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Why I’m Glad Netanyahu Won

Why I’m Glad Netanyahu Won

James Zogby

I’m glad Benjamin Netanyahu won reelection. Since I realize that saying this won’t sit well with many folks, let me explain:

As the election developed, it became clear that Benny Gantz, the leader of the opposition “Blue and White” coalition, for a number of reasons, had come to be seen as the darling of the liberal set – especially here in the United States.

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Lobbyists have too much power.
Palestine has a right to exist!


A reasonable commentary on the Israeli election results. Thank you, James Zogby.


I was glad Trump won, because the alternative would have been more smoke and mirrors and more WAR.

I am hoping trumps breaks the system… so we can start over again

You are going to be left wanting. Trump is pretty much just another servant of the system now. He just isn’t as good at covering the corruption as other presidents.


The “Two State Solution” is a simple re-branding of “Separate But Equal.” It amazes me that my congressman and senators here in liberal Massachusetts cannot see that. They all express a profound faith in the “Two State Solution.” It seems to be a religion unto itself. But it’s a uniquely American one.

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After observing two plus years of Trump and GOP destruction, “Trump breaks the system” would be laughable if so many people were not being harmed by his actions…not to mention many more who will be harmed as one domino after another falls on them.

The past two years have indeed seen parts of the system being broken…the parts that were created (mostly during the first half of the 20th century) to 1) enable the emergence of the strongest middle class the world has ever seen, and 2) sustain that middle class. Meanwhile Trump and the GOP are assuring that the heart of the system that benefits the 1% at the expense of the 99% is being fortified with a focus on the goal of neofeudalism wherein the 1% own everything and the 99% own nothing.


Yes, the one thing trump did is expose the US government for what it really is. All the layers of pretense have been peeled back.

As an American, I am horrified by the level of support given to Israel and it’s blatent apartheid. And frankly, I believe in the BDS movement and think it needs to be implemented world wide until Israel comes to the table, returns to those 1967 borders and allows the Palestinians their right to self determination.

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It’s an interesting idea. Would it were to better effect.

Zogby appears to assume that “liberal Americans” will end or reduce US support for Israel because Netanyahu is so racist, violent, and corrupt.

Sadly, there is thin historical precedent for such assumptions, and those that exist slip back farther into history. The US has opened a war of aggression more or less every two years during its history. It has been at more or less constant war for a couple generations, even if one does not include the perennial black operations that are more difficult to track. For over a decade, conservatively, most Americans cannot name all of the countries “our” government is overtly fighting at any given time.

None of this means that Americans are particularly happy that this the case, though people have all sorts of ideas about such things. It just means that what hold we have on information is relatively diffuse and disorganized because the traditional media are more or less completely working as disinformation centers, we are underorganized because of several generations of extensive infiltration and disruption of reform movements, and there is no popular control granted by elections because disinformation has herded people into a Coke vs Pepsi duel between unpopular and iniquitous options.

No. Would Israel were to get some help and perspective from the US rather than aid for war. Would the US ruling class were to get some help and perspective from Israel rather than whatever collage of favors they find themselves getting.

But it’s not so, and it is not likely to happen before one or more of the loyal get burnt pretty badly.

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Ray, yes, and it wasn’t as much as it should have been, but at least before Dump, there were SOME protections of our waters, air, & lands, some use for science, and maybe a few other positive things. Dump and his filthy “Dark Money” predecessors have succeeded in taking down that which will take generations to rebuild…if that’ll even be possible. They sure do make me wish there were a HELL.

When is Trump going to figure out that he is the f–ked one, not the rest of the world?

Excellent post. Thx.