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Why I Shared a Horrific Photo of a Drowned Syrian Child


Why I Shared a Horrific Photo of a Drowned Syrian Child

Peter Bouckaert

I thought long and hard before I retweeted the photo. It shows a lifeless toddler, lying face down on a popular Turkish beach, one of eleven Syrians who have almost certainly died as they tried to reach safety in Europe by boarding a smuggler’s boat. Instead they ended up as the latest victims of Europe’s paltry response in the face of a growing crisis.


Thank you for sharing this photo for the world to see. I am not sure what the solution in Syria should be, beyond a compromise peace, but we should all have compassion for the suffering of the Syrian people. To gain an understanding, we must see and know what is happening, even if we lose sleep and feel sad. The poor boy on the beach reminded me immediately of my own small son and family, and how fortunate we are to never experience war.


This is beyond atrocious. I could not look at these pictures without choking up.

But don't worry about hurting our sensibilities by showing it. We watch murder and mayhem on tv daily and need to be reminded of what America and Israel's permanent war of choice, war profiteering, drones and other atrocities are doing and causing. This is the most effective way to stop them and is the reason the fear mongering, warmongering conservatives don't show them.


In my view, the best TV drama series in recent decades was "Law and Order." What I found compelling was the way State Attorney Jack McCoy would go deeper than surface appearances to take aim at the TRULY culpable body--or entity.

Applying Jack McCoy's judicially-expert logic, the real culprits are the neocons who brutally broke Iraq into pieces, lit the fuse on latent internecine conflicts, and left in the wake of so much senseless bombing... a broken land. What cropped up there were the various reactionary groups fueled by the vast stores of anger, the humiliations of war, and constant deprivations. After all, a region that had been modernized WAS bombed back to the Stone Age.

With the conflagrations spreading into Syria and beyond, the desperate status of so many civilians makes the refugee status inevitable.

Thus ALL of this goes back to the criminals guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY: Those who planned and engineered these wars.

That's why any company--like Halliburton--that made enormous profits on these phony wars should pay reparations.

And that goes for all the weapons' producers.

After all, if cases can be made--and brought to trial--where cigarette companies are held accountable for the ugly ravage of Cancer throughout previously healthy human bodies, it's time that the war profiteers pay THEIR toll for all the bodies they wrecked in wars devised on the basis of wholly fabricated "evidence" ... solely to make them rich.


Dear Peter,
yes, it is heart-breaking to see the little boy dead on the sandy shore of Turkey. And a lot of people in Europe do care about these people coming to us - especially countries like Germany and Sweden who have not been members of that infamous, roguish Coalition of the Willing who followed that bastard Bush II and Tony Blair into creating this vast human tragedy. Therefore, Peter, you are completely off track in deploring that "Maybe if Europe’s leaders did too, they would try to stem this ghastly spectacle." What we truly lack here is a little caring by the people of the United States and Great Britain, Australia and Canada and all the other Willing bastards to take on the responsibility for what YOU did. Especially YOU are closing your borders to not allow little Iraqi and Syrian kids into your fine countries. YOU talk about illegal immigrants, Canada is denying them visas, Not-So-Great Britain are closing their borders and Australia puts them into KZs on a little island off-shore. While commentators in the New York Times are complaining that "We need someone like him (Australia's prime minister Abbott!) here in the United States. That, Peter, is what you should really write about: You Anglo-Saxon bastards setting the world in turmoil and expecting the rest of the world to "stem this ghastly spectacle".


Here in France I just saw headlines in two leading papers about Hollande and Merkel demanding draconian crackdowns on the refugees being forced to flee their countries WE have ruined. next to them was a paper with the iconic photo of Aylan and his dad. No humanity or decency in the NATO mob.


As long as the demand is that we ordinary people spend time and money to mitigate the distress of individuals rather than band together to take over government and eliminate victimisation at the root, nothing will ever change. It will simply get worse and worse, with the neverending waves of incoming victims and 'victims' impoverishing the communities that now have to satisfy the incomers' needs and desires at their own expense.


Well, Daddio7, it certainly would be a relief to the whole world if YOUR country would truly become a little more reluctant to interfere in other countries after the debacle in the Middle East. However, instead of becoming reluctant YOUR country looked for another source of profits from WAR as a most profitable business case - this time in the Ukraine. The world is not asking YOUR country to interfere again in the MIddle East: It would be just enough if you left YOUR dirty fingers not only from Ukraine, but also from Yemen, and instead take care of some of the refugees fleeing from the turmoil YOU created.