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Why Hondurans See Migration as an Act of Civil Disobedience


Why Hondurans See Migration as an Act of Civil Disobedience

Crystal Vance Guerra

A singular image is said to have sparked this latest migrant caravan. Set against a bold, red background, it features a figure, arms outstretched like a cross, with a backpack flying the Honduran flag. Contained in the message across the top: “We aren’t leaving because we want to; violence and poverty expel us.”


Thank you, Ms Guerra for setting out the facts driving the horrible situation in Honduras.
Cutting power to ‘win’ an election, holy cats!


HI BeijaFlor------cutting power… votes changed----stolen elections–courts are in on it…wow, this sounds like America.

" La gente puede vivir sin justicia, pero no sin esperanza." A popular saying soon to be spoken by more and more Americans too. : )


This can be made a little bit more explicit. The reason that it makes sense to protest conditions in Honduras by coming to the United States is that the US neoliberal factions were involved in the recent coup d’etat that put the current regime in place.

To state a rebellion or protest in a domestic setting is difficult enough when the seat of government is in that domestic setting. When it is actually remote, that is considerably different. How are people in Honduras to reach the Clintons, George Soros, or the Trumps?

What I will say is that this is the first reasonable and informative piece that I have seen in English about this event, the first to believably engage motive. To the extent that I have been able to follow this matter, it has mostly been by word of mouth, and almost entirely in Spanish. All sides are going to need more communication.


“He singled out ex-president Manuel Zelaya, as well as center-left Libre and the Liberal Party as instigating the caravans—though he has no evidence to support the claim.”

This is a form of threat. Manuel Zelaya and his family fell in love with the people unexpectedly. The people saw this and loved them in return; Shyly, tentatively, at first.

The united states backed a coup in Honduras. President Zelaya was kidnapped by soldiers wearing masks and taken to a united states air base. From there he was flown to Costa Rica. This happened at 3am. Secretary Hilary Clinton is said to have been a brilliant caretaker of this inherited operation. No one really knows much about the coup except president Zelaya was kidnapped and taken to a united states airbase.

An election was scheduled and Manual Zelaya was to be out of office. The foundation coup lie was he, Zelaya, was going to use his power to become president again even though it was against the constitution. That story is 100% prefabricated fiction in support of land grabs for palm oil and resorts on native lands. Of course many people don’t have deeds for land they have farmed since humans first arrived many thousands of years ago.

President Zelaya helped people with land disputes. Land grabbers were being blocked. Manual Zelaya was kidnapped; the united states funded coup thus rendered him unable to hand presidential power to the incoming president. Thus Manuel Zelaya still holds the office of president. His first term was nullified illegally before it completed and, therefor, since he has never served a term in office, Manual Zelaya is legally allowed to become president if the people ask him to in the next election.

The united states owes Honduras lot’s of money, one hundred million disappeared from the teacher’s retirement fund, for example. This could not have happened without united states assistance.

Totalitarian dictators crumble because they cut themselves off from the distributed intelligence of the people. Dictators and semi dictators like Trump, Trudeau and Macron do not last because they do not have the genius of a large population discussing issues and providing work and solutions.

The military of Honduras is hired from a labor pool with few other jobs. A day will come when they grow weary of losing friends and family to the exodus their state violence is the cause of. The soldiers are not stupid, they will eventually rejoin with the people. That’s how it goes.


Not to worry BeijaFlor, that won’t happen here. No need to cut the power when you have those fine hackable voting machines, they change the votes for them.

When are we going to stop screwing with other countries, and screwing over their citizens ? It’s sickening.


Never forget that Hillary, Obama and the rest of the Democratic Party establishment were in on this outrage in Honduras from the beginning and continue to support the illegitimate Honduran government. I can think of few better reasons to reject the Democratic Party at it’s core and join me with the Green Party in working to kill them off and replace them with a party of peace and equality for all nations.


It is sickening. But being a Democrat means you don’t know and don’t care what the platform is, or what actions the elected Democrats are taking. As long as they are not Republicans whatever they do must be okay. Democrats are non-participatory except in elections. I’ve switched to the Green Party also.