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Why I Help Escort Women to the Doors of Kentucky’s Last Abortion Clinic

Why I Help Escort Women to the Doors of Kentucky’s Last Abortion Clinic

Juliette Verlaque

Beginning this weekend, the anti-abortion group Operation Save America will descend on Louisville, Kentucky, in an attempt to shut down the last abortion clinic in the state, EMW Women’s Surgical Center. The group has targeted EMW, whom the ACLU represents, before. In May, 10 of its members were arrested when they linked hands to block the entrance of the clinic and refused to move when asked to do so by law enforcement.


These birthers make me sick.
MS Verlaque, thank you for you’re service, You do it so much better than I could, would not be able to control my temper.


This young woman is very courageous. She sets a good example for all.

I’m guessing that these protesters are probably all Trump/Republican supporters. For people who claim to be “pro-life”, they sure do like to intimidate people with threatening behavior. As witnessed at Trump rallies, these people depend on aggressive behavior and violence. Why aren’t they concerned at all about the lives of already-born children in Yemen?


Good for you. You are providing a very necessary service for the clinic’s patients and protecting their right to do as they please with their own bodies. Not only that it seems this clinic is the last line of defense for a right given all women in not only Kentucky but the country and you are protecting it. We all owe you a debt of gratitude.

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The anti-abortionists aren’t really concerned about being “pro-life” as their misinformation campaign misleads people into thinking. Otherwise, they’d be anti-war which they are most definitely not. Anti-abortionists are actually more concerned about controlling the woman’s body. Once the baby is born, the anti-abortionists couldn’t care less if baby lives or dies particularly if the baby has brown skin. Abortion protesters are patriarchs in action.