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Why I Am Voting No on the Democratic Party Platform

Its not the voice of dissent because he is lying to us, still hiding the GATS trap. By doing that he’s leading us into the GATS trap.

Clinton signed us into the WTO on December 8, 1994 and it’s services deal privatizes everything. It sees people dying from not getting healthcare as natural. Poor people must get poor healthcare. It outsources all the skilled jobs, because its more profitable.

They want to keep the system brutal so poor people die sooner now even as jobs go away for good.

Thats what Bernie is hiding. Its a trap. If Bernie told the truth we would know about GATS. He’s part of a cover up.

GATS. M4all a non starter. Time to break another treaty.


It’s worse than “do it slow,” it’s pinpricks that don’t amount to a hill of beans. Both parties are united in only making changes that do not upset the status quo. We have never needed a viable third party more than we do today. Perhaps a Sanders/Warren ticket, however that’d certainly cause Biden/Harris to lose.

Voters choice is 4 more years of Trump (and hopefully the dems can gain control of the Senate); OR 12+ years of do-nothing, status quo, meritocracy democratic rule.

BTW, 19 states already have a minimum wage at $10 or above. (federal/congress MIA)

ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xPCMhwyHy0 Thomas Frank “working class has nowhere to go”


Bernie is doing no such thing. As we’ve argued before - I do not buy your statements about the effect of GATS on a complete Medicare For All single payer system as Bernie proposes in the Senate and representative Jayapal proposes in the House. I have looked at multiple articles you have pointed me to and reviewed the material from the WTO and the U.S. commitments on health care in particular. I can see how they imply that we cannot lessen foreign private participation in markets that exist (or we have to buy them out) - but if the market is not one where the government competes with foreign private industry and is drastically reduced or eliminated a foreign country would not have a good case (for example, the current market where insurance companies provide supplemental coverage for stuff medicare doesn’t pay for would be eliminated under Sanders proposal). Further, I strongly doubt there would be any countries that would bring a GATS case against the U.S. specifically on this kind of health care situation. There have been exactly zero such cases brought before the WTO regarding the many countries that have expanded their public health care systems since GATS was passed. Sure, it will take an administration and a Trade Representative that actually supports M4A and will forcefully argue for our right to do it to pull this off if another country objects - but the idea that Bernie is part of some cover up on this is unsupported by any evidence whatsoever.


No, we wont, its their baby, their scheme for world domination, their scheme to end democracy, THEY WONT BREAK IT, are you kidding?

People here have no clue, they think we would pick single payer because its cheaper, thats exactly the reason why we would never pick it.

BUY OR DIE isnt just a joke or a figure of speech, friends. its the fact.

Read some history. the period of labor scarcith ended with GATS, now peoples lives are going to be worthless if they arent uniquely employed. That means they want people to lead shorter lives, since they are not as profitable as much as somebody else living in your house would be.

Little (if ANY) difference between Democrats and Republicans anymore, they’re ALL beholden to the 1%!!



How about a $15+/hour Federal minimum wage with an annual COLA, so we don’t have to bicker about the Federal minimum wage AGAIN???

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We need a VIABLE muli-party system with instant run off voting like most OTHER countries!!!
Get RID of the “Electoral College”!!!
A living wage with an annual COLA!!
Not only defund the police, but DEFUND THE GOVERNMENT!!! NO MORE wars that only the top 1% benefit from, and the BOTTOM 1% fight!!
NO MORE millionaires and billionaires in public office!! What ever happened to “we the PEOPLE”???

Vote for ME November 3!!!


The public option, served up by the Dems today, is even less meaningful and more harmful than the flat out lie Obama served up about it during his 2008 campaign. It’s just another bait-and-switch calculated to make sure that Medicare for All will never get off the ground, same kind of bs as Biden’s decades of promises to fix Social Security by cutting benefits. It’s a Dem trojan horse, a corporatist Dem lie and nothing more.

The words “progressive” and “Biden” don’t belong in the same sentence. He’s a died-in-the-wool neo-liberal, the sworn enemy of anything remotely progressive. I do believe that middle class and the less fortunate you’re so worried can expect to show up on the Biden/Harris radar screen, as the Dems implement even more ways to transfer any remaining wealth they still have to the already filthy rich and the big corporations. Anything Biden and the Dems have allowed in their platform sounding even remotely progressive in nature is there for the same reason Obama and Biden served up their lie about fighting for a public option. Offer the little guy and gal a little hope and, once in office, kick the stool out from under them.


