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Why Hiring Steve Bannon Is the Same as Hiring David Duke


Why Hiring Steve Bannon Is the Same as Hiring David Duke

Charles P. Pierce

As I pointed out on the electric Twitter machine over the weekend, appointing Steve Bannon to an important position within the White House is precisely the same as appointing David Duke to an important position within the White House.


The hiring of Bannon seems to ensure there will be all out protest against the Trump government. The alt-right is a white supremacist movement which believes in white genetic superiority. They held a press conference during the campaign and made sure all the reporters present understood what they stand for. Whether Bannon exactly reflects the movement or not is probably beside the point. He is a symbol of the movement. The alt-right must be condemned at all levels of government. The people involved appear to be the equivalent of the KKK and neonazis but they sit at computers churning out hate against everyone except white Christians. Sure voters voted for Trump for a number of reasons having nothing to do with racism and bigotry but they failed to draw a line that should have been drawn just like Paul Ryan said there was a point he would draw the line but never did.


I wonder at what point the military will be goose-stepping and we will be expected to do the fist-to-chest-arm-outstretched "HEIL!" gesture at football games. We're heading down that slippery slope PDQ.


Reince is propping up the mirror while most of the MSM "ooh" & "ah" over the emperor's new clothes. Bannon was the seamstress.

Although I understand (somewhat) the premise of giving Drumpf a chance, or at least appearing to do so, IMO the MSM has an obligation to the country to call Bannon exactly what he is. And I'm sure they won't.


Well if you count the hand over the head pledge or the salute we are kind of already there in a way.


Steve fuk ing Bannon?!?!?!?
Holy hounds of Hell and I just can't seem to find Batman,dammit!
Kudos Mr Pierce, you've nailed it.