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Why I’m Ready to Get Arrested with Restaurant Workers


Why I’m Ready to Get Arrested with Restaurant Workers

John Cavanagh

This week I'm joining thousands of people from all walks of life – from workers to environmentalists to the just plain angry – descending on Capitol Hill to risk arrest and offer a primal scream for democracy.

Under the banners of Democracy Spring and Democracy Awakening, we will be sticking our necks out to demand an end to the destructive influence of big money on our politics and the need to enfranchise all people.


The NRA model of restaurateurs lobbying for what? The legislative support of "externalized costs" that is possibly the defining element of predatory capitalism having spun totally out of control in its process of hollowing out society, the environment, creativity and adaptability .

I can't help but think about once something is made an externalized cost, the entire scope of its meaning is excluded from economic consideration. Ergo, the behemouth juggernaut of politics by payola is beautifully illustrated by the Serpinski Gasket/triangle. Even as a pyramid the principlesuits the context.

The Sierpinski pyramid is constructed from an equilateral pyramid by repeated removal of pyramidal subsets: Start with an equilateral pyramid.Subdivide it into four smaller congruent equilateral pyramids and remove the central one.Repeat step 2 with each of the remaining smaller pyramids.

Nick Hanauer on job creators, taxing the rich and what i consider one of those sepinski voids in the conceptual realm.