The Public option as proposed by Biden will be worse then what you have today. All it means is more Government monies going to insurance Corporations and along with it a rise in health care costs.

If people would take the time to examine the issues with Health Care in the USA they will find that among them is exponentially higher costs for health care procedures when compared to other Countries. This is due in great part to the fact that the health Care providers push up the costs of a procedure so as to maximize what they can charge an insurance provider for the same.

With the Public Option they will no longer have to worry about a patient being unable to pay costs as they can bill the Government. When they can bill the Government they can push up the costs of a procedure as they KNOW they will be paid back. This in turn fuels increases in insurance premiums by the Insurance Companies.

The Public option does not address the major reasons single payer systems have advantages and that is added administrative costs. Hospitals and health care providers will not see any decrease in administration expenses as they still have to maintain billing departments to deal with all of the Private plans added to the persons covered by the Public option. They will very likely have to hire even more staff to billing departments , this in turn leading to the cycle of increasing costs for a procedure so as to maintain Corporate directed profit margins.

A Cost of an MRI in the USA on average is around 2600$ while In Canada is around 875$. This 875$ is the amount a provider in Canada would charge someone not covered by National health care (such as a tourist visiting the country). At the same time the USA has almost 4 times as many MRIS per capita as in Canada suggesting the prices should be lower.

The reasons the prices so high in the USA is they gouge the Public and they can do so premised on that person having Private health Insurance. The “Public Option” means they can now gouge more people by now billing the Government that 2600$$.

The Public Option and Obamacare from which it derived was designed by the health care industry to first and foremost protect their profits. If anything it will drive up overall health care costs in the USA.


There is an additional driver of cost reduction under single payer, because the single payer negotiates prices from a position of strength, and drives down the costs of procedures treatments and medicines across the board.


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Indeed and this will not be addressed with the Public option. Here in Canada the various Governments negotiate a fee schedule for covered services with a provider. The provider just can not pick a number, any number has happens in the USA. The Governments and providers instead negotiate a fee structure deemed fair to both parties. The providers in turn get guaranteed payments and do not need massive billing staffs to track down people who can not pay.

While Doctors here in Canada operate “privately” and are not employed by the Government, most Hospitals are non profit entities and are heavily regulated by the Government so as to ensure they can meet the criteria of the National Health Care act. This means most Hospitals operate for the Public good rather then to enrich the investor class. The Hospitals then receive funding directly from the Government help pay for costs.

Other Countries have a mix of Government and privately provided health care and or insurance but in those the private sector is heavily regulated so as to ensure they are not gouging the people for what deemed a human right and that access to health care.

Obamacare and enhanced Obamacare as proposed by Biden might allow more people to be able to access health care but it will come at a much higher cost as the plan is intended to ensure private insurance providers reap profits. It more like a Mafia protection racket then it is a health care system.

Added to that those extra costs will drive up the US Government deficit. While it true that this should not matter in the long run, that is not how the Political parties will approach it. They will claim spending needs to be cut and given they have shown it will not come from Military spending, watch for other programs to get the axe.


Oh, that’s so very well expressed. Thank you!

I agree, but Khanna has a pull with voters and other members of congress, to get to that “large scale”, it has to start somewhere. The party is more likely to pause and reflect if he announced the loss of his vote in Nov. than they would if progressive voters did. At this point the party has proven they don’t give a rats turd about us, we have no pull.

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So your answer is 4 more years of Trump?


The idea is to strip everybody of all wealth before they die, then have them die. The next generation will literally be slaves. But there will be no work for them to do so perhaps they will be organ donors, spare parts for the rich.

Finally, health care for free, but only after you are dead… Sarcasm

There is actually a kind of interesting scifi film based on this concept (SPOILER) its called “The Island” and it came out several years ago. One of its stars was Scarlett Johanssen.

Check it out!


Especially Biden, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest

Coronavirus Has Made a Fool Out of Every Single Critic of Medicare for All ~https://www.jacobinmag.com/2020/08/coronavirus-medicare-for-all-single-payer

When the pandemic began, defenders of our for-profit health system — including many Democrats — scrambled to insist we didn’t need a Medicare for All system. Yet new infections are still surging in the US while countries with national health care programs have long since gotten a handle on coronavirus.


“So, let’s vote against the platform to be ignored.”

It’s a symbolic gesture, It’s fine to make symbolic gestures. But he is apparently not going to act, realistically.

Is this not because he is in-party? Must I vote reflexively against the party as I once voted for it?

I would really, really, really like to compromise in some way with some center of power. It is not offered.

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its time for all the voters to abandon this ship.