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Why I Am Voting No on the Democratic Party Platform

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/13/why-i-am-voting-no-democratic-party-platform


Good on you Ro, for a principled, timely, proportion voice of dissent.


This does raise my level of respect for representative Khanna.


This should be the number 1 issue. Why, during a pandemic, would the Democrats not embrace this issue is beyond belief. But even worse is the candidate himself, Joe Biden, who in spite of the fact that 70% of Democrats, said that if a Medicare For All bill needed up on his desk as president, he would VETO it. It’s hard to believe that the Dems thought this is the best we can do.


“Universal Healthcare was part of Democratic Platforms until 1980”…and then the Democratic leadership Council (DLC) formed and the Party’s top three priorities became (and remain) 1) get more corporate money, 2) get more corporate money, and 3) get more corporate money.

For the Dims, actually winning elections is sooo 20th century.


Ro Khanna writes:
“I will be voting “No” on the platform because when we say that healthcare is a human right, we must truly mean it—and fight for it.”

He could add:

And l hope to see Kamala Harris get back to what she unequivocally stated in January 2018:

“I support Senator Sanders Medicare for All bill because it’s simply the right thing to do.”


I hope this video of Harris goes viral----that it is shown repeatedly on any and all platforms. Check it out.

and this—


You want to impress me Khanna, publicly state you will withhold your vote in November, unless EIM4A is added to the platform. Until that is done on a large scale, nothing will change, but expect you know that.


No risk indeed for Khanna and the rest of us blue state voters withholding the Biden/Harris vote.


Bravo for this principled stand Rep. Khanna!

The below comment from another linked source:

" When activists criticized President Barack Obama, we were scathingly reminded how hard it was for him to be a Black man in the White House. He had significant executive power and influence to shift resources, call for legislation, and even free people from prison which his own administration seemingly neglected We were told to wait. Then, after eight years, we were told that too much was at stake to organize for free college, universal healthcare, the end to police and prison violence, and a clean planet. Nina Simone’s “Mississippi Goddam” calls this “do it slow:

But that’s just the trouble, ‘Do it slow’

Desegregation, ‘Do it slow’

Mass participation, ‘Do it slow’

Reunification, ‘Do it slow’

Do things gradually, ‘Do it slow’

But bring more tragedy, ‘Do it slow’"

Do it slow, or never - incrementalism in its most complicit and deceitful form that is complicity!
That betrayal game is the same as the DP/DNC is cynically playing today. The same Clinton/Obama faction of sold-out machine “team” players is alive and well with this ticket. Corporate whores and leaders without gumption or courage, even if they had the marginal integrity or moral compass to see - remain just “team players” - that “team” being the profits above all else and campaign-contribution bribes that rule the day!

All that said the fight for progressive/left issues, candidates and power must continue, and the first order of business in that fight is the total removal, eviction - the smashing of the trump-republicon regime in all its facets! Then comes the rebuilding - the restoration and refoms - the struggle for serious accountability the DP players will surely reject for “looking forward” deceit and craven failure!



Superb straightforward argument for backing M4A in the Dim Party platform.

Similar superb arguments should also be voiced for two other similarly necessary planks:

  • Slash the war budget, drastically pull back our war footing, and stop trying to rule the world;
  • A robust Green New Deal, to include not just a Manhattan Project or Apollo Program level of resources and commitment to end carbon energy and stop the industrial assault on nature, but also to include a job guarantee, so that anyone who wants to work can get a good job in these GND programs.

Universal Health is a universal ASSET. This could not be more clear than now. If people are not healthy, they can not participate and contribute!


Not that the D platform means much. But bravo to him for bringing attention to the issues. So, after 4 years of Trump, and in the middle of a grave pandemic, the people of the “resistance” are advocating for even less than they were in 2016. But let’s just turn around and focus on the historic precedence of Harris.


Awesome Ro! I wholeheartedly agree!!!


“publicly state you will withhold your vote in November, unless EIM4A is added to the platform.”

But as you yourself continue, Recon, “Until that is done on a large scale, nothing will change.”

I agree - no M4A, no vote. Indeed, as I’ve argued many times on this website - my position is that - versus a nonbonding party platform - no binding commitment (like high cabinet progressive shortlist), no vote.

But without that “large scale” pressure to make binding commitments from a progressive electorate, I don’t think Khanna can lead more than he has on this one.


Its going to be needed a lot more than ever before because millions of Americans are about to lose their jobs - here, theyt will likely literally have to train their own replacements in many cases. This will be really hard on people and may ruin their health. Then they wont have healthcare and will likely lose their homes and entire careers because it will be happening to millions of other people at the same time, an unprecedented situation.

Who will get the jobs? Subcontractors from countries that export such services. India will likely be a major winner of these jobs. They will act as brokers and pay their workers basically minimum wage. Thats not much for people with the advanced skills they are supposed to posess.

