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Why I Love Taxes — And So Should You


Why I Love Taxes — And So Should You

Heather Mallick

I love taxes. I even love paying them because they’re inarguable, which brings a kind of comfort in a shifting world. What Revenue Canada wants, Revenue Canada gets. Good for them.

Unlike so many coveted things that fail to deliver — wealth only brings a new set of problems, infants are worry magnets, good men are hard to find — taxation does what it promises. It keeps Canadian life tidy and organized.




Although US polls during the past several decades have confirmed that a majority of voters do NOT consider taxes to be too high, and taxation is not high on their list of concerns, the complexity of the tax system and special interests skating on taxes is a constant concern. Just as the US has the world's most complex medical industry, the US has the world's most complex tax system.

The 1% and their media create and sustain serial hyperbole to get the leverage they need to further reduce the tax rate for the 1% and their corporations while increasing taxes for the rest of us.

IN 1970 corporations paid 29% of all US income tax. The 6% corporations pay today would be even lower if so many Murkin workers weren't earning less today than they were a decade ago.


Because attitudes from your neighbor from the south seep (maybe more like a flood) northward. It always disturbs me how the TV's in bars or cheap restaurants in Toronto typically have CNN, MSNBC or other US news programming on them, not CBC or other Canadian news.


in the usa, ~53 of taxes go to the military-industrial complex... Rings a bell, lover of taxes? :wink:


A progressive tax system keeps the capitalists in line (without all the loopholes). It's about class, period.


Wrong about the news channels typically shown in bars, cheap restaurants, etc. That would be reserved almost exclusively for FAUX NEWS. Same with waiting rooms of all types, as that's almost all I ever see airing at VA Hospitals I frequent, Quik-Lube outfits I use, practically everywhere we humans congregate and wait, wait, wait!
I think Fox must have a contract with ALL outlets of this type. Wouldn't surprise me if they were the final viewing for those strapped to gurneys in the execution rooms in all the prisons.


As soon as they confirmed how high the return on investment is on their US politician buying program, the 1% started buying politicians in Canada and other nations in order to turn those nations fascist like they have done in the US.

Seeing how the 1% has always had all the money they need to purchase all the goods and services they want, any money they aren't required to pay in taxes is used to purchase more politicians. The return on investment on buying politicians is too good to pass up.


Taxes are indeed useful, but they do NOT provide revenue for a federal monetary sovereign government, only for non sovereign ones. like individual states and local government. It is not generally understood that the government does not need or use taxes to pay for its spending. The central bank creates new money when ever it buys its debts. Taxes serve many uses, just forget about serving as revenue. Once the tax is received it's taken out of circulation forever.


The "roof topper" should have been charged for the rescue.

Why should the citizens have to pick up the cost because some privileged child got scared after she decided to trespass in a dangerous situation for her own amusement?


Then again, only slightly less than half of citizens pay Federal income taxes. Why would they think that taxes are too high?


You hang out in different places than I do. All I ever see is CNN or ESPN...


Try an airport sometime. All CNN, all the time.


Did you notice that I was talking about bars and restaurants in Toronto, which perhaps you don't know, is not in the USA, it is in Canada - the province of Ontario, if you've ever heard of it.....


Ms. Mallick certainly has a legitimate argument. I was born and raised in Maine but have lived in or visited nearly every region of the country. Unfortunately, the population as a whole, isn't particularly well-educated, well-read, or well-traveled. Their attitude is that the "Government" is trying to tax them into poverty, that Government agencies are bloated, public servants too-well paid, and generally, that Government is too intrusive. During the previous election, the people of St. George, Utah, wouldn't even vote for a 1/2 cent increase for public transportation. (Utah is one of the more blatantly red states.)
Though retired now, I understood how necessary state and federal taxes were. However, two things always irritated me:
(1) Why do large families get to use each individual as an exemption? While working in Salt Lake City, I sat next to a fellow employee who took 10 exemptions and paid about $200 in federal taxes. I, on the other hand, paid well over a thousand dollars because I had only one exemption. People who create a larger footprint in this country should be paying higher taxes. Frankly, I don't want to pay the taxes for someone else's children. Exemptions should be eliminated.
(2) If we all paid our fair share of taxes, regardless of whether we are billionaires or making $10.00 an hour, with no exemptions and no loopholes, paying taxes for the lower and middle classes wouldn't be so onerous. But the very wealthy and large corporations don't pay their fair share. Billions are hidden in off-shore accounts.
The above is one American's take on the problem in the U. S. concerning the payment of taxes.


Tax discussions are fraught with danger - the right proclaims taxes are too high and wasteful, promising to reduce taxes, create efficiencies and minimize government. The left claims responsible levels of taxation, efficiency, and social benefits. Both are correct. Both are also incorrect.
We can always find evidence to support the idiotic stance of this partisanship. Disconnected facts float through discussions, magically conjuring a rational political narrative. So left and right can be seen as truth sayers (can't believe i just said that!) within this context.
However, both the left and right (i'm talking centre here) are both liars, as the decades attest to their mismanagement and corruption, the lack of transparency and accountability, the contradictory actions of government compared to campaign rhetoric, and the bipartisan, intentional inefficiencies and wastefulness. They both cry wolf as opposition, then perform similarly when in power. How do you spell insanity?
So unlike Heather Mallick, rather than celebrate the status quo, let's remove the secrecy and deception that is the foundation of our tax system and governance. Access to information is a hazy dream that never seems to reach fruition - intentionally. Claims that taxes are good or bad misses the crucial point. We can't know the actual story because we don't live in a democracy. What we do know crucifies any claim of centrism. Celebrating taxation under first-past-the-post, corporate governance is nihilistic.
Find an independent candidate who will make government accountability and accessibility a legal requirement, with severe penalties for the 'decepticentrist' politicians and bureaucrats. This dystopic farce of democracy must end.


He writer is a full fledge moron. Aka Canadian sheep!