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Why I Got Arrested For #MedicareForAll

Why I Got Arrested For #MedicareForAll

Mary Gerisch

A few weeks ago I was in handcuffs, one of six People’s Action members arrested at Sen. Mitch McConnell’s office in Washington, D.C.. We engaged in a peaceful protest after we asked Mitch to step out of the way of #MedicareForAll, and he refused.

Why was I there, willing to put my body on the line? Because I believe health care is a human right, and I don’t want to see any more lives sacrificed to health care profits.

Sorry Mary, we won’t be changing any dark hearts. They are blinded by greed, or feel you are unworthy if your bootstraps don’t include a good healthcare plan.
Perhaps we need a data base of insurance company employees. For every person that dies due to insufficient coverage, a letter is sent to an insurance company worker.

“Hey Barb, I just got one of those (somebody died because of you) letters. Just like the one you got last week.” Wake up America.


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I’m in total agreement about Medicare for All and the importance of making heathcare a right.

But we need to get our facts straight. FTA: “…my cousin is just one of the twenty people who die every minute in the United States for lack of health care.” Annually that would be 365 x 24 x 60 x 20 = 10.5 million a year. Considering that there were 2.8 million deaths in the US in 2017 from all causes, the 20 people per minute figure is way off.

Googling, I found a study that estimated 45,000 deaths a year. That would be about 5 deaths an hour. But there can be no doubt that some people die from lack of medical insurance, including the author’s cousin. 45,000 deaths is still more than the number of people who die in auto accidents, and is totally unacceptable

We Americans are paying an arm and a leg for health care that doesn’t even cover everyone including thousands a year who die unnecessarily from lack of coverage. Medicare for All!

MItch Mc C must be for the abortion of living, breathing, feeling, post-natal human beings.

Talk about a “culture of death.” More money for war.

Speaking of money for war. Our currency is fiat money. It appears when ever we want it to. We are falsely led to believe that budgets matter. They don’t. Dark money flows to the military for upkeep, but mostly for experimenting and engineering. They just print it. When we socialize things like social security it puts into question how the monetary system really works. We are a debtor nation by design, so the Fed and the banking industry run our economy. Except when bubbles are created and then eventually burst. Greed is the driving force, not need.

Insurance can never be a substitute for Healthcare.

As someone who has been on Medicare for years, I can personally attest to it’s right to exist and the best option as Medicare-For-All, to cover all Americans.

We all must be prepared to get arrested if we can make Medicare-For-All happen.

“Sadly, my cousin is just one of the twenty people who die every minute in the United States for lack of health care”

According to CDC data there are 2.8 million deaths per year in the US that’s about 5 per minute.

They make their money by


Their job is to kill people and destroy lives!. THAT’S IT. There is nothing else behind it