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Why I Faced Arrest, Even as I Battle Cancer, to Fight TPP

Why I Faced Arrest, Even as I Battle Cancer, to Fight TPP

Zahara Heckscher

I am a mom with advanced breast cancer. I lost my mother to breast cancer when I was 11. That’s why I was arrested last week at a protest on World Cancer Day at the headquarters of PhRMA, which has been lobbying to increase monopolies for medicines in the TPP, or Trans-Pacific Partnership. I want to be here for as long as possible for my son, and I don’t want any children to suffer as I did when my mom died. So I’m asking Congress to reject the TPP.

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TPP will give Shkreli and his ilk a green light as big as the sun to institutionalize corporate malfeasance and fraud, much of which has already been decriminalized by both parties since the Raygun revolution started.


Thank you for your bravery, Ms. Hechscher. And I hope you regain your health.

There are 3 aspects to TPP and TIPP that all involve robbery:

First, there are the drug costs that will be based on drug company monopolies and a very liberal use of copyright laws. (That’s the aspect you’re feeling.)

Second, there is the theft to Democracy in that should these horrible treaties come into effect, citizens will forfeit the right to challenge the wrongdoing of corporations. Those insidious Investor State Dispute claims will allege that profits are lost due to such complaints and therefore, those complaints will either be treated as irrelevant; or, if honored, will cost the public for the profits these malevolent corporations deem lost.

Third, there is EVERY reason to believe that the enormously high Cancer rates are directly attributable to the chemical overload that our bodies are being forced to handle. In everything from food to toothpaste to the water we drink, there’s residue of big pharma., big agri., and big MIC.

It’s a miracle that more peoples’ bodies have managed to not yet succumb!

Given the facts revealed by the Piketty Study, with so much wealth already in so few hands, how dare these corporate overlords set up legally binding agreements that will allow them to skim profits off the top (while decimating resources and habitats that so many rely upon), and then quite literally “externalize” the cost to working people many of whom cannot keep up with costs of living (and health care!) as it is!

Shame on these morally bankrupt monsters and the lawyers who dreamt up these cabals against humanity AND nature!


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One caveat : TPP mandates the illiberal application of copyright laws . Otherwise , your comment is excellent and spot-on .

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All true–but only the start of it. TPP also threatens local procurement laws, like Buy American campaigns, environmental laws, health and safety regulations–ANYTHING that reduces the profit a corporation could make. Proponents claim it has labor and environmental protections, but like previous “free trade agreements”, these provisions have no teeth (actually agreements made in 2007 under W were slightly better, so claims that these are the “most progressive” are simply lies). The provisions that give corporations sweeping new rights, though, have teeth made of steel… Already the US Congress has had to repeal Country of Origin Labeling and Dolphin Safe Tuna labels; dozens of other cases have been lost mostly by small, poor countries. Global Tradewatch has a document listing some of the more horrifying cases–the ones involving Ecuador really got the smoke pouring out of my ears. http://www.citizen.org/documents/egregious-investor-state-attacks-case-studies.pdf . Then there’s the blatant illegitimacy of a process that involves years of secret negotiation between a few government officials and hundreds of corporate reps, where even Members of Congress were not allowed to see the document until shortly before it was made public with the passage of the Fast Track .

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Thank you. I used the term liberal sarcastically.