epic losing streak and dismal polling numbers prove it.


Thank you and I fully agree.


You could be right on this ----at work a person(one of many strong Trump supporters) informed me that the Donald had just passed tax reform and he was getting a big tax cut---we are all on the low income side. I did inform him that Trump had simply said he would be announcing details of his tax plan on Wed. Another Trump supporter at work listens to right wing talk radio----but will state clearly "I don't want to talk about politics"------the same could be said for well off republican homes I will visit????The rich just want their taxes cut.

Immigration a topic that seems to get little of real discussion----this is an area Trump supporters are happy about.People at the bottom are fighting for jobs-----something wrong with that 4% number---I remember a low unemployment economy decades ago and there were many job openings on the low income side today.


Says you.


Hillary didn't move left at all. Leopards don't change spots. Sanders didn't make her a better candidate either. But I agree with the rest of your reply


You're right. She ran a great campaign. I guess most people didn't notice