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Why I Fought for Chelsea Manning


Why I Fought for Chelsea Manning

Evan Greer

Chelsea Manning is my friend, but I’ve never seen her face to face, or given her a hug.That’s because Chelsea has been in prison for the last seven years, sometimes held in conditions that the United Nations considers to be torture. She has been serving what was meant to be a 35-year sentence — all for helping to expose some of the U.S.


if anyone missed it:

portion of email from Evan at FFTF a few days ago:

"Chelsea’s attorney has launched a GoFundMe campaign to make sure that her basic survival needs are met in the coming year as she transitions back into society. Will you chip in to support her?

Thousands of people have already donated to make sure that Chelsea has food to eat, clothes to wear, and a roof over her head as she re-enters the free world.

Here’s the link: https://www.gofundme.com/welcomehomechelsea


Published on Jul 29, 2013
A rally took place in New York's Central Park, at John Lennon's Strawberry Fields Memorial, for Bradley Manning on July 27 2013. https://youtu.be/tw-siJM5ZyA