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Why I Confronted Trump’s Architect of U.S. Sanctions Against Iran and Called Her a 'Weapon of Mass Destruction'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/04/why-i-confronted-trumps-architect-us-sanctions-against-iran-and-called-her-weapon

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Good for Jodie Evans!! What courage!

Please continue your good work!!!


Thank you. Let’s avoid war with Iran whether or not they have nuclear weapons. Let’s remember that the warmongers want such war whether or not there are nuclear weapons.
Also, let’s remember that among the most polluting nuclear weapons are the sub-critical uranium weapons (battlefield weapons) that have proliferated enormously worldwide since 1967 and that don’t require any special technology. As Iran has lots of uranium, it is foolhardy to ignore the probable existence of vast quantities of these. This is no reason for war. This is no reason for immoral and illegal sanctions.


Iran—I don’t believe anything America or Israel say about iran or any hidden WMD. The last WMD we had were Bush, Cheney, and Rice, along with that drunk man that kept speaking of known knowns and unknowns knowns etc. etc.

The CLIMATE CRISIS has the only KNOWN KNOWNS and you are incredibly stupid government people pretending to work for the American people and the world as the climate crisis continues to crash the planet! : (


About all I can say tonight is, if you scratch an itch anywhere in this government, but especially the executive, be careful, for you may be drowned in an explosion of pus.


Thank you Jodie Evans, for speaking truth to power!


Right on Jodie and Code Pink! The Israeli government has their apartheid system in place against Palestinians and Gazans, especially. It shames U.S. foreign policy to be in league with and funding murderous and economy-killing structures towards the Palestinian people. They need their own lands, houses, jobs and development, they need peace and justice and to get our boot and Israel’s, off their backs.


It’s a great relief and moment of pride to have people like Ms. Evans who will take their knowledge of the horrors of our goverrnment and confront those who are responsible. As a lifelong dissident and activist, I know that mere praise means nothing to you; but i also know that it’s important to know that one is not alone in the struggle.

To be quite honest, this is the first time I"ve read of Mandelker and so I appreciate that you’re naming the names of those responsible for some of our travesties. I’ll add her to the list of those I believe shall one day face a court of the people for her war crimes. And I wouldn’t be one arguing for mercy when she is judged.


Good on the outing of another war-mongering brute!

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A U.S. Army major said that when he was a part of the U.N. weapons inspection team in Iraq, while Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsford & most U.S. media were screaming that there were WMD’s, his team after many inspections all over the country, found none.

Later, even idiot Bush admitted that there were no “WMD’s” found in Iraq.

We see the same scenario being played out in Iran. The playbook stays the same. Cast of characters changes.

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