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Why I Left Donald Trump’s America


Why I Left Donald Trump’s America

Jerry Flores

‘I couldn’t bear the idea of having to listen to the President denigrate my parents’ homeland for four long years. I knew it was time to say good-bye to the American dream.’

Jerry Flores as a child living in Los Angeles (on the far right). He is now a professor at the University of Toronto. (SUPPLIED PHOTO)


I can’t fault your reasoning, but now as never before, this country can ill afford the loss of any more good-hearted people. Good luck wherever you and your family go.


Trump is a disaster, but it seems like Clinton did more harm to Mexico than any president I can think of with NAFTA.


Maybe the racist president when the U.S. stole Mexican land? Andrew Jackson.


Congratulations, Jerry! America’s loss and Canada’s gain. Fuck Tramp and every moron who voted for his racist, ignorant ass…


I hope the author will help to keep Canada the better place he has found it to be. We benefitted greatly from the thousands of draft resisters in the 60’s; looks like we’ll be having another mass addition of US immigrants/refugees in the Drumpf era.


Toronto, and the province of Ontario, is indeed diverse, open, and forward-looking. And since the election of Trump, they seem to have only redoubled their efforts to move forward.

My brother in Toronto is involved in “Parkdale Unite” a tenant-rights organization. The protests and landlord office occupations they did would have only resulted in getting beaten and arrested by the police down in the US, but in Toronto, the police protected the protestors and the landlords caved to their demands within days.

He then got involved with a workers wildcat strike of un-unionized workers at the wholesale produce terminal. In the US, the police would have been called in and it would have ben all over. But there, within days, the bosses recognized their union, and a few days later, a contract.

It was like, WTF??? As a USAn who only knows losing, losing and losing, it is almost disorienting to seen how fast the bosses and landlords cave working class activism to win in Canada.

Oh, and unlike the US press, the Toronto Star actually does hard-hitting investigative journalism on issues important to the working class and poor.


It was President James K. Polk, who robbed Mexico of half its territory in his Mexican War and 1848 treaty.


Thanks. My error. However I have to believe Jackson’s actions started things going that direction.


Good for you. Maybe Jordan B Petersen can straighten your ungrateful @$$ out. Cowboy up and learn to be a-productive member of society instead of a useless academic in a SJW factory. USA is better off with one less whiner. As a young white male teen was pulled over numerous times in a year because of small town politics…I survived by maintaining politeness and lived to move on and serve my country for many decades alongside men and women from all walks of life. Trump was not and still in not my 1st choice for President…but Hillary was and is still, even worse.


Unfortunately, only when the USA sees itself isolated and ridiculed by the whole world, might it start thinking of changing its ways.


You might say the country started out alt-right, going back to slavery when white supremacy seemed to be taken for granted. But the US has come a long way since those days. But millions of people still think we had it right in the past. They erected statues of their heroes who had defended slavery in the Civil War. And now they have a vast network of media that includes everything from neo-Nazi websites like the Daily Stormer to mainstream radio and television. And, worst of all they actually have elected a president. And they have like-minded people with a similar agenda throughout Europe. There is nothing they hate more than liberals. Some of them have even adopted eliminationist rhetoric. To them liberals are no more than vermin. A few have tried to kill as many liberals as they can before being taken down by the police. With these type of Americans around it is understandable why someone like Flores would chose living in Canada over the US.


Interesting - my family is thinking the same way: Our son left CalPoly for free education in Denmark. As an additional benefit, he receives a monthly living allowance of $950! This bright kid is likely to strengthen Europe, rather than the USA, during his lifetime… The daughter will probably do her Masters in France or Denmark… Once we no longer need to take care of an ailing parent, we are probably also heading out! Too bad for the USA.


No, Jackson’s forte’ was the ethnic-cleansing of all the indigenous peoples from the southeastern states.

The ingles-blabbering pale-faced Protestant slaveholding gringos led by Sam Houston took over the Mexican Estado de Tejas late in Jackson’s presidency, but he had little to do with it.


I can tell by your post that you are a very polite person.


How odd - this compulsion to switch the focus from that of the essay’s to Clinton thus minimizing the real- and- now time assault on the well being of 99% of the population by our great white leader’s and the Republican’s policies relating to racial injustice, global warming, privatization and drilling of public lands, police militarization, escalation of hate crimes on people of color, privatization of public education, deregulation of Wall Street, and most recently corporate/and the rich- friendly biased tax reform. I can only assume your interests are not aligned with those benefiting the majority of the population on the basis of your deflection.


Sounds like you are bamboozled by the republican/democrat duopoly. Everything you listed happens no matter which capitalist party is in power.


Have you no sense that your (unasked for) advice to the writer- to “Cowboy up…” and to model himself after you- might be experienced as insulting and patronizing? You are an old person as I am an old person. Have you not noticed that practically everything today is utterly “other” than when you and I were young? Might it occur to you that comparing the young man’s trajectory with your own is to compare apples and oranges?


Glad it worked out for you! Now, what about the rest of us, stuck here with that monster.


The choice time is over. Hillary lost. Might it not be a waste of energy to keep burying a dead dog? Why not use the energy going into rationalizing, justifying, defending how you voted into dreaming up alternatives to get us out of the mess we’re in. I know. That truly is more difficult cause it means facing “not knowing” and sticking with it until the creative thoughts begin to flow. Much easier to bury a dead horse. But, don’t you think doing so is pointless now that we have what we have?