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Why I’m Going to the Border for Father’s Day


Why I’m Going to the Border for Father’s Day

George Goehl

As more reports surface of children seeking asylum at our borders being separated from their parents, there has been much consideration of the impact and effect on children. As Father’s Day approaches, I can’t help but wonder how I would cope if my daughter was taken away from me. The thought of her feeling unprotected and abandoned is hard to fathom.


When I used to live in Texas (Austin, so don’t feel sorry for me), I had occasion to meet many male workers from Mexico with whom I would communicate through someone who could translate for us. Most of these men worked very hard, did not party, and sent every cent they could back across the border to their families to whom they would return when the jobs disappeared (usually the the agricultural cycle reached those inflection points). Hearing Candidate Cadet Bone Spurs run by generating hysteria over immigrants boiled my blood. Now that the ignorant evil fool and his minions are in charge, I weep for immigrants, documented and undocumented. The hate that Trump has fomented among his base is a national disgrace. History shall not reflect well upon this time. We must be the instruments of progress–by any means possible.


Well I guess Catholic social welfare lobbies have their place.