Limits that up until now have limited the numbers of professional guest workers will vanish, and what now is a significant barrier basically making the guest workers rare in all but a number of service sectors like IT will be gone. So dozens of areas will just explode, with cheap labor. People with degrees will be making less than fast food restaurant workers, at least for a few years until other service sectors catch up. This will cause large scale bankruptcies and probably the almost total demise of the economy for a few years.

Most of the people who live here today will be totally ruined financially and will never bounce back.

Yes, this system stinks but it likely will increase profits a lot on a firm by firm basis, at least until the spending stops.

See ~http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= for an overview of the changes and the winners and losers.

However, who will consume the goods of industry with such a huge betrayal having dampened the enthusiasm of people to buy, anything but bare necessities.


Thats a big unknown. In any case, like so many other things that are happening now the rules say it will become so increibly costly (because of punitive sanctions) to reverse we’ll be unlikely to have the money to even try (its a similar situation with health care the longert we wait, unfortunately the chance of Biden going thorigh the necessary process to buy our right to regulate back is literally zero)

They all lied to us, a lot. The truth is they signed a trteaty decades ago to make healthcare for-profit - for all intents and purposes forever. bernie left that part out, leaving the whole country lacking some important facts. The sooner they all start telling the truth the better. thats goes for RoKhanna too. I dont see him telling the country about GATS. He’s just trying to cover his own ass based on a mistaken set of facts we were fed to protect the guilty parties thats wrong.

The first thing we need to face is that both parties have gone to great lengths to hide this treaty that makes democracy powerless, from us.

It is part of the WTO. Could people who read this please acknowledge it.

To get out of this deal we need to pursue the procedure in its Article XX! (21) NOT the GATT - this particular deal’s name is quite similarbut ends with an “S”.

Senator Khanna from California? If the Biden/Harris ticket prevails in the 2020 election, this could be one of the best results from that.
California’s huge economic impact could bring enormous pressure to move to M4A.
Along with embracing the GND, and the obvious positives in marijuana legalization, moving the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 4 years doesn’t look so difficult.
This election cycle rightfully belongs to the historic efforts, and loyalty, of the black women who’ve been there time, and time, again. And, they would certainly benefit even further from a platform advocated by a Sen. Khanna, as well.
There’s more than one route to the mountain top.
Mr. Khanna takes the first steps by his actions here. Good for him and possibly/especially good for us.


“Perfect is the enemy of good.” - Voltaire

The Representative said that despite his opposition to the Party’s platform, he backs the candidacies of Biden and Warren. But others posting here complain that this ticket is, in effect, a slap in the face. It isn’t progressive enough to accomplish all or most of their goals, therefore they won’t take half a loaf and support it. Presumably that means they’ll speak out against Biden/Harris and either withhold their vote or vote for a third party candidate. In effect, they’ll aid Trump’s reelection

In that spirit, I commend the ‘compass scene’ from Speilberg’s Lincoln that’s on YouTube.


Nothing else you say means anything.


Another thread and another myopic attack on “people like you” ignoring the clear rot in the DP. establishment? - not a decent welcome for @misterjag or his thoughtful comment Not warranted or accurate Kaylie, and does you, or your position, no credit…

Contrary to your apparent misunderstanding, and unwarranted attacks, most of us here that I read support the same progressive/left agenda and issues as you and have no illusions on the records of both Biden and Harris, or their likely leadership, but do see the existential threat and critical need to rid the republic and planet of the trump & co regime.
We also see the great need to radically reform or abolish the DP corporate wing or somehow form or build a new party or resuscitate the Greens from their moribund being.


The public option in effect is an opportunity to run a demonstration project open to all Americans. It will demonstrate efficiencies and garner support for single payer.

Biden’s platform is more progressive than generally known. It addresses income inequality. His tax plan would cause over the course of a decade a $4 trillion transfer of wealth. The Top One Percent would see their annual income decline by ten to fifteen percent.

The revenue would be used for increased Medicaid spending, a childcare tax credit, a $1.7 trillion investment in clean energy to address climate change, $2 trillion in new spending on early education, post-secondary education, and housing, $1.3 trillion in infrastructure improvements, and a $15 minimum wage. Biden wants to increase Social Security benefits for low wage workers.

Biden has incorporated progressive goals from Sanders and Warren, including personal bankruptcy reform, strengthening the CFPB, debt-free community college for all, and tuition-free public university for the middle class. He’s also proposed some measures to make student loan forgiveness easier. I suspect he could be pushed to do more on this issue. And this isn’t a complete accounting of Biden’s platform.

If Democrats can win control of the Senate, there’s an opportunity to better the lives (especially) of the middle class and those who strive to join it.

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